Chapter 9
“Whatever happened here today stays between us. If I so much as get a whiff that word got out, she will be your fate!” The servants hastily nodded in agreement, all clearly shaken to the core.

“Woah, master, when did you get so strong? Even Lewis was afraid of you,” said Leah, who complimented Zephyr with eyes full of astonishment. “Hey dummy, I’ve already told you not to work anymore, I said I had an idea on how to make bank!” replied Zephyr who lovingly patted her head. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” purred Leah, her eyes closed, and enjoyed his touch whimsically.

“Lewis is a smart man, he won’t reveal my secret,” explained Zephyr. “According to Lincoln’s dosage, in another two months, the total amount of poison in the pill would be enough to kill me. If I’m still fine by then, he will definitely get suspicious!” Zephyr contemplated silently. The more he thought about it, the more he felt a sense of urgency and it caused him to clench his fist. Lincoln was not a weak man, he was a Strength of ninth level, and the strongest in the entire Khan clan. ‘I need to get myself to a Strength of level eight in these two months, that’s the only way I can protect myself!’ thought Zephyr. Zephyr continued to plan his next move, he knew he did not have much time left, everything he planned needed to be foolproof. His weakness was time that he did not possess. Had he enough, silencing the entire Khan clan would not even be an issue.

Leah felt much better, and whistled all the way back to the shack. However, once they reached, she immediately went to wash Zephyr’s clothes. Zephyr sat on his bed, silently reciting the Way, once again, preparing to train. Zephyr could feel his body adjust and strengthen each time he trained. The true energy that the Way gave was like a dragon, constantly swimming throughout his body, increasing his fortitude. After a while, Zephyr let out a sigh of relief, indicating his training was over. He noticed the energy he let loose was similarly shaped to a dragon, dancing ethereally around.

Two knocks on the door rang out. “Master, are you there? It’s me, Lewis.”

“Come in!” replied Zephyr sweetly. He was feeling contemptuous towards Lewis, annoyed that he even dared show his face. Lewis entered, his complexion was hard to read, yet he stared at Zephyr warily. “What is it?” Zephyr demanded, giving Lewis a once-over. Lewis clenched his jaw for a moment, and immediately dropped to his knees, and respectfully replied “Master, please forgive me for not recognizing your strength. Please forgive me for all the discrimination, insults, and inconveniences that I’ve thrown your way. Please, punish me if you will.”

Zephyr remembered that training resources for the Khan were arranged by Lewis. He remembered how the resources allocated to him were not even one-tenth of the ones the others got. What he suspected was true, Lewis had tampered with his allotted resources all along.

“Hmph. You’re right Lewis, I should punish you, severely at that! But, seeing how you’ve come to your senses in time, and rightly regretful, as well as my current social instability, perhaps we could come to an agreement. A choice for you to redeem yourself. What do you say?” puffed Zephyr.

“Please accept my humble thanks, My lord! From now on, I, Lewis, will be fully loyal to you, yours faithfully!” pleaded Lewis. Zephyr nodded wryly; he was wary of Lewis’ motives. He understood that Lewis was a fair-weather friend, for now, he may be loyal, but when the going gets tough, Lewis goes away. However, he knew this worm would not try anything now, at least.

“Great, you are a smart one. From now on, report to me whenever something big goes on, especially when it regards Lincoln. As long as you do your job, I will not treat you unfairly,” claimed Zephyr. “Understood, My lord!” replied Lewis earnestly. He then got up and bowed. Following this, he produced a silver bond and handed it to Zephyr. “Master, please accept this gift from your humble servant,” suggested Lewis. Zephyr knew that one of these were at least worth 10,000 silver coins, Lewis was willing, he could see that. “Nice!’ Zephyr quickly pocketed the bond of silver. He needed various medicines for his training, especially now to expedite things. He would not pass on such an opportunity.

“If I may, My lord, I will take my leave now.” Lewis bowed before leaving. “This money sure is convenient!” exclaimed Zephyr, smiling cunningly at the silver bond.