Chapter 74
When she was met by Lincoln's fiery stare, Renesmee could not help but feel flustered, so she instinctively asked him. Her voice was as smooth and silky, Lincoln’s mind was getting clouded. ‘She’s so beautiful, I must have her!’ Lincoln thought, “No! I mustn't! The Sun would never forgive me!” He quelled his thoughts immediately.

“I’m fine!” he answered, he felt his desires climb to a breaking point. ‘What’s wrong? Why can’t I control myself!?’ Lincoln’s mind was aflutter, he could resist no longer.

Lincoln reached out, and grabbed Renesmee. “Mas-Master Lincoln! What are you doing! Let go of me!” Renesmee screamed, unable to break free of his grasp. “Hahaha, no one is coming to save you. Who dares to stop me? I am Lincoln!” His tone was no longer calm, all he wanted then was this woman. He hugged Renesmee tightly, before he stormed into her room. “Lincoln, let go! You b*stard! Sheldon would never…” The sounds of her struggle slowly disappeared.

Sheldon loved Renesmee. Once he was done with his work, he went straight to her room. As he arrived at her door, he heard inappropriate noises from within. “What? Renesmee?” Sheldon’s expression changed immediately as he flung open the door. The door opened violently, it slammed the wall to reveal an unseemly sight. Once Sheldon got a hold of himself, his rage was immeasurable. “Lincoln! You c*nt!” he yelled, his voice echoed throughout the Sun palace.

Outside, Zephyr and company waited, they were listening in. “Heh heh, this is going better than expected!” he chuckled upon hearing Sheldon’s cry. “Such cruelty!” sighed Spout and his men, reminding themselves once again to never cross Zephyr. “Zephyr my boy, how did you know Lincoln would…” Spout asked curiously.

“Lincoln is the Sun’s medicine man now, he would have a station of his own, no doubt. His quarters would have probably been placed near important Sun personnel. Counting on this hypothesis, that’s why I gave him that poison. Once it takes effect, Lincoln will definitely p*ss them off, one way or another,” Zephyr replied, then laughed quietly at Sheldon’s furious screams. “However, I did not expect Lincoln to find his wife...tsk tsk…” When his company saw Zephyr laughing, they remained stumped as to how to react.

The day passed, and the city of Starlight was ablazed with scandalous news.