The legend of lightning beast

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The legend of lightning beast

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Standing on a top mountain that was adjacent to the kingdom below. "I have to save them from their enemy,"he whispered. He dived down the mountain with lightning streaming out of his body into the battlefield. Because he is the legendary lightning beast. A werebeast ,being the last of it's kind due to the hatred he have for human because the humans had destroyed them decided to reside in the forest of a kingdom called Persia. He has been living in the forest for many years until the kingdom"persia" send a invitation to him in order to help them in winning a life threatening war that aroused against them .After much persuading from the kingdom he help them in winning the battle .Not long after the war ends he got betrayed by the kingdom king. But as a supernatural being that has lived for thousand years.He predicted the betrayal so he made arrangements so that the lightning beast will not cease to exist. He gave his child to someone he trust to be taken care of.Before he died,he transfer his power into a orb to be absorb by the chosen one. Mirabella,a teenager who was presumed to be 16 years but she was around 300 years old. She was always bored at home because her parents were very busy and they didn't have time for her, so she didn't have true happiness despite being the richest man's daughter. She felt home when she was with her friends. She felt the greatest betrayal when she knew her father was her greatest enemy.


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Chapter 1 letter of war
The sun came out from its rising place as it Shone brightly on the kingdom of Persia.People are seen walking around the kingdom to their respective place of work while some are talking about random stuff.A white horse with a man on it rode through the kingdom to the palace.At the palace...The king and his officials; the warlords and the Commander are seen making arrangements on the welfare of the kingdom.Suddenly a guard ran into the throne room where the king and his officials are."How dare you barge into my throne room"the king said angrily from his throne."Am sorry my king,"the guard said, bowing down his head."If you don't have a good reason for barging in,I will make sure I slice off your throat with my bloodlusted sword"one of the warlords said, bringing out his sword,the guard on seeing the sword shivered fearfully."A man said he wanted to see you,he said he wanted to pass a message to you.We told him that you are in a meeting ,so he should deliver the message to us ,b
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Chapter 2 Journey to find the beast
Tryus kingdom...The messenger gave the replied letter written in a scroll to the king Xavier the king of Tryus who was in a meeting with his officials.Suddenly,the king laughed out loud . "Agon wants war ,I will make sure I make his life miserable.Before I finally kill him,I will convert his precious daughter into my whore,kill off and his officials before him and burn down the kingdom of Persia to ashes"the king said in between his evil laughter."My king,we will make sure the kingdom of persia is no more.This will serve as a lesson to other kingdoms"the war commander of the Tryus kingdom."Gather all the warriors of Tryus including the Giants we captured in our last war"king Xavier said to the warlords."We are going to the Persian kingdom in the next three days. Train all the warriors , because we are going to attack them unaware"king said...The kingdom of Persia...The king got to know that the king wanted to attack them unaware from his secret spies in the kingdom of Tryus.Wh
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Chapter 3 I don't help humans
At the Royal kingdom of Persia kingdom...The remaining warlords and the Commander are seen sitting in the front of king Agon sitting majestically on the throne . They are all worried about the situation at hand."My king ,it is almost a day that they have left the kingdom to the forest and they are yet to be back"the Commander said."We have to hope that they will come back because without the beast ,we are screwed .We need to be patient and hope for them to come back with the beast"the king said.The officials sigh in defeat knowing that there is nothing they can do...Forest of Persia...20 hours later,the warlords are still on the quest for finding the beast but prove futile."I am tired of this journey, ''one of the knights said tiredly."We move on finding the beast, make sure we got it at our side"the second warlord said as they walked further Into a large land of grass."What if......"the warlord's words were cut short as he gasped as he saw blue streaks moving fast toward the
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Chapter 4 The beast arrival
Next day at Tryus kingdom...They prepare for the war that will bring total control over all kingdoms."Bring more knights from other conquered kingdoms and station them in ambush mode,"the king said to the commander."Take!"the king said, giving his officials;the warlords and commander glowing swords."The swords have unimaginable abilities ,they are the only swords that can penetrate the armor of the Persia king and his officials,"the king explained to them."Now ,be prepared, Persia kingdom will cease to exist as from today,"the king said with an evil laugh.Persia kingdom...The king,the commander and the warlords are seen making final preparation for the war."Make sure you protect my only precious daughter even though I know that I may not come back from this war alive,"king Agon said to his trusted personal guards."We'll do as you wish,"the guards said."Father!"The king heard a sweet feminine voice behind him as he turned to go."What is it, Crystal?"he asked as the young pr
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Chapter 5 The beast vs the Giants
