Chapter 98
“Who knew the trump card of the Sun had such an impactful terror. Their wealth is immeasurable, much more so than ours!” Spout said with a smile. After a few days' work, the Khan had looted everything they could from the Sun. Spout sat on the Khan throne, and smiled brightly at his subjects. “Indeed! After our little insurrection, our clan had risen far beyond what was once thought possible!” a leader said. “Now, we have both Skyfall and the mayor having our backs, who’d dare try anything against us?” another chipped in. The Khan leaders cheered and celebrated their success. “Hey, now that we have the Sun’s techniques at our disposal, no doubt the Khan will improve further!” a leader checked. “Right! The Sun also had a lot of weaponry!” another added. It would seem the Khan were very pleased with their spoils.

“Even though we are now the greatest power in Starlight, there are still some that dare to oppose us!” a leader suddenly said sternly. This leader was Motte Khan, a loyal Khan leader. His personality was calm, and very rarely did he get angry. “What’s wrong, Motte?” Spout asked. “Yeah, Motte, who would dare oppose us again?” the other leaders asked. “The Zane!” Motte replied sternly. “Zane?” Lewis asked suddenly, carrying with it was a shocked expression.

“What’s wrong Lewis? Are you familiar with the Zanes?” Zephyr asked. Everyone in the Hall turned their gaze towards Lewis, curious as to what he knew. “My lord, I do indeed know about the Zanes. Although the Zanes aren’t as great as the Sun, nor do they enjoy the Khan, they still harbor much influence. Afterall, they have been in Starlight for over 600 years!” Lewis replied. “Yes, I have heard of this. The Zanes are privy like that. However, the Zanes and us do not bother each other, why would they act out now when we’re all powerful?” Spout asked.

After taking on the role of lord Khan, Spout had become very strict with his rule. Every word he said was either a command or a statement. “My lord, the Zanes were indeed privy, but recently they have become more brazen. While we were taking over the Sun’s assets, the Zanes acted. They recently took over one of our mines. When I went to ask for its release, they denied me!” Lewis replied. Motte’s expression became more solemn upon hearing this. “Hmph, even if the Zane have been here for 600 years, they wouldn’t dare be so bold. They must have something else that motivated them!” Zephyr said. No one would dare disregard what Zephyr said, regardless of how much of a junior he was. Motte quickly replied Zephyr’s thoughts, “My lord, Zephyr, you may not know this, although the Zanes have not developed much over the years, they have close connections with the Leeds of Caledon.” Motte continued, “Accordingly, the Zane heiress was engaged to a Leed, allowing them to be so bold!”

“Celadon? Leed?” Upon hearing this, many frowned. Celadon was an even bigger power than Starlight. Starlight was nothing more than a measly town to the Ahi Dynasty. Celadon however, was a great city in all of Ahi. The Leeds were also an ancient clan from Celadon, one much greater than the Sun. The Khan, who knew this, realized what dire risks that may pose.

“Zephyr, what do you think?” Spout could not make a decision. After the last battle, Typhoon and the Elders retreated into their hovels. Only Spout and Zephyr were left to lead the Khan. “Celadon is not weak, neither are the Leeds! However, this isn’t Celadon, it’s Starlight!” Zephyr chuckled. The attendees felt a strong presence from Zephyr. Zephyr retreated in the middle of the Khan discussion. He felt that Spout was able to make the right choices, he was a better leader after all. The Khan had the Skyfall and the mayoral office to back them up. No matter how brazen the Zanes become, they would not dare act irrationally.

“Master, I have investigated the person of interest towards young Leah. He is a guard of the mayoral office. His name is Linus Starr, a Strength of level eight. He is also the adopted son of Bruce,” Lewis said softly when he reported his investigation. “Linus Starr?” Zephyr nodded, while he smiled. Leah was the most important person in Zephyr’s lives, he had disappointed her before, he vowed to repay her now. “How is this Linus character?

“He is said to be honest, loyal, and down-to-earth. He had been raised by Bruce since he was young, I doubt his character would be bad,” Lewis replied enthusiastically. “Right,” Zephyr sighed. If Linus’ character was not up to par, even if he was Bruce’s son, Zephyr would make sure Linus learns a lesson or two to never hurt Leah. “Thank you for this, please continue your work. Leah’s happiness cannot be sloppily handled!” Zephyr ordered. The fact that Leah had an interest was given to Zephyr by Lewis.

Zephyr had long regarded Leah as his sister. No matter what, Zephyr would make sure that Leah’s happiness is kept.