Chapter 8
The man carried with him a hard gaze, yet, behind those eyes held a tumultuous nature. His body posture gave off an air of elegant power too, vibrating with true energy. He was at a Strength of fifth level. Zephyr’s Might helped him see right through the interloper and instantly recognized his level.

“Help me! Kill this b*stard!” screamed Madame Lee. Seeing her cousin appear, Madame Lee could not help herself, but got excited. Even though her face was caked with fresh blood, her cunning and venomous eyes implied only one thing: Kill! Just kill this b*stard!

Seeing his cousin lay there broken, Lewis flew into a rage. However, his demeanor changed quickly when he gazed upon the assailant. Zephyr stood before him, confident, and sure of himself, it was as though he gave off an air of supreme capability. Lewis, unsettled by this new development, demanded, “How is this possible? How is this b*stard’s level higher than my own?”

Before Lewis continued, his body began to shiver. He was not afraid — but he will be soon — for Zephyr’s energy was holding him in place. If Lewis were to make a move, Zephyr would not hesitate to attack. “How is he so strong? Was he acting all this time?” murmured Lewis. He could tell that Zephyr was stronger. A violent shockwave emanated, and Lewis was absolutely terrified. Lewis felt like he was staring upon a great dragon, one which roared directly at his face. It was no surprise for Lewis to realize his will to fight had faded. He felt that the surrounding air had somehow slowed itself down, making it difficult to breathe.

Lewis dropped to his knees, he could not withstand Zephyr’s power any longer. “I’m sorry for my insolence, I’m here to greet the young master!” Lewis squealed. He was shaking, he had never been this terrified his whole life. Lewis was not able to withstand Zephyr’s advances, he knew Zephyr could have easily wiped him off the face of the Earth if he desired to. He knew he could only beg for mercy.

Seeing Lewis on his knees as he begged for Zephyr's mercy, once again, shocked the onlookers to their core, they could do nothing as they stared at him in disbelief. “You pig!” exclaimed Madame Lee, not believing what was occurring. Lewis felt resentment being built inside him; Madame Lee was nothing more than a distant relative, yet she often hung his name over her head as an excuse for recognition. Regardless, he never once thought that she would be this stupid.

“Lewis!” yelled Zephyr. “Yes, master!” replied the Khan official. He could not help but shiver at his name being called, Zephyr pressed down on Lewis further. “Tell me, who is the rightful heir to the Khan!” Zephyr said with playful delight, a sly smile danced across his face. “It’s y-you, of-of course…!” Lewis’ replied instantly. He knew what Zephyr was thinking, and instinctively swiped Madame Lee a hateful grimace.

“You’re right! You are a smart one!” Zephyr snorted out, his smile was cunning yet terrifying. “Leah, let us leave,” he called out, gesturing for her to follow. Leah simply blinked and followed him dutifully.

“Lewis, are you daft? Why did you let that b*stard go? He attacked me, you should have killed him!” spat Madame Lee. In her anger, she could not stop herself from staining the ground with her bloodied words. That however, did not stop her from the relentless screams thrown at Lewis. Lewis did not reply, but only glanced at the screaming bimbo, he thought how she almost cost him his life. With a swift hand, Lewis reached out and snapped Madame Lee’s neck.

The servants screamed in unison. Madame Lee could not do anything but stare at Lewis in disbelief as she fell limp. “Please, shut up,” he cursed. He could not shake off the feelings that Zephyr exuded, he was both terrified and shocked, mostly terrified.

“Everyone thought Zephyr was a useless b*stard, yet, unbeknownst to all, he was hiding, a wolf in sheep’s clothing!”

‘He’s at least a Strength of level six! Somehow, he achieved this without the clan’s help… how is this possible!?’ Lewis pondered in silence. After a while, he exhaled a sigh of relief, and turned his gaze towards the servants.