Chapter 99
Although Lewis had followed Zephyr for a while, he still felt pressured. He quickly added, “Never fret My lord, I will double my efforts!” Zephyr nodded, “Let’s go for a walk!”

“Busy!” Zephyr said, as he saw the busy streets of Starlight. Before, Zephyr had never tasted such peace and freedom, seeing the carefree nature of the children brought a smile to his face. Lewis however felt uneasy around Zephyr, wondering what he had gone through to constantly exude rippling energy. Suddenly, Lewis’ face lit up, “My lord! Look! It’s Leah, and next to her, Linus!” Zephyr quickly turned to see.

Among the many citizens, was a plainly dressed girl, and a stoic young man, chatting away in front of a boutique. Leah’s face was full of excitement and happiness, she pointed and picked among the stock while the young man kept a gentle watch, nodding occasionally. “Nice!” Zephyr nodded, satisfied at what he saw. He and Lewis approached them thereafter.

“I think my master likes black clothes,” Leah frowned. “Leah, you’ve been choosing for a long time, this color’s nice, why not get it?” Linus said, a little impatient. He had accompanied Leah, but did not expect her to choose threading to make Zephyr some new clothes. “What? Are you bored?” Leah asked, and glared at him. “Oh no no no! Being with you is never boring!” Linus replied, he quickly reacted to Leah’s ‘anger’. “Hmph!” Leah scrunched her nose, before she chose a yarn of green thread, “This suits you!”

Linus was not welcome to this suggestion, but quickly changed his tune. It would seem he cared a great deal for her. “Leah, Leah, Leah… Have you fallen so hard you’ve forgotten about me?”

A small chuckle appeared behind the two. “Ah! My lord!” When she heard this, Leah blinked a few times before quickly turning around, it was Zephyr. “Heh heh, I was just out and about with Lewis. I did not expect to see you two chatting it up here,” Zephyr said with a smile. Seeing Leah in such glee, relieved a great deal off of Zephyr. Once he made the proper arrangements for her, he may peacefully leave Starlight. After all, he cannot stay in Starlight much longer. However, he could not simply give Leah to someone… unpleasant.

“I take it you’re Linus Starr?” Zephyr said to Linus. “Yes… yes! Master Zephyr, how… how are you!?” he replied. For some reason, Linus felt very nervous around Zephyr even though he had heard things from Bruce. Zephyr’s expression was tense as he saw right through him.

An invisible force also gathered around him, choking his breath out. “Do you like Leah?” Zephyr asked sternly, his power quickly solidified around Linus. Linus’ expression changed non-stop, it pivoted between fear and shock. It was as though Zephyr was like a dragon, he wrapped himself around Linus, ready to crush his bones.

Linus’ face was drenched with sweat, his bones were weak, he could not even conjure anything to fight back. “This b*stard’s strength… he’s so young! He might even be stronger than father!” The color drained from Linus’ face, while Leah watched on curiously, unbeknownst to why he was drenched in sweat. However, Lewis saw everything clearly. Seeing Linus’ fear in his eyes, he could not help but pity the boy. ‘Zephyr mustn't be using his full strength. Even from this, Linus is just paraylyzed. Were he to attack, he should be more than a match for agiles I presume,’ he thought. ‘I’m so close to him, yet I feel nothing. Master Zephyr’s control over his energy is almost perfect…’