The werewolf apocalypse

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The werewolf apocalypse

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The story follows the werewolf Cahal, a member of the familial Fianna tribe of Irish werewolves, and works alongside his pack with the eco-terrorist group, Lambda Mankind, fighting against an oil subsidiary called Endron, whose president, Richard Wadkins, willingly serves the Wyrm to disrupt the balance of Gaia. In one of their missions, Cahal, along with his packmates, Cahal's brother-in-law Rodko, Ava and his wife Ludmilla, infiltrate an Endron facility.


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¶ Introduction ¶.
The werewolf Apocalypse 1.¶ Introduction ¶.The werewolf Apocalypse takes place in the American Northwest, and is set in the World of Darkness, where supernatural beings, such as vampires and werewolves, secretly struggle for power. The world is ruled by three entities: the Wyld, a chaotic, creative force that creates life and oversees nature; the Weaver, which is tasked to give form to the Wyld's creativity, organizing Earth; and the Wyrm, which originally existed as a balancing force between the Wyld and the Weaver, originally a force of breakdown and renewal, but which has become like a black hole trying to destroy everything due to how powerful the Weaver has gotten, and which corrupts humans easily.Act one scene one. American northwest.It was another dark day like no other, heavy machinary sounds could be heard coming from a work site with workers walking to and fro holding heavy equipment. At the other side across the site, a figure could be seen donned on a casual wear with
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¶ The were serial killer ¶.
The werewolf Apocalypse 2.¶ The were serial killer ¶.Act one scene one.¶ Cahal is having a conversation with a young female Beta who's questions frightened Cahal and he is now trying to avoid her from asking him more questions ¶.Previous scene." Well, well, I am really going to give you a five star after this review ", Cahal spoke with his head tilted up and with his eyes widely opened.She let out a loud laugh hearing his reply, " well thanks alot for that review ", she replied him and she went as far as asking him about his failed mission, " what were you doing at Endron, you do know that supernaturals like yourself are just going to get killed ", in a soft tone with Cahal firmly looking away from her with a frown on his face.Present scene.He clenched his fist as her words angered the beast in him, " I can not answer that question, why don't you go ask the alphas of the hills and am sure they will have a perfect explanation for you ", he replied as he was aggressively heading
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¶ The vampire bar tender ¶.
The werewolf Apocalypse 3.¶ The vampire bar tender ¶.Act one scene one.Previous scene.Mean while, [ at an unknown place ].Staggering footsteps could be heard approaching a near by house up town. “clinking” sounds could be heard coming from the door as Cahal walks in to the house that turns out to be a bar.As he takes a seat on the bar table some group of men stared at him as he looks rough but merely injured." How do I serve you sir ", he said but as soon as he was able to identify his face he said out loud to himself in a very frightened tone, " Cahal, what are you doing here ", he spoke staring at him drawing the attention of the entire bar to Cahal.Cahal rose up from his seat and hugs him with his eyes closed saying, " you don't know how long I have been praying to see you ", in a soft tone.As the customers saw it was a long time reunion they went back to their seats with the bar tender taking Cahal in to a room in the bar.He locks the door behind him, " what happened to
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¶ The serial killer return ¶.
The werewolf Apocalypse 4.¶ The serial killer return ¶.Act one scene two.Previous scene.He slowly walks up to the man who pulled the trigger and redirect the bullet for him staring into his evil eyeballs." this is how your story end bro ", he said walking into a cloud of smokes and then snaps his fingers.“ swish ”, his bullet trusting in to his own heart with him slowly falling down on his feet and with his eyes slowly closing to death.It was on his dying bed he realized that Cahal was not there." Cahal you bastard, where are you ", he spoke to himself as he slowly closed his eyes to death.¶ Cahal was saved by an unknown person after he was almost wasted by Endron men. But now an unknown battle a wait for the alpha whose own life is almost at the edge of destruction ¶.At Endron's facility.Footsteps could heard storming to and fro. It was Richard Wadkins, he was looking stressed out with a very serious look on his face as his hands were colliding into one another as he stare
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¶ Visiting an old fella ¶
