Chapter 87
“You’re right Zephyr, the Khan now do not have much power left, much less if put up against the Sun,” Typhoon sighed, reluctant to admit the fact. Beside him, Spout bore the same expression. “However…” Zephyr suddenly interjected, a smile crept onto his lips. “They do not know that I can make pills, besides, the balance pills can be used by the clansmen!” He continued, “As long as the Khan are allowed time to grow, we will have strong fighters for sure! By then, no matter how strong the Sun become, we would definitely match them!”

Hearing this, Typhoon and Spout’s expressions changed, “You’re right!” They had only considered the power the Sun held, but not the power the Khan had. “For the clan to be strong, the clansmen must be stronger. I propose every capable man start training now, and they should put their all into it!” Zephyr exclaimed.

“Training? Zephyr boy, are you suggesting that the Khan go through intense training?” Spout asked. “Indeed! How else would we get stronger? We must train hard! The pills can only get us so far! No matter how powerful we get, we would be nothing but glass canons!” Zephyr explained. He had met many strong fighters in his previous life. Many of them over-relied on pills to get by, this resulted in subpar techniques and experiences. “Only through battles, shall the Khan have strong fighters!” he added.

“But how long would we need?” Spout asked with his brows furrowed. Although Zephyr’s suggestion was not bad, when and where could they start? “The Hungry Wolves!” Zephyr exclaimed, “Not far out from Starlight lies a group of mountain bandits. We can use them for training!” Zephyr continued, he looked out to the mountain’s directions. With that, a plan to shake the foundations of Starlight was formed out in Zephyr’s mind.

The Hungry Wolves operated in the mountain ranges about 60 miles out of Starlight. The place was dangerous, yet hidden. It was easy to defend, albeit almost impenetrable. Being left unchecked and undeterred for so long had allowed the Wolves to grow from a small bandit camp into an organization of banditry. Starlight had sent many fighters to clear out the bandits but none had returned successfully. Their leader, Ghost, was a Strength of level nine too. Most would not be a match for him either.

It was night. A dark one it seemed, as many clouds covered the sky. Streaks of light glowed within the mountain range, accompanied by loud laughter and cries of women. Suddenly, the wind kicked up, followed by a loud boom. A group of darkly-clad men rushed towards the range. “Hahaha… Scream for me!” a strongman jeered. Suddenly, a loud thud was heard, and the strongman was sent lying face-first on the campfire, sending embers into the air. “Oh sh*t!”

The group of bandits’ expressions changed, they reeled back as a reaction. Alas, they were too slow. With a cold ring, a great dread covered the range. “Now!” A deathly blanket covered the camp, the darkly-clad men revealed themselves, sending forth their blades and sorcery. The bandits were quickly and easily torn to shreds. A helpless girl on the ground could only cry out in fear, her face drained of blood.

“Master, none were spared,” a man reported to Zephyr. He turned to survey the area, before calmly looking at the women. His face filled with rage. They were forced into being comfort-women. “Have some men take these women down the mountain, the rest shall come with me! We have a camp to demolish!”