Chapter 88
“Please do not be afraid. We are Khan from Starlight, we’re here to wipe out the bandits,” Zephyr said comfortingly. “You… you’re Khan from Starlight?” one of them asked, her tone carried traces of sobs. “That’s right, do you know anything that could help us defeat the Wolves?” Zephyr asked. “We were all captured this morning. In fact, this mountain is but an outpost, nothing more,” she replied. “About every hour, they would change shifts… Thank you, thank you so much for saving us! The bandits have taken our purity...they have violated us… please… please avenge us!” she continued, her voice full of hatred. She had attractive features, what a shame they were stolen by such hooligans.

What Zephyr did not expect was her reaction to what had happened to her. She immediately cracked her skull on a nearby boulder after she finished her wish. Blood flowed vigorously out of her head, she had died from the impact. Zephyr clenched his fists tightly, she had acted too quickly, by the time Zephyr realized what she was doing, it was too late. Zephyr stared deeper into the mountains, and spoke with a commanding voice, “Kill them all!” With that, his men disappeared into the night.

Before long, the mountain top was once again blanketed in bloodlust.

“Cr*ap! We’re under attack!”

Zephyr and his company were spotted by a fat bandit, who rang out the alarm. “Die!” claimed one of the Khan men, sending forth his sword to split the man in two. “Have we been discovered?” Zephyr smiled emptily. “What do we do now, My Lord?”

The mountain top was where the strongest bandits gathered, many a Strength of level eight. “Only through battle will we improve. If you are frightened now, you do not have the guts to be strong! Go ahead, kill, pave your future with the blood of your enemies!” Zephyr commanded, his voice stern and precise. “Yes, My Lord!” Perhaps they were influenced by Zephyr’s spirit, for in a moment’s notice, the Khan men charged forth, and killed all those before them. “The bandits here are at most Strengths of level eights. Although you are not as powerful as them, as long as you work together, you would no doubt crush them! Go forth, men!” With that, Zephyr led the charge.

The Khan charged into battle, without an ounce of fear. The clashes of swords rang throughout as the Khan were like demons and ghosts now, they quickly worked their way through the bandits, this battle left pools and streams of red crimson to flow down the mountainside. Many bandits were taken by surprise, they were unable to defend themselves. The worst part was, the Khan came prepared with pills, any injury they sustained could quickly be healed with eating one, thus, it immediately rejuvenated them for the fight.

“Who are you to be so bold to challenge me!” a strong voice called out, the origin of the sound came from a big burly man, who burst forth with a great battle axe in hand, his aura around him was immense.