Chapter 75
“Have you heard? Lincoln has left the Khan!” someone spoke, feeling as though they got the news first. “Shows what you know! The Khan let him go on purpose! Did you know? After Lincoln left, he went to the Sun!” another said, this caused a debate to erupt. “Plus, and I bet you didn’t know this; Lincoln is dead!” the man said, a smile crept into his face. “How is this possible? Who killed Lincoln? Was it the Khan?” someone asked. “No! Accordingly, Lincoln was a lustful man, he even dared to take Sheldon’s wife! They were caught doing it by Sheldon himself!” the man replied. “The H*ll? That can’t be true isn’t it? Poor Sheldon!”

News like this, it quickly spread throughout Starlight. Almost everyone had discussed about this scandal. Before they knew it, the Sun quickly became the joke of the town. Back at the Sun’s palace, Sheldon’s angry barks could be heard. “Out! All of you, out!” He barked commands at his servants and guards. All of them fled out of the hall with haste. Sheldon was now the talk of the town. He threw everything off his table, and smashed them to pieces. It was the only thing that slightly calmed him down. Each thought he had of Lincoln with his wife, sent him into another fury. Sheldon grabbed a vase, reeled it back, ready to exert his rage. “Sheldon Sun, how long will you keep this up!” an angry voice came.

“Father, I am now the brunt of the town! Can you not let me relieve myself of my anger?! Do you know how I feel right now?!” Sheldon retorted angrily. Hearing this, Sylvester’s expression soured greatly, no longer was his fat face one of welcome and warmth.

This scandal has humiliated the Sun greatly.

“Do you think you are the only one suffering right now?” Sylvester said, “Let me tell you right now that it is not so simple! I know Lincoln very well, he is a coward at heart! He wouldn’t dare do this sort of thing!” he continued. “Besides, when he was found, Lincoln was in a daze! Someone did something to him!” Sylvester’s tone was cold.

“Father, are you saying that someone is sabotaging us? Who would dare do such a thing in the whole of Starlight?” Sheldon asked. “Hmph, it must be the Khan! They knew we wouldn’t give up Lincoln, that’s why they did this! I doubt it was just to spite us, “ Sylvester concluded.

“For Lincoln to lose his mind like that, it must be the work of the Khan. They must have wanted to exact revenge on Lincoln! Humiliating us was just a welcoming side effect!” Sylvester’s expression hardened.

If Zephyr and his envoy were here, they would no doubt be shocked at the Sun lord’s deduction. “It must be the Khan! Father, we must not forgive them! I will make them pay for humiliating me!” Sheldon screamed. “Not to worry, I have already made preparations! It won’t be long now, the Khan will regret ever crossing us!” Sylvester said, his teeth and fists were clenched.

Three days passed. Typhoon, Spout and the other Khan leaders had gathered in their debate hall.