The World of Tao Realm

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The World of Tao Realm

By: Ye Xingyue1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The mysterious youth who came out of the mysterious village had no Dao Heart, no Dao Spirit, no Dao Body, but he insisted on seeking Tao and entering the Dao Seeking Sect. In the end, he had walked on a different cultivation path.


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241 chapters
Chapter 1 Going Back for a Bath
In Jiang Village, a small village that was hidden among the luxuriant mountains and only had a hundred people.At this moment, the full moon hung high in the sky, and everything was silent. It was as if the world had fallen into a deep sleep. However, in the Jiang Village, there were a dozen children of varying ages sitting cross-legged. Their breathing was long and drawn out. Faintly, one could see dense or faint mist surrounding their bodies.In front of this group of children, there was a tall and sturdy man dressed in animal skin. He said in a deep voice, “For us, moonlight is an extremely precious cultivation item, especially today, when it is the fifteenth day of the month and when the moonlight is at its most flourishing, so don’t waste any time. Try your best to absorb as much moonlight as you can, open your meridians, and increase your strength.”The man’s words did not receive any response, because all the children were concentrating on absorbing the moonlight.However, a
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Chapter 2 Inborn
At this moment, the little hut was like a land of immortals. Steam curled up around it and its fragrance assailed the nostrils. This was because there was a large wooden barrel placed in the middle of the fire, and one could vaguely see a pile of animal bones floating inside.This was no ordinary bath, but a medicinal bath.Next to the wooden barrel stood an old man with white hair. His back was slightly hunchbacked, and his eyes were narrowed. He was holding a wooden stick, constantly stirring the steaming water in the barrel.Seeing the silhouette of the old man, Jiang Yun felt warmth in his heart. This was his grandfather, Jiang Wanli. It was all thanks to his grandfather that he was able to live till today.“Grandpa!” Jiang Yun called out to Jiang Wanli, then took off his animal hide and walked toward the barrel.Without the obstruction of the animal hide, one could clearly see that Jiang Yun's sturdy body was shockingly covered with hundreds of scars, causing him to look sini
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Chapter 3 Accept the Challenge
Feng Ling’s arrogant words caused Jiang Wanli to furrow his brows. Clearly, he didn’t understand why the opponent was no longer afraid of Liu Tianren.Before Jiang Wanli could speak, Jiang Mu who was standing next to him spoke first. “Uncle Jiang, why waste your breath on them? Let me see how they prepare to massacre our Jiang Village!”“That’s right. Old Village Chief, could it be that we’re afraid?!”“That child Yun Wazi is from our village. If anyone dares to touch him, they must first pass through me!”Jiang Mu’s words instantly attracted the agreement of the surrounding Jiang Villagers. Every single one of them rubbed their fists together, gnashed their teeth, and prepared to fight against the Wind Village.When fighting was mentioned, there was no unfamiliarity for those who lived in the Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains, because if they wanted to survive here, they had to fight with all kinds of fierce beasts all year round.This point could be easily seen from the scars all
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Chapter 4 Fighting Cultivators Through Mortal means
As matters stood, no matter how anxious the people of the Jiang Village were, they could not stop their competition. After all, the rules of Mang Mountain could not be broken.However, when they saw that Jiang Wanli remained silent from start to finish, till now, his expression did not change in the slightest, all of their hearts calmed down a little.As a mortal, the people of the Jiang Village did not know exactly how powerful Jiang Yun was.After all, most of the time Jiang Yun was busy identifying medicinal materials and refining medicinal pills in the village, and he’d never fought anyone. On the other hand, his playmates wouldn’t take the initiative to spar with him for the sake of avoiding harming Jiang Yun’s dignity.Thus, in terms of understanding Jiang Yun the most, it would be none other than Jiang Wanli.Since Jiang Wanli was so calm, it meant that he had confidence in Jiang Yun.However, they were still unable to believe it. No matter how powerful Jiang Yun might be,
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Chapter 5 Unstoppable Until One Fights to the Death
“You’ve lost again!”Amidst the deathly silence, Jiang Yun’s voice sounded again.The four words were as light as a feather, but they crashed heavily into everyone’s hearts like four thunderclaps. The word “again” in particular was an undisguised humiliation to Feng Wuji.“Good job, Yun Wazi!”“Kill him, kill him!”The people of Jiang Village, who had come to their senses, suddenly boiled with excitement. They cheered and shouted, even hoping that Jiang Yun would kill Feng Wuji.One sneak attack, one denying loss. Everyone could tell that Feng Wuji was extremely sinister. If they let him go, there would be no end of trouble in the future. Furthermore, he had broken the rules of Mang Mountain. Even if they killed him, the villagers wouldn’t have anything to say.“Jiang Yun, how dare you!”Feng Ling, on the other hand, became anxious. With a great roar, he brought all of the Wind Villagers with him and rushed over. Meanwhile, after muttering to himself for a bit, Jiang Yun withdr