Chapter 5.¶ Visiting an old fella ¶It was days after Cahal was visited by his serial killer who wanted to take his head as a trophy. He know journeys back home to visit an old friend of his but what he would uncover will be the ending of him.Thunder clapping, it's streaks dashed across the sky with the moon light shining down upon the face of the city.At Endron city.[ Screaming and crying voices ].The city was like a waste land with broken doors and damaged homes, people could be heard shuddering in fear as a figured man finds his way into the city.Gas could be seen leaking from a bursted pipes with the atmosphere of the city totally polluted by toxin's around the environment.[ Clinking sounds coming from a door ]“ move it ”, in a yelling voice with some group of people lifting heavy machineries into a building from a truck.“ hurry before they get here ”, he points at a direction for his men to follow.Suddenly a loud thud occured striking fear into his heart, “ what was tha
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¶ Mission impossible I ¶.
Chapter 6.¶ Mission impossible I ¶.Vroom, a military hummer drove underneath a bridge with heavily armed personel.“ step on it ”, he yelled with his veins been pronounced.He responds by accelerating the hummer. Vroom, it sends dusts hovering above the earth grounds.Me while, myself and my crew where busy hacking through their systems while I was till thinking when suddenly, I heard the hummer's wheels making a drifting stop.“hughh”, I exclaimed trying to warn the others but Ludmilla was not going home empty handed.“ just hold them off ”, he said as his fingers fasten through the system.Within a blink of an eye, an open fire event took place leaving me and half of my crew apart from each other so I whispered to their hearing.“ by the count of three, you all should run as fast as you legs can carry you ”, I said as I exposed my self.“ swish ”, “ no ”Rodko cried out to my hearing.I touched my abdomen and discovered that I was bleeding from my lower abdomen.“ huff ”, I dropped
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¶ A man once known as Cahal ¶.
¶ A man once known as Cahal ¶.it was another stormy night like no other, I was just busy take a stroll as I heard crying voices of young kids emerging from a near by corner.I sniffed and continued my journey.I was donned on a black leather jack with my face hidden underneath my shame, I glance at the surface of my failure and was too weak to accept my mistakes.I began to alter thoughts of negative intentions to myself but I was in no position to judge because I was also was a day like no other, the day I killed my corrupt alpha and also had to run in shame.“ pra.. ”.the lightning streaks blur above the sky giving a sign that it will rain.I walked down the street into an alley only to be attacked by some young beta.they lattered my face several times with their fists and I landed face first to the ground.“ huff, let's just let him be, he has nothing on him to offer ”, one of them sounded this statement out to my hearing.I clenched my fists with the earth dust in my
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¶ A visit to Washington ¶
¶ A visit to Washington ¶“ then someone has to pay for this damage ”, Elsa said with a serious look on her face.I scoff and reach to my back pocket, “ here you go ”, I gave Elsa my pay check from she was about taking the money, Jesse intruded.“ I don't think we need this money from you, this isn't right ”, she said while I looked relief.but on the other hand, Elsa was very angry and tried to keep her cool but she kept losing it, I also noticed it but I tried paying but Jesse refused to take the thousand dollar from me.“ well, I'll be off for work ”, I said but Jesse stopped me before I even had the chance to leave.“ you have to be careful now and days, what ever happened to you wasn't just a minor issue, you see, y-you were poisoned by a very dangerous substance ”, as soon as I heard, my mind skipped.“ wolfbane ”.“ is that what it's called ”.“ yes, it's a dangerous substance that kills any alpha not minding the gene of the species ”, I replied her.“ well we have
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Outline.The werewolf ApocalypseThe story follows the werewolf Cahal, a member of the familial Fianna tribe of Irish werewolves, and works alongside his pack with the eco-terrorist group, Lambda Mankind, fighting against an oil subsidiary called Endron, whose president, Richard Wadkins, willingly serves the Wyrm to disrupt the balance of Gaia. In one of their missions, Cahal, along with his packmates, Cahal's brother-in-law Rodko, Ava and his wife Ludmilla, infiltrate an Endron facility. Their plan tampers with the data of their oil extraction and forces them to pull out of the region. During the raid, Ludmilla is killed by a werewolf in Wadkins' security, and Cahal soon accidentally kills another packmate, Rafiq, and blinds Rodko. In shame for what he has done, Cahal leaves the pack.Five years later, Cahal works freelance. After a raid on an energy corp in Washington State, Cahal returns to his homeland in Tarker's Mill, along with his partner, Dusk. Cahal intends to atone for what
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