Chapter 92
The rest of the Khan stood in the grand hall, awaited for Zephyr’s arrival. All Khan leaders were present. “Zephyr my boy, are you ready?” Typhoon asked, his face solemn. “Don’t worry grandfather, we will wipe the Sun!” Zephyr said confidently. “I have summoned our guardians. If the Sun summoned their guardians too , we three will personally take them on. The rest is up to you!” Typhoon stated. “Fret not!” Zephyr said. The Sun’s trump cards lie within their guardians. They were certain the Sun had more than two as well. Although the Khan had Typhoon and the two Elders, it would be a hard fought battle. It was imperative that the Khan striked first, as the Sun themselves had prepared for an attack.

“Let us go!” Typhoon commanded, this sent all the Khan into a frenzy. As dawn broke, it casted a grey cowl over the horizon, which was quickly set ablaze by the rising of the sun.

It was now time that the bloodshed shall commence.

The Sun fortress shook violently, a loud crack verberated throughout Starlight. In the mayor’s office, Bruce stood still, hands behind his back, while he stared out into the horizon, “This day exacts a heavy change!”

“Forward!” a great command rang, with it came a great wave of warriors, frenzied and bursted with energy. The Sun fortress was quiet, ill-prepared for the coming assault. None could react as the Khan came down upon them. Energy waves rippled throughout Starlight, like a tsunami that swallowed the town whole. The wave’s tempest directed at the Sun.


“We’re under attack!”


This sudden attack woke the Sun people violently from their slumber, but before they could even react, they were cut down without another word.


The Khan’s rampage worked its way through the Sun under Spout’s command, their resolve was adamant. 2 weeks worth of training had led to this moment, this epoch. No matter what, the Khan would see through it themselves, to emerge victorious, stronger!

Resolve! Power! Fearless!

The Khan could only be described as such right now.

“Who dares attack the Sun!” a Sun leader exclaimed, as he drew out his swords, and beat back the palms coming his way. “We do!” Spout appeared suddenly, and shot forth a finger.

The Comet Finger!

Starlight City shone within Spout’s fingertips, bright and glaring, full of cosmic fire! His attack pierced the Sun’s defenses, stabbed him all over his body, and formed new holes from which blood spurted out, with that, it sent him writhing onto the floor. “Khan!” The man called out, once he recognized Spout. He died immediately after, succumbing to Spout’s Finger. ‘What power!’ Zephyr thought to himself when he witnessed what just happened. He had never expected the usually calm and private Spout to have such power. Although he was not an Agile yet, his power more than made up for it.

“Spout! I swear, henceforth, the Khan will never be seen in Starlight ever again!” he yelled. “Is that so?” Spout chuckled. “You have plotted long enough! Do you really expect us to just sit and wait?!” Hearing this, Sylvester’s expression changed, “Huh, guess I underestimated you! Who knew you’d escape my men!” As their conversation ended, a round of footsteps came. The Khan had arrived with weapons in hand, surrounded in a powerful aura. They grouped up with Zephyr’s company, their bodies drenched in fresh Sun blood.

The cavalry has arrived.

“Damn the Khan! How dare you attack us!” another voice called out, this time, from a group of defenders that rushed out of the hall. Their leader, as fast as a pig, charged head first — Sylvester Sun. His anger boiled over, his face red with fury. He had never anticipated a small clan such as Khan to be so bold as to attack them.