The son-in-law revenge

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The son-in-law revenge

By: Unkn0wn OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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When can love be called a mistake if all he wants is to be happy with the person he loves faithfully? Or, how can she stop her feelings for him if she found out that he's already belongs to someone else? One mistake followed by another mistake due to a wrong love. An avenger for justice and a lover who can't fight his true feelings for her, where will it all end?


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4 chapters
Chapter one : Anton's Pov
“Didn't I tell you before that you should never do anything stupid in your school? What about this, I heard from Mr. Cruz that you got into a fight with your classmates again? You still don't learn from what I preached to you, huh?” My father said to me angrily and horrified as he hit me with his long and thick belt from behind my legs.I was only seventeen years old then when my father tortured me from four in the afternoon until sunset. I was almost lying on the floor at that moment when I couldn't stand or even get up because of the scars and bruises that I got on different parts of my body.“I wouldn't have adopted you if I only knew you were trouble in my life.” That was the last thing he said to me before he walked out the door and left. After that, his secretary, Mr. Cruz, opened the door and walk closer to me not to help me but to watch me with a dark smile on his lips.“Next time, don't take my every word for granted, so it doesn't happen to you, do you understand?” He said,
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Chapter two : The first meet
Not only once did he bring another woman inside our house but many times and almost all of those who become my private tutors become his secret lover, but all of that my mother did not know. Over time, a lot has happened in that mansion, a lot has changed, and I've been keeping plenty of secrets related to my father. I lived in that family as a quiet student and perfect child, as they expected me to be. I've gotten used to the dark place where I don't feel lonely anymore when I'm alone. Furthermore, I've gotten used to what's happening around me, and I've learned to accept my fate. Many years ago, I almost forgot about my past and who I really am or where I came from. I considered them as my real parents where I got used to interacting with different people who are big names in the industry and business. I was known as quiet, cold-hearted, intelligent, talented and good in the field of sports.“At the age of seventeen, who would have thought that your son Anton was a perfect man? Perh
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Chapter three : Hated
When I got home, I went straight to my room and locked myself in. I sat in the dark corner as I hugged my legs and rested my forehead on my arms. After a while, I heard a loud opening of the door and my father's angry voice.“Where's Anton? Anton!” he shouted loudly as he looked for me everywhere until I just heard his loud knocking outside the door. “Anton! Open this door of yours right now!” he added as he kept knocking and kicking the door, and I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was outraged with what I did at the party earlier. However, I did not listen to him nor did I open the door for him, instead I remained sitting where I was while I stared at the door. After a few moments, the whole surroundings suddenly became silent, where the noise I heard from outside suddenly disappeared. I swallowed deeply because I was suddenly unnerved by the eerie silence, as I was still staring at the door. After a while, I suddenly heard the opening of the door knob where my eyes widene
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Chapter four : Marriage
“You are now husband and wife.” After the priest said that, Brigitte and I faced each other as she smiled and looked at me while putting her hand on my left arm. We walked together in the center out of the church while we were cheered by the people around us and where they all had happy smiles on their lips, including those people who made this plan. When we left the church, our parents stopped in front of the two of us, where his mother hugged her while Dad fixed my black tie.“Make her the happiest girl in this world, son.” Dad whispered to me and his face showed that he couldn't hide the joy he felt after witnessing one of the achievements in his life and that is marrying me to this woman who is the daughter of one of the richest businessmen and has the most connection in this industry. Although I didn't understand what he meant to me, I just nodded my head and tried to draw a short smile on my lips at the same time he patted me on my shoulder.“My son, that's what I'll call you fr
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