Chapter 77
“Of course I’m confident. I know how to make pills!” Zephyr said with a smile. With that sentence, all who were present had their eyes widened, they could not believe what they had just heard. Some leaders even let their energies flow out — an uncontrolled burst.

“Zephyr boy, is this true? You can make pills?!” Typhoon yelled, unable to stop himself from standing up as he asked. “Yes. If all we need are spirit pills, I believe I can make that happen easily,” Zephyr said confidently. “How is this possible? Pill-making is a guarded art, a secret skill! You’d need a certain degree of power and expertise too! You’ve never known any medicine man, never learned from any, how do you know how to make such pills?” Spout asked, suspicious if this was the Zephyr he had known before.

“It’s just pill-making!” Zephyr said as he blew a raspberry.

Almost everyone had their eyes rolled backwards at Zephyr, their faces contorted in disbelief, envy, confusion, surprise, and in awe. They could not believe Zephyr would take pill-making so lightly. To become a medicine man in Starlight was nigh impossible. Moreover, the Khan needed to depend on Lincoln’s mood for his pill, and here Zephyr scoffed away at the thought of pill-making. Was he bullsh*tting?

Seeing the shocked and suspicious faces of all those around, Zephyr paid no mind. He had a much better product than spirit pills — balance pills. After all, balance pills would not be around for another seven years. Were Zephyr to make some now, not only would it greatly benefit the Khan, it would also stir up Starlight. The best part was that the herbs needed to make balance bills did not differ much from the ingredients for spirit pills, in fact, what it needed was less than that. Regardless of its slightly pricier cost, many would flock to get their hands on them. However, Zephyr knew to keep this close to himself. Were he to allow the Khan to sell these pills, not only would the Sun be their enemy, many great factions out of Starlight will make the Khan their adversary. Meaning, the Khan would be in an even greater trench.

Therefore, Zephyr decided to enlist the help of the Skyfall company. The Skyfall company was a big organization, with the Skyfall conglomerate that backed them. Through the Skyfall company, Zephyr would earn a big profit. “In this world, only I know how to make balance pills. Skyfall will definitely work with me on this!” Zephyr chose Skyfall only because of the Skyfall conglomerate, a little gift Zephyr brought over from his previous life.