The blue streaks of light stop moving as a figure comes to view .The figure was recognized to be the man who the warlords went to for help in the war.Everyone;the surviving knights and the king's officials, including the king, was surprised and happy of the beast's arrival to save them from the raging giants and the kingdom of Tryus.They hailed him as the giants growl with unsatisfied expressions.The giants charged towards the beast, he screamed ,he became bigger and muscular in size as his blue hair became longer.He unleashed his long sharp pointed claws and charged towards them with intense speed.They collided causing a great blast that hit all the warriors away.The beast respawn likewise the giants.He connected a lightning punch to the face of a giant and ripped off the heart of the giant causing other giants to charge with fury and bitterness of the beast killing one of them.One of the giants picks him by the neck , with his giant hand,he punches him on his face causing his n
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Chapter 6 the Giants are all dead
"It's time to get to business,"the beast said with a blue glowing eye.The Giants run towards him as their feet make vibration and create cracks on the ground likewise the beast speeds towards them.They collided hard causing an explosion that blasted everyone away, setting everything around ablaze.Both Kingdom knights, officials and kings slowly stood up with no injury, since they are far from where the fight between the Giants and beast occurred. Except for the minor injuries sustained from the force of the blast .The dust and smoke that form from the effect of the blast slowly cleared off .The beast stood up unhurt while the Giants were with either broken limbs or dislocated legs and arms."Now, let's finish this,"the beast said. His eyes ball begins to glow deep blue likewise his hair."Munch on this"he said as he channelled large lightning from his body and aim it toward the weak giants.Painful gasps escape the lips of the Giants as the unlucky giants burn to ashes.He swiftly
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Chapter 7 Lord Wilson
He pierced the sword into the chest region of one of the warlords,he fell down dead as the sword fry up his heart."Time to end it"the beast showcasing his lightning sword.He thrust his sword into the stomach of a warlord,he ducked the sword swipe aimed at him from another even though it had no effect on him and stabbed the warlord in his stomach with the sword causing him to fall down dead immediately.He jumped out of the attacked range of the remaining two warlords and detached their heads from their neck sockets."Nooo!!!"The king screamed as he watched as his warlords were brutally killed.Blinded by rage and pains of all his warlords dying,he charged towards the beast with his sword aiming for the beast head.The unexpected happened,he broke the sword with his bare hand and cut off the two arms of the king of Tryus, making him helpless."You are too weak,I wonder how you became a king, poor defense,poor strength and poor skills .You are weak as a king"the beast said hovering ov
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Chapter 8 preparation for the emperor's coronation
Persia kingdom...It had been months since the great war ended. The king made compensation for the families of the deceased warriors. The kingdom has become peaceful as before since their threats were dead.Tryus kingdom is a great kingdom so king Agon didn't destroy it but he made the beast the Lord to oversee the kingdom. He gave his daughter to the beast as his wife.At Persia palace ...The officials;the commander and the warlords are discussing something,they stopped talking when the king walked in and sat down on his throne with pride. Then silence filled the palace."Your highness,we have to discuss this,I have discussed this with the warlords in your absence"the commander said, breaking the five minutes silence."What is so important that you want to say that makes you so worried and Disturbed?"King Agon asked curiously."The kingdom that you made the beast over is becoming more developed and greater than us,"one of the warlords spoke.""The beast is planning to become emperor
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Chapter 9 mission to find the dragon's egg
Tryus kingdom ...A week to the coronation...Lord Wilson was seen sitting on the throne as he sip from the cup of wine in his hand."Guards,"he called out.Three Royal guards rushed in, trembling as they stood before him to avoid being killed by the brutal lord."Bring the kingdom messenger to me"Lord Wilson's loud voice booms from the throne.They quickly scrambled off to bring the messenger.Not quite long,the palace door opens,the priest who is also the king maker comes in."Where are you here? Lucas the king maker"Lord Wilson asked."I came to tell you things you need to do and know before you can become an emperor"the king maker said, taking a seat."Ok, what are the things to do in order to reign?"Lord Wilson asked."You are to bring the dragon egg from the forbidden forest"the king maker answered."Is that all? What am I supposed to know before I become an emperor?"Lord Wilson asked."The only thing I can say is that;once that one is done,then the coronation will proceed, othe
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Chapter 10 Lord Wilson vs the golden dragon
The forbidden forest🌳🌳🌳10 hours later,Lord Wilson was seen finding the dragon egg,he had met many strange powerful creatures in the forest,but they ended up being killed by him as they were no match for him. He is going to the abode of the dragon to get the egg.He followed the direction a strange talking lizard gave to him.He reached the point the lizard told him,he saw a weird looking cave, without hesitation and fear,he entered into the cave .He saw the egg where the dragon laid it,he took it and put it inside his backpack and went out of the cave not knowing that he had alerted the dragon by touching the egg.He turned to go,with his super instinct,he dived away escaping a fireball but got hitted away by another fireball.He groaned and stood up to see a huge golden dragon with giant wings flying towards him speedily,he quickly leaped up escaping the poisonous tail of the dragon. He grabbed the tail of the dragon and threw it away.He sped up to the dragon, filling his sword
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