Chapter 81
“Zephyr, you *sshat!” Jade screamed. She did not expect Zephyr to be this cunning, leaving immediately after he took advantage of her. She did not even get a chance to exact her revenge. She gritted her teeth, stared at Zephyr’s back, and yelled, “You better watch you back!” Her face was red, her hair a mess, even her blouse was undone. Jade felt so ashamed were anyone to see her like this.

Later, Alfred was summoned to the room. “My Lady, the recipe for the balance pills are quite modest. Though, the process of making them is very unique and strange. Should we investigate the Khan further?” he asked. “No, whether the Khan does indeed have a secret medicine man or not is irrelevant. The Khan are different… follow the agreement we made with the Khan boy, I believe that this is just the beginning of a very profitable endeavor!” Jade replied. For some reason, Alfred could sense feelings of anger and resentment from his mistress whenever the “Khan boy” was brought up. “Maybe I’m over-reading into it,” Alfred sighed.

Zephyr quickly returned home after leaving the Skyfall building. He smiled wryly upon reflecting what he had just done. “Jade must really hate me… however, can you really blame me?” Although Zephyr had just solved the Khan’s current crisis, the Sun began their move. At the Sun hall, Sylvester Sun sat on his throne, to his sides were ten or so Sun elders and leaders. “They have endured much recently, the Khan have lost their pill supply. Does anyone have any other news?” he asked slowly while he scanned his panel of advisors.

“My Lord, the Sun are the biggest clan in Starlight, no one would dare oppose us! Even those who parlay with the Khan will think twice if we were to push hard enough,” a Sun leader spoke up happily. “That’s right. That’s the power we have! No one else would dare oppose the Sun! Some even rebelled against the Khan to join up with us!” another spoke. “The Khan are doomed! We don’t even have to do anything, and they are doomed! They have lost their pill supply. Their power and status will drop. Their foothold in Starlight won’t last long. We will easily topple the Khan!”

The Sun leaders all spoke up in agreement and excitement, confident that the fall of the Khan was in their hands. “Father, once we take over the Khan, I want to make Zephyr pay, I will make him suffer!” shouted Sheldon Sun, who all the while kept silent. “Don't worry… you will get your wish!” Sylvester reaffirmed him happily.

In the Feather Forest, a loud animal’s screech could be heard as it echoed throughout the trees. Followed by it was a pungent smell of blood. Suddenly, the flash of a sword came down like a great wave, a forceful attack. A terrible howl was heard, followed shortly by a great spray of crimson mist. The carcass was split in half, pulled apart from each half slowly before it finally dropped onto the ground. Zephyr slowly walked out of the trees panting, his sword drenched with fresh blood. His expression did not change upon seeing what was left of the beast. “Tier two beasts sure are something, their defenses are unbelievable! Only through my Sixth Slash was I able to barely cut through!” he panted while he spoke. He examined his sword, and found a small flaw in it. He sighed.

“This is a fine sword. However, guess I’ll be needing a new one soon!” he muttered. Zephyr had mastered the Seventh Slash. His Might, his Seven Slashes, and his Focus, was all that he needed. Any one of these skills was enough to take his power way beyond other combatants of similar level. His Might and Focus was especially made for his killing moves. “Although this trip to the Forest wasn’t what I expected, but it did help. I bet I could even instantly kill any Strength of nine fighter!” he thought, “I bet I can even take on Agiles!”

Zephyr had spent six days in the Forest, he killed beasts and trained harder. His powers had grown. ‘Mad Bulls are tier two beasts, they’re dangerous,’ Zephyr thought. “But this one’s split right down the middle,” he muttered as he stared at the carcass. “Hmm, I wonder if word of the balance pills have circulated around Starlight yet…” Zephyr said while he smiled. He sheathed his sword and left for Starlight.