Chapter 85
“Who knew that the b*stard of Starlight city, was actually such a terrifying character!”

“The Khan has many secrets!”

Some of the men sighed.

“He’s too powerful to be left alive! We must take him head-on, at our full power! Change of plans, he is to be taken in, dead!”

If they were just toying with Zephyr earlier, they were serious now. Unfortunately, they underestimated Zephyr’s power which was far greater than they expected. If they had known, they would have run by now.

Suddenly, a surge of sword-skill came. Before they knew it, the shimmer of a sword flashed before them, followed by Zephyr’s sudden appearance. “Fourth Slash!” he said quietly. Blade after blade appeared around them, powered by Zephyr’s Lightfoot. With a disgusting, loud crack, and a spray of fresh blood, two of the Sun fighters were cut limb from limb. “Die!” One of them yelled, angered by the death of their comrade. “Fifth Slash!” Zephyr cried, he vanished and reappeared out of thin air in front of the man. “Not this time!” the man yelled, he reached out for Zephyr with his tiger-like claw attacks.

Zephyr’s blade was met with his claws, clashed in the air, and cracked the wind around them. However, with two deep breaths, Zephyr’s sword tore through the tiger’s claws. “Haha! Die c*r!” a crazed laugh rang out from behind. Zephyr felt his body had slightly shook, and he turned to find a man behind him, fist connected to his back. It was a Strength of level nine.

“B*stard’s Punch!”

With a loud bang, his attacker had confirmed his assault, this let forth a grave attack on Zephyr. ‘I was too careless…’ Zephyr thought. This was the strength of ten men combined, no matter how strong Zephyr was, he could feel the pain from such a blow. “You’re good, I’ll give you that! But you’ll die right here, right now!” the Sun men declared. “Heh, is that so?” Zephyr chuckled. If it was any other person, they would have fallen right then and there. But Zephyr was different, he was way beyond the norm, with a power unlike any other that they have ever seen. The Way of the Dragon had seen to his body’s rise in power, the scales he had had enhanced it. Not even a legendary weapon could do much harm to him so easily.

“Out of my way!” Zephyr yelled, with a flash of his energy, a great roar ensued. Zephyr broke free from the pressure the group had put on him, channeling a great energy. The force the party withstood from him was much like a dragon that bursted into the clouds. Every one was sent flying at once. “Sixth Slash!” Zephyr cried, sending forth his sword. He had created a violent whirlpool made of swords to spin around him. Zephyr stood at the eye of the storm, while his enemies fluttered about.

Everyone one who was afloat was instantly cut down by Zephyr, their bodies collapsing into pieces before they even hit the ground. The tornado was now bathed in crimson shades. “Insects!” Zephyr said, his tone proud and confident. He knew he was no one’s match.