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Chapter 6 This is a Treasure
""Yes!""Jiang Yun practically blurted out those words. Furthermore, he had already extended his hand to grab the stack of talismans.However, when his fingers were about to touch the talisman paper, they suddenly stopped in midair, not moving at all.Regardless of whether it was the words spoken by his grandfather or the stack of talismans before him, they both brought forth an enormous wave in Jiang Yun’s heart.It was his innate dream to cultivate and become a cultivator like everyone else. Now that the way to realize his dream was right in front of him, of course he wanted it.However, right after that, he recalled that if he wanted to train, then it meant that he would have to leave the Thousand Mang Mountain, leave the Jiang Village and leave his relatives.Moreover, cultivation wasn’t something that could be accomplished overnight. It required a long period of time and no one knew when one would be able to return.He was reluctant to part with every blade of grass and tree
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Chapter 7 Clear Dream
Jiang Yun stood outside the room and hesitated for a long time. In the end, he didn’t enter the room, and he just stood at the door and said in a light voice, “Grandpa, I’m leaving!”In order to avoid the sorrow of parting, Jiang Yun decided not to alarm anyone in the Jiang Village and secretly leave. However, he did not know that when he left today, his grandfather had secretly followed him until he returned safely.At this moment, Jiang Wanli had naturally heard Jiang Yun, and he was hesitating about whether he should show himself and warn Jiang Yun about something. However, in the end, he didn’t make a move.“Bang bang bang!”Jiang Yun knelt on the ground, respectfully kowtowing three times towards the small room, “Grandfather, don’t worry, I will definitely return in five years at the latest!”Standing up straight, Jiang Yun used his reluctant gaze to slowly sweep across every corner of the village. Finally, he clenched his teeth and turned around. Step by step, he walked towa
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Chapter 8 The Five Peaks of Dao Seeking
Although the Tao Seeking Sect was only a nameless sect in Jiang Mu's mouth, it was well known in the Nanshan Province and was a place of cultivation that countless mortals yearned for.Almost everyone in this world advocated cultivation, the various resources needed for cultivation were extremely precious. Generally speaking, only some wealthy families and sects could possess them.Therefore, the best way to pursue a higher cultivation and realm was to join a sect or a powerful family.However, powerful families were much inferior to sects. After all, powerful families were just one family, while sects extracted the strengths of a hundred clans.Besides, rich and powerful families were generally dominated by the disciples of the same family. Even if outsiders entered, even geniuses would find it difficult to guarantee that they could obtain resources. Therefore, sects had become the first choice for most people who wanted to cultivate, even for the disciples of rich and powerful fa
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Chapter 9 Three Trials of the Hall
Through the crack of the mountain gate, One could clearly see that there was a ray of light rising from the five peaks inside. It came from a distance and instantly came to the top of the mountain gate. It was five people flying directly in the air and appearing in front of everyone.The crowd instantly seethed with excitement as they gazed at the five figures that stood high above in the sky.""Only those in Blessed Land can use the art of flight. Oh my god, could it be that all these five people are in Blessed Land? The Tao Seeking Sect really has a profound foundation!""“Blessed Land, a realm that no one would even dare dream of reaching. You should know, there is only one cultivator at Blessed Land among the hundreds of thousands of people within Martial Yang City.”Jiang Yun was similarly shocked. Even though he wasn’t a cultivator, he still knew this bit of common sense.The first three realms of cultivation were Meridian Opening, Blessed Land and Sky Grotto. He wasn’t sure i
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Chapter 10 Three Treasures of Dao
The only woman among the five from the Tao Seeking Sect walked out slowly. Her blue clothes fluttered, and she had a gentle and beautiful appearance. She held a jade flute in her hand and looked like a fairy. She smiled at everyone and said, ""Three Dao treasures, the heart, the body, and the spirit!""“The first stage tests your Dao Heart. Only by possessing a Dao Heart can you step onto the path of cultivation. I’ll play a song later, and all of you don’t have to do anything but listen attentively. So long as you’re able to persist for more than 15 breaths of time, then you’ll be considered to have passed.”""If you can't hold on, then don't force yourself. Sit down cross-legged immediately and you can be free from the range of my flute music. Of course, if you have the ability, try your best to hold on. The longer you hold on, the firmer your dao heart will be.""Xiang Xuan’s attitude was obviously much better than Xiao Yishu. At the very least, she was able to explain the situation
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