The Xbreed's Curse: Silverians & Blackerians

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The Xbreed's Curse: Silverians & Blackerians

By: arrinknight OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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After being at the very end of the Goldinian Solar System for so long and being bullied by other immortals, Planet Silverian suddenly gained a new energy, the extremely powerful dark energy. Flerix then used this opportunity to take control of the Metal Galaxy. However, the birth of Keira, a Crossbreed with antimatter energy, hindered his ambitions. Secrets about the universe and herself were revealed one by one after she tried to find out who was the culprit who had messed up her life. A Blackerian she met once, led her to the untold truth about space and time. Could Keira accept she was a Crossbreed and cursed by the universe?


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1 Metal Galaxy
The Metal Galaxy is a distant neighbour of the Milky Way Galaxy. It has one primary solar system, the Goldinian Solar System, with a Main Star called Goldinian and five planets surrounding it:The Planet Palladina, which is closest to its Main Star, can use cosmic weapons of light energy and is the only planet with the status of a guardian of the galaxy.They can wield cosmic weapons of light energy, and even because the female residents of the planet were not very proficient in using cosmic weapons, they had the unique ability to perform Healing Renovatio for all the people living in the Metal Galaxy, except for themselves and mortals.None of the residents of the other planets has this ability. However, the Palladinas do not possess cosmic powers like the residents of the other planets.In second place is Planet Halida, which can harness cosmic power from the energy of all the tiny stars in the Metal Galaxy. They are allies of Planet Palladina because of this ability.They also ofte
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2 Planet Silverian
"I don't understand why you gave this black pill to me, Miss. I'm not going to take it. I don't even recognise you," the young man replied.The woman sighed briefly and continued, "You don't need to know my name or origin, Flerix, because I've lived longer than you and seen all those atrocities with my two eyes. Before civilisation within the Metal Galaxy began, all planetary leaders chose a different cosmic energy out of fairness to one another. Unfortunately, the leaders that came afterwards did something unfair to you. Now, with this dark energy, you will take revenge on all those people, especially Planet Palladina."At the mention of Planet Palladina, Flerix immediately glared at the black pill as if getting an answer to the question he had just been thinking about. However, he shook his head again, much to the woman’s annoyance."What's wrong, child? Why are you hesitating so much? This black pill won't make you old. After all, our physical growth will stop at thirty, and we can
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3 Suspicious Dark Energy
Flerix was hatching plans for his ambition inside his home. But in the end, he felt overwhelmed because it was impossible to carry out such a grand plan alone."I have to spread this dark energy to other Silverians. I can make them my soldiers. To fight Planet Palladina, I can't do this all by myself. Someone has to be a scapegoat for me. I have to do this quickly before anyone from the other planets discovers that Planet Silverian has a new energy. They will destroy this planet one more time!” he cried with a face that looked full of anger.The following day, Flerix was seen leaving his house and running towards the field where he had practised alone the day before yesterday. On the way there, he saw a man sitting in front of a shabby-looking house with a sad face.The man was wearing a sleeveless shirt and long black pants, yet, he looked neat. Flerix then approached the man curiously. Although that man was strange, he did not suspect him.He knelt before the man and asked, "What's
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4 Become King In A Quick
"This is dark energy. The only energy left for this planet! I will share it with you. Be my soldiers. I will teach you how to avenge our long-held revenge on the planets that have bullied us! Let's make the most of this dark energy for the future of all of us!" exclaimed Flerix excitedly.Then, the same man at the back shouted, “Long live the new king of Planet Silverian! Please teach us, Your Majesty!"And the shout was then followed by another Silverians, "Please teach us how Your Majesty!"And all the Silverians cried out afterwards, "Teach us, Your Majesty!!"Amazingly, no one denied or even suspected the man in the back row, who was Dovrix and had been lured by a position by Flerix as his right-hand man.At that instant, everyone approved of Flerix as the first king of the Silverian Planet by cheering applause and nodding their heads, praising him.After finishing his speech for the city, Flerix started travelling to other cities and did the same speech. No one protested against
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5 King Flerix's Actions
A few hours later, Flerix walked into the palace’s front yard and raised his hands again.The black mist suddenly burst behind his palm and swirled in front of him. At first, they were small, but over time, the size of the black mist became so large that Dovrix was surprised to see it.A spaceship of enormous size, whose entire body and contents were made entirely of dark energy, then appeared in front of the two of them."Your Majesty! This…” Dovrix said. However, Flerix cut him off, “Our spaceship, no need to use that old interplanetary train. This is Silvir. I've been planning this since yesterday.""Your Majesty! Is it the right time?” asked Dovrix again.Flerix nodded, then replied, “Nor do the other planets know about this plan because everything has been carefully and quickly prepared. We're going into action now. It would be best if you immediately commanded those soldiers to stand guard around this planet's atmosphere. All non-natives of Planet Silverian are prohibited from e
