Chapter 91
While the Sun were busy clucking like chickens, the Khan had prepared for their next massacre. The Khan, now under Zephyr’s leadership, hid themselves, like ghosts within the forest. They went on a rampage throughout the mountain ranges around Starlight. Their killing seemed to have no end in sight. With the help of the balance pills, the Khan clansmen had received many boons, their powers skyrocketed with each session. Before they knew it, two weeks of genocide had passed. The Khan had successfully improved themselves without anyone in Starlight finding out. With each training session, the Khan’s strength improved massively. Every clansman would take 3 balance pills every day. No clan in Starlight could do the same. With the help of the pills, and participating in the heat of battle, how could the Khan not get stronger?

“Wonderful! This is just wonderful…” Typhoon Khan uttered, when he saw the growth of his men. In just half a month, the Khan had improved so much. This was something they had not ever expected before. The Khan had about 1000 or so men left, with half of the population that reached Strengths of level six, one-fifth of a seven, and even 60 of them had reached Strengths of eight. Their battle power was immense. Not even the Sun could muster such a strong force!

However, none had forgotten that this was all thanks to Zephyr’s plan. “Zephyr has made us proud,” Typhoon muttered to himself. “Indeed. He is full of surprises, had I not been watching him since the beginning, I’d be suspecting his true identity now,” Spout nodded in agreement. “It’s almost time,” Typhoon grimaced, but calmly spoke. “Indeed, it’s time to act,” Spout agreed, he bore the same tone. Feeling the intentions of the two men, Zephyr stirred, agreeing in silence, “Yes, it’s time to make our move.”

It was dark now. Leah helped Zephyr wear his clothes, and carefully combed his long hair. Her face was wrought with worry. “Master…” she uttered, her heart felt uneasy. In a matter of moments, the Khan would move at the break of dawn. “Leah, don’t worry. I’ll come back,” Zephyr said with a smile, while he gently touched her hair. Among all the Khan, he cared about her the most. “Promise! Promise me, okay?” Leah said sternly, then bit her lip. “Of course,” Zephyr replied as he smiled.

After that, he got up and headed for the door. Lewis was already there waiting for him. Once Zephyr’s position had been restored, Lewis’ position had been upgraded, not many were higher than him. “Take care of her,” Zephyr commanded. “You needn’t worry, My lord!” Lewis replied respectfully, he showed great respect for the young heir, as he knew of the struggles he had gone through. Once this day has passed, the Sun will be gone, and the Khan will have taken their place.