Chapter 97
Holes were being formed into the ground around them, it further created a devastating mess. ‘The power of Agiles… Even with my Might and Focus, I doubt I’d fare well…’ Zephyr thought to himself, he continued to observe the battle. The Sun guardian’s strength was indeed superior to the three elders, but now, the inability to control her energy rendered her inferior. She quickly found herself unable to reflect their blows.

“Darkness Shroud!” Seeing how she was about to be struck down by the Khan elders, the Sun guardian quickly summoned her move, and this move clouded her in a dark mist. The mist took on a life of its own, it floated strangely around her.

“White Tiger!”



The three men yelled, displaying their signature moves. In an instant, all the dust around them kicked up. The remaining combatants quickly shielded their faces. Rays of light shone in all directions, energies vibrated all over, the power nova forced many to step back. Zephyr was only slightly disturbed. His body was stronger than most after all, this event did not disrupt his observations. ‘Darkness Shroud, who knew these dark clouds carried such dark power… It corrodes everything it touches, eating away at everything… I shudder to think what the guardian can do given enough time!’ Zephyr thought. He quickly drew his blade, and sent it spinning around him, dissipating the dark clouds. This readied himself to help in the battle.

The dark sky kept changing, interlocked with a great flow of water, or a stream of fire. Sometimes, even a tiger’s silhouette could be made out. “No!” the Sun guardian cried out, her energies fizzled out. Her body shook violently, her time was near. “Now!” The three elders rushed in with their powers on full display. Their combined attack cracked against the guardian, shattered her person right then and there, bathing everyone in blood.

The elders gathered themselves, and let out a deep sigh. “Who knew we could kill an Agile of level four,” Zephyr said while he gasped. “Indeed, luck is with us today. I did not expect Zephyr to notice her off-balance, otherwise we wouldn’t’ve been so decisive!” An elder nodded. “With an Agile of level four, it’s no wonder the Sun are so brazen! Their place as the greatest clan of Starlight has not been unearned! If she could’ve utilized her full power, the three of us would’ve been dead by now!” The others sighed after listening to the elder.

The three elders closed their eyes for a moment, resting and regaining their strength, before investigating the Sun grounds. However, they found no other combatant. It would seem that the Sun may have only had one true guardian. This led the three elders to give a big sigh of relief. It would seem that they were lucky in their attack today. However, Zephyr did not feel safe, he felt like they were being watched. “Hmm,” Zephyr shook his head, perhaps he sensed wrongly.

“Take everything you can find! Any Sun that resists you is a dead Sun!” Typhoon commanded, his gestures made were high on adrenaline. Nothing will ever stand in the way of the Khan again. “Yes sir!” the Khan men replied vigorously. When the Khan left to loot the Sun, a low hiss came from a secret location. “Khan… I will remember this… I will have my revenge!”

The Khan have destroyed the Sun. Word of the Khan’s victory had sent shockwaves throughout Starlight. Many could not believe that a measly 200-year old clan could wipe out the great Sun clan. However, their doubts would not last long, the powers they felt that day were enough to warrant it. The Khan had three Agiles. Moreover, the Khan’s fighters were no slouches themselves. If there were any doubts about who were the big players in Starlight, there would be none now. No one dared oppose the Khan.

Many clans and families in Starlight would soon pay their respects towards the Khan. No one could match them ever again. Some time later, the Khan held a great banquet, the most shocking part was that mayor Bruce was invited. It would seem that the Khan had official ties too!

The mayor had not intervened during the battle between the clans. Many guessed that he had allowed it. With that being said, there was an even less likely chance the Khan would have any opposition ever again. However, many still attended the Khan banquet. All save for one — the Zanes.