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6 A Cunning Plan
These refugees also talked about the brutality that Flerix had committed to their former planets. Of course, this news finally reached the king and queen consort's ears of Planet Palladina.They were furious, and even the king of Planet Palladina, Arnea, became angry with his troops, especially with a senior general who led all the troops of Planet Palladina, Senior General Xyon.Xyon, a tall and slightly muscular man with dark purple hair and grey eyes, wearing a grey-white shirt and grey trousers, was the same age as Arnea, ninety years old.On the other hand, Arnea had dark blue hair with dark blue eyeballs, wore a white dress with a similarly coloured cape, and black trousers.He ruled the planet with his wife, Her Majesty the Queen Consort Klara. The queen consort had white hair and eyeballs and wore a long sleeveless dress of the same colour. She was also ninety years old. They had been on the throne for about sixty-six years on Planet Palladina.Arnea immediately summoned Xyon
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7 Unbalanced Combat
After receiving news that Arnea was looking for him, he ordered his pilots to fly Silvir to tour around Planet Osmia.Indeed, Flerix did not order his pilots to go directly to Planet Palladina because he wanted to take Arnea far away from his planet.He had prepared a well-thought plan for a long time and was very cunning. After his spaceship, Silvir stopped some distance away from Planet Osmia. He patiently waited for Arnea's arrival and believed Arnea must have known where he was now.After patiently waiting, the long-awaited finally arrived. From a distance, the interplanetary train belonging to Palladina’s kingdom was flying towards Silvir. It did not take long before Silvir and Arnea's interplanetary train faced each other.Arnea immediately got out of his interplanetary train and floated in the vacuum of space. He then sped off for a while and stopped in front of Silvir while staring at that spaceship with a serious face."King Flerix of Silverian. I order you to stop all despic
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8 Injured Senior General
The atmosphere became very tense. Of course, Klara had just realised that her goal of joining this battle as a healer was already too late.Flerix then put his face next to Arnea's ear and whispered again, "You thought you were the only guardian of this galaxy. But you are so weak and unfit even to be the guardian of your own life. Only I, Flerix, the Silverian, deserve to be this galaxy’s sole ruler and guardian because our dark energy always exceeds the power of your light energy. Now, go in peace, Your Majesty."Arnea could only glare sharply at Flerix. Then, quickly, Flerix drew his sword that had been stuck through his enemy's chest for a long time."You're not a Crossbreed...!" said Arnea quietly before death picked him up.Suddenly, Arnea's body turned into a speck of dust which disappeared into the vacuum as soon as Flerix's black cosmic sword was pulled out from his stab wound.Time seemed to have stopped, and everyone who witnessed that incident could only be silent.Xyon im
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9 Death Whisper
He quickly shot up toward Xyon and caught the senior general's body. Blood started flowing from the stab wound on his left abdomen."Hey, Xyon! Xyon! Hang on!" cried Arex.He then hugged Xyon, then sped along with the senior general toward their interplanetary train, which was still standing some distance from where they had been.Arex immediately asked a female maid to give Healing Renovatio to Xyon, and without further ado, the maid agreed.He immediately placed Xyon's body at the train’s entrance, and the female maid raised her hands in front of Xyon, and the Healing Renovatio process began."Faster!" Arex said to the maid who was trying to heal Xyon.Arex then turned to the queen consort, who was still in the distance and saw Flerix, now faced with Klara, surrounded by the bodies of Palladina's soldiers and the weak and wounded Silverian troops surrounding the two of them.Flerix smiled slyly after seeing the injured Xyon and Arex helping him. He did not stop his attack on Klara a
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10 Late Regret
Of course, eliminating himself or teleportation is a cosmic power called Televortare, an action requiring much energy, so Flerix rarely used it. He did it out of necessity, so Xyon wouldn't go after him and kill him."Damn!!! Where's that guy?!!" Xyon shouted as he paid attention to his surroundings.All the soldiers, servants, and even Nordian, Weim, Sey, and Arex searched for Flerix and Silvir's whereabouts, but they saw nothing."What kind of power does he have? Does Planet Silverian still have any more energy since the last incident?" Weim muttered with an irritated face.Xyon was furious when he saw his opponent disappear suddenly like that. He immediately ordered all the soldiers, guards, and servants who had taken part in the battle earlier, to return to the palace of Planet Palladina, full of anger."I'll deal with them later!" Xyon muttered in his heart.Meanwhile, inside Silvir, Flerix could now sigh of relief because he escaped from Xyon's presence, thanks to the cosmic pow
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