Chapter 80
The Might was an ancient Way, a technique among techniques, a skill among skills, how could it yield to a lowly seduction spell? Zephyr was too careless earlier, but fret not, for he had the Way to dispel the seduction spell. There was almost nothing the Way could not do. “Hmm, do you have any ideas?” Zephyr asked with a more relaxed tone this time. Zephyr pried to see what this manager would do. “Oh? How about a 30-70 deal? If you tell me the recipe, I will give you 30 percent of the profits!” Jade replied, her expression was confident and playful. ‘Hmm, although she casted her spell, the offer she’s giving isn’t half bad…’ Zephyr thought, at first he was annoyed, but now satisfied. But of course, Zephyr wanted more, he had seen through her seductive ways after all. “30-70?” Zephyr muttered. “Yes, what do you think?” Jade asked while a pout was formed on her face. Her underlying expression was joyful, in her perspective, Zephyr had already fallen for her spell. He would agree to anything.

‘The Khan doesn’t have any other medicine-man apart from that traitor Lincoln. However, his balance pills’ effects are shockingly good. I wonder who made them?’ Jade thought, being wary of the boy before her. Although her spell may have worked on Zephyr, she still needed to convince the medicine man behind the pills. Otherwise, this trade deal is null. Although the Skyfall company was prestigious, they would not profit much from an angry medicine man.

Suddenly, Zephyr stood up. “What?” Jade gasped, Zephyr’s action has caught her off guard. Those under her spell could not move voluntarily. In her shock, Zephyr had made his way to her, and stared into her eyes. His lips flashed a coy smile. ‘Was he not enchanted?’ Jade thought, shocked to her core. She wanted to scream, but before she could, Zephyr had made her move. Something triggered within Zephyr as he stared at Jade’s luscious lips. Before he knew it, he had given them a kiss. “Mm...mmm?!” It was like time had stopped. Jade could only stare at Zephyr in disbelief. Her mind had gone blank. The former calm and composed seductress was now wide-eyed and paralyzed. Zephyr had their lips locked.

Zephyr was no longer under her spell. This was all his doing. Jade’s beauty had influenced him too much. Only a fool would pass on someone like her. Comforting himself with these reasons, Zephyr felt no remorse. When Jade felt her blouse’s buttons begin to unravel, she reacted. Suddenly, Zephyr’s expression changed, it was quickly followed up with detaching himself from her. He felt his tongue in pain like no other, and soon tasted blood in his mouth.

Jade had bit his tongue.

“You…!” Jade glared at Zephyr, unable to make words due to her anger. Even though she was angry, her beauty still radiated. “Zephyr!!” she gritted her teeth and yelled.

Just like that, her first kiss was stolen. How could she not be livid? “Miss Jade, this is the recipe for the pills. Skyfall needs to only provide 10,000 balance pills to the Khan monthly, along with 30 percent of the profits from the pills to be given to me. That is all, I’ll take my leave first…”

He left after throwing the recipe onto the ground. He was done here.