This Villain is Made

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This Villain is Made

By: Jan Villegas OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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It began when the meteoroid fell on Earth and made the nearby humans into zombified humanoids and provided stages for heroes to rise. Takanashi Sei was bullied during his academy life and found himself trap and dying in the heart of the enemy’s territory. But the stone appeared to him and completely mutated and altered his genes. But is that all there is about the stone? What will happen now that he becomes the enemy that he once protected?


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9 chapters
The Chaos
If someone asks you, what is a hero? People naturally think of superpowers and fantasy. Are you one of those people that believe that hero has a strong sense of justice? Hero is righteous, not biased. Hero is unparalleled in power. A hero is someone who acts upon a sense of goodness. A hero should not seek fame for the sake of it. Me too, I always believed it. But what if the heroes you encounter every day think of themselves as justice. Instead of being righteous, they become self-righteous and use their power to earn fame. My younger and innocent self then has no sense of reality. I thought heroes should protect the weak. But why they are abusing those people who don’t have the power to fight back? I wish I wasn’t born in this era. I wish I wasn’t born in this world. I wish can go back in time and stop the meteor that will cause chaos to earth and stop the rising of heroes. Yes, it started when the meteoroids fell on earth in the year 2222. How funn
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All-Out Attack
A few weeks have passed after the ceremony. I woke up when I heard a knock on the door. Argh! What is this? My head hurts so bad and the sound of knocking makes it even worse. I staggered while heading to the door. I look at the peephole on my door to see who's on the outside. The pain throbbing in my head seems to fade away when I see a high-rank officer in the Military waiting outside. I quickly fix my hair and straighten my back before opening the door. I salute the officer outside once the door opens. "At ease, we are not on the headquarters so there's no need for that." Officer "Yes, ma'am." I shortly replied. The officer wanted to say something but decided not to. I lead her to my living room and respectfully ask her to sit anywhere. I also offered some refreshments. "Don't bother. I am here to give you the final notice sent by the headquarters. The government needs all the elite soldiers w
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Our vigor on the first attack is nowhere to be seen. It only takes 1 hour and 15 minutes before the humanoids made us retreat. Our platoon regrouped and started to run. Those officers who have still grenades and magazines were the first to retreat and find a high location to cover us. I still have one grenade in my hidden pocket. I am trying to save it for a special situation and I didn't know that the situation is now ticking. The humanoids still chasing us. We are still far away from the base we set up with a sonic weapon. I look behind my back and saw the number of humanoids chasing us doubled. Then my hair on my neck stand up when the superior humanoids that were surrounded like protecting the president reach their hands upward and a beam of light started erecting and a circular barrier was slowly created. All the elite soldiers and heroes gulped and run faster as there was no tomorrow. We saw the base ahead not far away wh
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God of Underworld
I do not know how many hours I was passed out, but one thing is for sure. I am still alive and still on the same spot, a highway. I still wore the tattered military uniform; my vest is messed up and my jaw still hurts but not the same as when the humanoids ganked me up. I raised the left hook and loop cuffs of my uniform to glance at my metal wristwatch. Luckily it is still functioning. This kind of wristwatch is exclusive to the military only due to it can withstand any shock from the fight unless it is directly and heavily hit. I look around and I just realized the devastating results of the fight last night. A lot of damaged nearby buildings can be seen, cars and other vehicles are littered everywhere, some are in the upside-down position and some are still burning. The ground is severely damaged, it is just like some asteroids fell to this location. I muster my strength and try to stand and find shelter for the time being.
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I slowly open my eyes and saw that it was already night, then I remember all that happened earlier, the humanoid girl, the stone, the pain, and the black aura. What the fuck. Am I going to feel pain and passed out all my life? I look around and am still on the highway, the only illumination that gives me is the full moon. I shifted my gaze to the sky and found that I was still in the barrier. Hmm. If you're inside, the barrier is transparent while from the outside perspective, it is heavily tinted like a car. Right! I think something is going to happen again, déjà vu. "So you're awake again." A soft and alluring voice muttered See? I still remember the conversation we have earlier today and was feel ashamed that I always passed out. I scratched the back of my head and reply "I'm sorry, it's not a habit but I always passed out these past few days." Sei Liar. For three years, I always passed out after the beating.
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Dark Energy
We are currently located beside the park and the streetlights we're off and only the moon gives us light. "I told you, you are a humanoid now, same with us. Do you still feel any hatred toward us?" It's a short reply but the overwhelming emotions I'm feeling right now confused me. Why? Why am I not feeling any hate toward her even though she's a humanoid? I ask again myself the question I asked earlier; Is it because she saved me? Part of me agreed with it but what made me relieved and confuses me is how I can't hate humanoids now? Honestly, what I felt right now for them is respect. Even within a short period of 9 years, they rebuild everything and form a system that can guarantee their safety. The anger I felt is gone and there is this feeling that wants me to devour certain humans and made them suffer in unimaginable ways. I calmed myself before I lose control of my emotion which can bring misconception to Yuki. "No.
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Nakatsugawa City
(Inside the control room) "Something is not right. Why do I sense dark energy instead of blue energy? No that's not right. The blue energy is there but the dark energy is more intense." Sara "So you noticed it too. The more hatred he felt, the darker energy his body released. This is the first time I sense that kind of energy." Eiji "I guess it's about the certain human he was talking about. Sei surely struggles and suffers a lot because his blue energy is getting devoured by his dark energy. But still, how come he has that dark energy? Is it because the stone was inside his body?" Yuki "That can be ruled out, but we don't have enough evidence. Fortunately, even if it's related to stone, that dark energy doesn't affect us. I think we are completely cut off from the stone." Sara "Yes, but it's still better to observe for now." Eiji "That guy is really mysterious. What kind of results we can find after the observation?" Sara "Indeed. So it's good that we decided to not get famili
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Takanashi Sei and the Supreme Potion
The officer who just talked with Brigadier General Alex Moore is the current Deputy Prime Minister of Japan and a powerful hero too. My name is Fujiki Aiko (Last name & First name) After voicing her opinion to the general, I quickly walk toward my office and contemplates things more about how I came to this current position. On the eve of the first battle and before the chaos started, the Deputy Prime Minister at that time resigned and was about to announce but the Chaos forbid it. Since the Deputy Prime Minister was officially resigned and does not hold any more power. But not to alert the citizen more, the Japanese Government hide it for the time being until everything was settled. I was voted temporarily by the officials to act as the Deputy Prime Minister This secret was supposed to continue for three years only until I graduated from the academy and was called a hero. But the Prime Minister decided that I must be undercover and scout one promising hero that can lead Japan.
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Deputy Prime Minister
Ah! That's right. In this world full of greed and self-righteous human, power only added more spark for them to be the way they are. I saw Jin was sent a few meters away and I easily calculated that he cannot make it. I was frozen in my location. I want to help him besides I am a hero too. It would jeopardize my undercover but I don't care about that. But even with my help, it's too late now. We cannot make it no matter how agile I am. If I don't have a family behind and if I didn't hear the words that the Prime Minister gave to me before I left. I would run right now towards him and save him without thinking back. But my parents and siblings are waiting for me and the words of the Prime Minister heavily weigh on my decision-making. "No matter what, you must come back alive. You will be succeeding me. My time is running out. No medicines and therapy can save me now." "Keep him safe, have your platoon save him during the fight. But if the circumstances can't keep you safely bring
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