Chapter 7
“How… How could you! I work day and night just to earn some coins…” Leah could not help but plead through her tears, her face soaked with injustice.

“Oh shut up! What are you crying for?!” puffed Madame Lee. With a coy yet annoyed look in her eyes, she raised her heavy hand and delivered a slap across Leah’s small face…

Zephyr continued to harness his energy in his shack. He guided the ebb and flow of true energy throughout his body. Suddenly, everything came to a halt, and a burst of true energy erupted within him not a second later. Zephyr let out an intense gasp and opened his eyes, he witnessed ripples dancing around him then slowly disappeared.

‘Yes! Level six!’ he thought to himself. Zephyr slowly raised his arms and felt the magnitude of power he conjured. He was sure he was at least five times the man he once was. ‘The Way sure is strong, it hasn’t even been a month since I started and I’ve already raised my level twice! The toxins within me have also been destroyed,’ pondered Zephyr excitingly. He calmed himself soon after, a Strength of sixth level did not mean much, but it was still a force to be reckoned with. Zephyr pondered how much more powerful he could become with draconic augmentation.

“Please, stop…” a cry rang out from outside. “Isn’t that…Leah!?” Zephyr rushed out from his shack with a face full of anger with no hesitation in his eyes. As he exited, he saw Madame Lee raise her large right hand, having a swinging action intended to strike Leah.

“Hey!” Zephyr called out angrily, a raging storm had built within him, ready to be unleashed at a moment’s notice. “If you lay a finger on her, you’re dead!” Noticing the strength behind Madame Lee’s palm, he knew instantly that if it was aimed to connect with Leah’s face, she would lose her teeth. Zephyr was furious.

“Get the f*ck out of here!” yelled Zephyr. With a huff, Zephyr’s concentrated bloodlust stopped Madame Lee in her tracks, his energy froze her in her place. Madame Lee immediately changed her tune and displayed immense terror. She quickly reached out a palm, hoping to defend herself.

Alas, Zephyr was too powerful, his energy, akin to a polearm, pierced her defenses, shattered her right hand, and continued towards her bosom. Madame Lee screamed and was sent flying 30 feet away, fresh blood spitted out from her mouth as she landed. Her body had been mangled by his attack; every bone shattered.

“Zephyr?!” Madame Lee gasped heavily between spats of blood, her eyes wide at the young man before her, unable to comprehend her assailant capable of such damage. “Master!” squeaked Leah, face full of tearful glee. Never once had she dreamt that Zephyr would be so powerful. The servant girls around stared at him mouths agape, shocked to the core. “How is this possible? You’re just a bastard, how could you be so powerful!?” gasped Madame Lee, her face ashened white, not being able to comprehend how a weakling like Zephyr managed to be so strong.

“Hmph!” he puffed, he pushed through the surrounding onlookers and arrived at Madame Lee’s feet. He stared coldly at this wicked, fat lady. “How dare you, you b*tch! How dare you touch her!” he screamed maliciously. “Don’t you dare touch me Zephyr! I’m warning you! My cousin is a Khan official, if anything were to happen to me, you’re dead!” Madame Lee gleamed knowing how low Zephyr stood in the Khan clan.

“Dead, am I?” said Zephyr slyly.

“Yes, I- Ah!”

Just as Madame Lee replied, Zephyr stepped on her left hand, it caused her to howl in pain. “You’re just a servant, how dare you be so rude!” He then kicked her in the gut. “How dare you hurt Leah!” Another kick. “You’re about to die, and yet you still dare threaten me?” Another kick.

Zephyr stomped on Madame Lee continuously without a care in the world, no remorse was felt for his actions. Madame Lee could do nothing except to cough more blood after each of Zephyr’s stomps. She could not scream. The servants only held on to their breaths as they witnessed the cruel sight before them. They could not help but wonder, was this still the bastard prince?

“Zephyr, stop this at once!” an angry voice rang out. A middle-aged man dressed in bronze approached warily.