Chapter 90
With a sickening crunch that echoed the place, Zephyr had shattered Ghost’s body. Zephyr’s strength was undeniably strong after training under the Way, a level of strength Ghost could never comprehend. “Kill the bandits! Leave none alive!” Zephyr commanded while he scanned the surrounding area. The bandits around could only quake in place, unknowing of what to do next.


The Khan men rushed forward, having been bolstered by Zephyr’s display of power. Tonight, they will sprout from the blood of their enemies!

It was a massacre, All the bandits within the mountain range were gruesomely killed that night. The decades of terror under the Hungry Wolves came to an abrupt stop that night, the Khan being their reapers. For days, the mountain range will run red with blood. “My Lord, there are none left! Only a few of us were hurt, none killed!” someone reported to Zephyr the next morning. Every Khan who came was now filled with a threatening, deadly aura. All they could think of was to battle. They now understood how the flames of battle may build on the strong. In just one night, each of them had endured, and emerged victorious. “Good. Clean this place up, and bring back any riches you can find. Once we return, you must absorb the energies built up from last night,” Zephyr replied, nodding.

Zephyr’s balance pills had ensured the Khan a safe venture. The power of his pills were not to be underestimated in the heat of battle. In every battle, it was life and death. One’s potential would be forced into the forefront. With the help of the pills, this potential was greatly boosted, many have broken into new levels. Even those that did not, would have found that their powers have grown exponentially. “Although we have wiped the Wolves, there are still other ways to train!” Zephyr concluded.

At the Sun grand hall, ten or so people have gathered, each with a worried and flustered look. “What happened? In just one night, why have none of the men we sent returned?” Sylvester said while he paced around the hall, his expression was grim. “My Lord, perhaps our men got caught in something? There’s no way Zephyr killed them all!” one of the Sun leaders spoke. “B*llshit!” Sylvester screamed. “The men we sent were all Strengths of level eights! Do you really think a b*stard like Zephyr can wipe them all out?” Sylvester glared at the leader, wondering if he had lost his marbles. However, Sylvester could not piece together where his men had gone, and why there were not any bodies left. “Go! Go and investigate! I wanted the reports yesterday!” Sylvester commanded.

As the leaders left, Sheldon spoke up, “Father, do you think something is going on between Skyfall? Are they protecting him?” Sylvester retorted, “Impossible! The Skyfall would never stoop so low! Why would the Skyfall conglomerate even think of protecting a small clan like the Khan?” He snorted, “Our economy has been f*cked over by the Khan, ten of our best fighters are missing, who knows what else will happen? I might have to summon our guardians to personally wipe the Khan!” Sylvester cursed and hissed out his words.

Sheldon could not help but smile at the prospect. For the Sun guardians to appear, the Khan have no way of defense.