Chapter 95
“Hahahaha…” Sylvester’s wicked laughter intensified. Seeing Spout’s breathing get weaker and weaker, twin flames burst out of Zephyr’s eyes. “Sylvester Sun, your time has come!”

Zephyr stepped onto the ground below violently which created a violent sound. Before Sylvester could even react, a great fist flew at him. Sylvester was hence thrown off his feet, had no choice but to let go of Spout who consequently let out a gasp of pain. A great roar came from within Zephyr, and lit up the whole of Starlight. Around him, energy ripples began to form, this signalled the arrival of something from within. It was draconic power!

Zephyr had used his greatest attack, the punch he dealt, was filled with draconic energy. Draconic energy was strong, very strong. An Agile would find it hard to withstand such a blow. “Impossible! How are you so strong? Even getting an augment!” Sylvester cried out, his expression changed to that of fear. Sylvester’s power was already terrible, yet was dealt a terrible blow by Zephyr. This must be the work of an augment.

Hearing Sylvester’s cries, Spout and the Khan were slightly confused. The Khan never had any augmentation techniques, how did Zephyr acquire his?

“Enough talk!” Zephyr cried, then sent out his draconic energy. Zephyr’s power was intense, much like a dragon’s. His punch could shatter skies. A punch that was sent flying towards Sylvester once more. Punch after punch after punch, each Earth-shattering fist stronger than the last. Although punches did not suit him, the power he put into them was no joke either.

Sylvester tried defending himself at first, but with each blow that pressed harder and harder, he soon found himself unable to keep up. Zephyr’s flurry was too much. In their bout, Zephyr found an exploit and quickly focused his attacks onto Sylvester’s weak point.

Sylvester suddenly spat out great mouthfuls of blood, his body took on the brunt of Zephyr’s punches, and shattered it. “Save me guardians, please!” Sylvester cried, his voice rang throughout the Sun grounds.

“Khan! How dare you!” a great voice came from above, smothered all below. From the sky, a sliver of darkness rained down. The voice from above was cold, furious, and determined. The darkness morphed into a person, and as they approached, their aura became unbearable.

With a whooshing sound, many Khan dropped to their knees, and spewed blood. This was the power of an Agile. The Sun just launched their trump card. ‘This Sun guardian’s power was greater than those of grandfather and the Elders! This is bad!’ Zephyr thought, tightly gripped his sword once again, and readied the energy in his scales. He had to give it his all. The guardian’s energy crept over to him,the guardians themselves were surrounded in an aura that could only be described as rot as it ate away at the surroundings. “Hmph, such venom! You’re the one that tried to assassinate me, aren’t you?” an angry voice called out.

In an instant, three figures appeared. It was Typhoon Khan, and the Elders, that had finally appeared.