Chapter 82
Word of balance pills spread throughout Starlight like wildfire. Although it was about twice its price, its effects were way better than spirit pills. This was great news to fighters all around. The whole of Starlight rumbled with its arrival. Pills were crucially important to every fighter, especially those without clans. For one to quickly raise their strength, they would need pills. Although the price of balance pills were higher than spirit pills, its effects warranted its charge. They sold like hot cakes. Many pill merchants had been instantly hit with competitive pressure. Many clans had mercantile fronts for pills to boost their personal finances. Alas, the appearance of balance pills had shifted the Starlight economy immensely, this diverted almost all the consumers interest from spirit pills. Many would kill for the control over these precious pills.

However, these dreams were crushed once they knew that the influence behind the balance pills was done by Skyfall. Skyfall was rich, vast, and most importantly, influential. Their conglomerate no doubt fortified their stance. No merchant in Starlight would dare interlope on their market. No one could. However, the real talk of the town was that not only did Skyfall sell balance pills, the Khan did too, albeit in smaller numbers. Some sharp minds quickly pieced together the puzzle; the Khan and Skyfall were cooperating. Regardless, they were still second to the Sun. No one expected them, of all clans, to have forged a trade deal with Skyfall. Many smaller clans who betrayed the Khan, now felt remorse over their actions. Had they kept in with them, they would have been greatly rewarded.

Within a blink of an eye, the balance of power in Starlight had been shifted. Many clans and merchants soon parlayed with the Khan, business boomed. On the Sun clans’ side, many found resentment where they once had respect. If it were not for the Sun who had strong-armed them to boycott the Khan, perhaps their negotiations could have been a lot smoother.

“D*mn it, d*mn it, d*mn it, d*mn it! Will somebody tell me what is going on with those balance pills!?” Sylvester stood in his hall, and screamed to the heavens. His fat silhouette hobbled about, unable to calm his heart, mind, and soul. He was livid, no longer did he have a friendly face. “My Lord, our investigations came up empty!” A leader said quietly. “Empty, you say?” Sylvester screamed once again, fists clenched while he glared at the leader. “These balance pills might only be found here, meaning, they are a brand new invention!” he roared, “Do you know what this means? Had we gotten it first, the Sun would have grown exponentially!”

Sylvester’s breathing was violent. It was obvious that every fiber of his being quaked with anger. He could not accept how such a large opportunity slipped him by, just like that. The Sun controlled more than half of Starlight’s pill economy, thanks to their abundance of medicine men. However, the newfangled balance pills were now severely threatening their operation, their finances. “My Lord, Skyfall had indeed cooperated with the Khan. They have the right to sell balance pills! Plus, it would seem their relationship was closer than we expected!” a leader spoke. “The Khan sells about 100 pills every day. Their other businesses have also benefited greatly from this,” he continued.

“What? That much?” Sylvester’s voice shook with anger too. “That means, the Khan must’ve a surplus for the rest of their men! How! Aren’t they just a small clan? Why would Skyfall give them exclusive selling rights?!”