Chapter 89
“Who we are does not matter, what matters is that the Wolves will die tonight!” Zephyr huffed, produced out his sword, and quickly sprinted towards him. “Ha! Do you not know where you are? I am Ghost! You will not be spared tonight!” he replied. Seeing Zephyr rush over, Ghost steadied himself. “Wolf’s Howl!” Ghost howled, with that the attack started. Even though he looked barbaric and unruly, he was very careful. Seeing how many of his men had been slaughtered, even if he did not know who Zephyr was, he knew he was formidable.

The Wolf’s Howl was his ultimate attack, he had killed many an equal with just three swipes. Ghost howled into the night, sending his axe along with it. He followed with great shockwaves of destruction, and it crushed everything within 30 feet. Ghost did not consider the few men he had caught within his tempest. “Everyone back off! Leave him to me!” Zephyr ordered, displaying his sword skill while he blocked the blow. This man’s power was too strong for the others. “You are but a child!” Ghost laughed, seeing how Zephyr intended to take him alone. He supposed boys will be boys, prone to hubris. When he saw how young Zephyr was, he probably thought that he was no match for him. The only reason they got so far was because of their ambushed tactics.

The sky exploded into a flurry of axe swipes, it cut down trees, tables, benches and anything in between. Zephyr felt the axe’s edge cut into his defenses, each cut was a terrible, terrible attack. “Die, c*r!” Ghost howled as he witnessed Zephyr get consumed by his onslaught. “Kill them all!” he followed, smiling at his kill.

“What?” the Khan cried, unable to accept Zephyr's death in one blow. “Haha, there is no further discussion needed! My move could kill men of equal status! Did you really think that this child could have withstanded my fury? Enough of this! Die!” Ghost laughed, spun his battleaxe, and prepared for another attack.

“Oh man!” a voice came from within the tempest, followed by a chuckle. Although it was a light chuckle, it sent shockwaves down Ghost’s spine. “What? How?!” Ghost yelled. A great flurry of punches came, and quickly dispersed the flurry of axes. “Weak!” Zephyr scoffed, while he shook his head, not having moved an inch. “Impossible! How could you…” Ghost cried.

“Impossible? Nothing is impossible for Zephyr Khan!”

Zephyr ignited Lightfoot, clenched his fist’s, and charged straight for the bandit leader.