Chapter 94
Zephyr slowly stood up, not before he sent the debris away in an energy blast. He then walked over to Sylvester. Zephyr’s eyes squinted, his expression was neutral, yet his lips curved into a smirk. Not a single spec of damage could be found on his body either. Seeing this, Sylvester’s mood changed, his eyes widened and stared blankly at Zephyr, wondering if he was indeed human. “How can this be? How is there not a scratch on you? Even a Strength of level nine would suffer greatly from my blow!” Sylvester gasped, unable to comprehend how his great killing move did not even phase Zephyr.

“F*ck...” seeing Zephyr come out fine, Spout let out a sigh of relief. “You are strong, there’s no doubt about it, but to hurt me… well…” Zephyr said, while he patted the dust off his shoulders. “Hmm… who knew the ‘Monster’ of the Khan was you after all!” Sylvester spat, “This is some illusion huh? Who knew the b*stard of Starlight was the ‘Monster’ that we so feared all along! You’re not even a Strength of level nine!”

“My turn,” Zephyr said slowly, then smiled. In an instant, his body furled up with energy, it strengthened his muscles, his tendons, every fiber of his being. Zephyr vanished into thin air, and left nothing but an afterimage for all to see. He appeared right before Sylvester. Before he could react, Zephyr punched Sylvester right in the gut. “Gah!” gasped Sylvester, then took a few steps back. “C*r! Do you really think you can beat me? Die!” Sylvester decided it was time to show his true power, an Agile’s power. Although Zephyr was incredibly strong, Sylvester remained calm.

Seeing Zephyr press his attack, Sylvester flashed a smile full of anger, amazed by the brazen child. “Zephyr! Watch out!” cried Spout, silently condemned Zephyr’s brash head-on approach. To Spout, no matter how capable Zephyr was, he was just a Strength of level eight, how could he possibly take on the Raging Sylvester?

A loud crash was heard, Zephyr had clashed with Sylvester. In an instant, ripples were sent out from their point of impact, going in all directions. What followed was a volley of blasts as the two came to blows. It stopped as quickly as it came, and one was sent flying. ‘Cr*p…’ Zephyr thought.

As the clouds dissipated, Sylvester was revealed to be the one that had stood his ground, while Zephyr was once again sent flying another 30 feet. While trading blows with Sylvester, Zephyr felt an excruciatingly powerful amount of force that came his way, making contact with his arm, which sent him across the courtyard. Sylvester was indeed as strong as an Agile, being able to contend with Zephyr.

“Together!” Spout cried. Spout resolved to save Zephyr, even if he could not destroy the Sun today. To him, Zephyr was the future of the Khan. With his power at his age, if he was given enough time to grow, he would definitely be without equal. “Everyone, protect Zephyr!”

The Khan jumped into action, each with one clear directive. At the same time, they raised their arms against Sylvester. “Weaklings! None of you can even think of defeating me!” Sylvester challenged, a wave of energy exploded out from within. This was 30 years worth of energy after all, he was no easy challenge. “Die! Die! Die!” Sylvester screamed, his movements were like lightning that pierced the cavalry. One by one, the Khan were sent flying into the air with mouthfuls of blood. “Comet Finger!” Spout channeled, creating much of a bedazzle that headed towards Sylvester. “Child’s play!” he retorted, and extinguished the starlight.

With a swipe, Sylvester had his hand gripped firmly on Spout’s neck, “This is the end for you!” Sylvester tightened his grip, Spout could do nothing but stare at the Sun lord’s eyes.

“Let him go!”

“Damn it!”

The Khan rushed to save their liege, Zephyr gritted his teeth at the sight. “Zephyr, you killed my son. For that, I will kill your family, your clansmen, so that you may feel the pain I do!” Sylvester called. He further tightened his grip, it caused Spout’s neck to get redder and redder, which made a horrible sound.


The Khan called out, sending blow after blow upon the Sun. Alas, Sylvester was too powerful for them.