Chapter 83
“We are still investigating, but nothing has come up yet…” one of the leaders replied meekly. “My Lord, I have a report on Zephyr!” a Sun leader suddenly spoke up. “What news? Spit it!” Sylvester’s eyes brimmed with eagerness. “The Khan heir, Zephyr, meets with Skyfall every other day. Every time he leaves, he is always sent out earnestly…” he continued, revealing his news in detail. “Hmm, it would seem that that boy Zephyr has a dirty little secret!” Sylvester said coyly, his fists still clenched.

The lavender incense burned fragrantly. Although it was not the first time Zephyr had met with her, his heart raced every meeting. “Hmph, these are the ingredients you need!” Jade huffed, rolling her eyes at Zephyr. For some reason, she would always forget Zephyr’s age, for the energy he exuded was not that of a sixteen-year old. Especially since he had taken advantage of her, this deeply shamed her. “Heh heh, thank you thank you! I’ll take my leave then!” Zephyr chuckled as he took the ingredients. “You *sshole!” Jade huffed, stomping her feet at the sight of Zephyr’s almost immediate departure. Had Zephyr really thought nothing of the significance in his previous actions? “What’s wrong my dear? Can you not part with me?” Zephyr turned around, playfully flirted with the idea. Zephyr took great joy in teasing Jade for some reason. “Get out!” Jade huffed once more, this time she threw a stool at him. Zephyr dodged it quickly, almost disappearing. He reappeared before Jade, landed a ‘sneak attack’ on her again, before he quickly vanished from the room.

The room was silent for a moment before a loud scream could be heard, “Zephyr you *sshole! You better not let me get my hands on you!” Jade was once again the shade of beet red, fuming as she wiped her lips. “*sshole.”

Having got what he wanted, Zephyr quickly left for home. He felt much more relieved after he received the ingredients from Jade. With his power, the herbs he had could be made into a great pill. He was a four-starred medicine man after all. This level of expertise can only be found in specialized academies or ancient bloodlines. As of now, Zephyr would be able to make a three-starred pill, its effects were optimal for Agiles.

It was late, dusk was coming to an end, and not many were on the road. Zephyr felt as though someone was following him, he frowned, realizing this feeling appeared the moment he left the Skyfall office. ‘Someone's following me… it must be the Sun!’ Zephyr thought, smiling to himself.