Chapter 93
“!” Sylvester’s calm expression immediately changed as he saw the power Khan carried. A burst of energy came forth, and filled the skies with twinkling stars.

The Comet Finger!

“How dare you, Spout!” Sylvester scolded, feeling an attack draw near. Somehow, Sylvester’s fat body dodged it, and found himself 30 feet away. “No!” Before he could catch his breath, someone let out a blood-curdling scream. Zephyr had sped forth with Lightfoot, and quickly cut Sheldon Sun to pieces. “My son!” Sylvester called out in agonizing fury. “I will have your life, Zephyr!!” he hissed at Zephyr, face full of hateful resentment.

The fat on Sylvester’s body started to shift and change, as if a cattle-prod shocked every fiber of his being. “Berserker Rage... I didn’t expect you to have this technique!” Spout said warily when he saw Sylvester’s body change. Berserker’s Rage was a violent technique. The user would conserve and maintain large amounts of energy in their body. Once they triggered the Rage, all that energy would explode out in a powerful, rage-filled blast. This technique was difficult to train, and even harder to master, not many will choose to learn it.

“Zephyr boy, stand with me. With his Berserker Rage, he has reached an Agile’s level!” Spout said sternly. “Sure!” Zephyr said, and gripped his sword tightly. “Die!” Sylvester hissed through a wicked smile. He jolted his body, and vanished into thin air. Where he once stood was now cracked and bruised with a web of lines that ran across the ground.

“Ah!” A Khan screamed, suddenly being torn in half, his blood sent asunder, his flesh shredded. A frightening chuckle rang throughout the courtyard, as though it was Death himself that overlooked the battlefield. The dead Khan’s body was held in the claws of a thinly built man, the aura around him vibrated and pulsed with glee. ‘Is this what Berserker Rage does to you?’ Zephyr thought, seeing the creature before him.

This was Sylvester’s true form — unlocked by Rage. Although his features changed drastically, the look in his eyes did not. Feeling his menacing aura, Zephyr would not dare act out of line. “I have only used this Rage once, 30 years ago. This power has been built up over 30 years, no doubt, I will crush the Khan, right here, right now!” Sylvester hissed at Zephyr and Spout. “Surrender your soul!” Sylvester turned his gaze upon Zephyr, with a smile. In an instant, the once fat man vanished into thin air. ‘Sh*t!’ Zephyr thought, feeling Sylvester’s movements. Before he could react, he felt a great wave of energy that came his way.

“Earth-shatterer!” Zephyr released a great punch to meet with his attacker. “Out of my way!” he cried, as the two forces connected. “Do you know how powerful I am? Your measly attack is just delaying the inevitable!” Sylvester let out a crazed laughter, his energies rippled as a result. Zephyr could only try to match his onslaught. However it was for naught, as his defenses shattered upon himself, Sylvester’s attack connected bluntly onto him.

Zephyr spat out a mouthful of blood, and was sent flying away. Zephyr flew about thirty feet, before he connected with a stone wall that shattered upon impact. The debris buried him shortly after. “Zephyr!” Spout cried, after he watched his nephew be attacked like that. “Save it, you’ll see him soon!” Sylvester smiled, clapped at the dismay of Spout, and the defeat of Zephyr. “Never would I have expected the Khan b*stard to have such power! So young, yet so strong!” he continued, “Unfortunately, none would withstand the power I have built up over the past 30 years. His body must be shattered and broken by now,” he ended. Sylvester was confident in his power.

“You are strong, I’ll give you that! But I won’t die so easily!” a small chuckle came from the rubble.