Twist of Souls

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Twist of Souls

By: Cēē jāy OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Strange things happens. And it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. TWIST OF SOULS is a tale about the young master Liam Browne, who is in an unavoidable battle with his step brother, Ryan Browne on who gets to take the inheritance. And it also tells the tale of a young lady Lara Hamilton who lives with her best friend in the lower-class part of New York. In all the squabbles, something strange happens, Lara soul has just been shifted into the body of the millionaire, Young Master Liam. And Liam soul was shifted into Lara’s body. Lara is now caught up in the webs of the battle of power. Would the duo figure out a way to get back in their respective bodies? Would the Twist of Souls cause a spark between the two? Find out as you Read through this wonderful story.


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Chapter 1
The office was quiet with only the sound of the paper flipping open, tore through the silence.“What’s your name?” The interviewer asked without throwing a glance at her.“Lara” she stuttered; “ Lara Hamilton” she corrected herself, although she knew that he must have seen her name on her CV and Résumé, but still decided to ask.Lara sat there quietly and fiddled with the hem of her skirt impatiently as she waited for a reply from the interviewer. He suddenly stopped and looked up to her as he pushed his glass up his nose and the spoke; “I’m sorry ma’am but, we can’t offer you a job in this company, your skills are great but”“Sir I promise you that if you offer me a job in this company, I’ll never disappoint you. I am very hard working” she kept on speaking so as to convince the stone hearted man seating before her, across his well-furnished desk.“Please sir, just give me a chance” she muttered again with hereyes soaked up in plea.“I’m sorry Miss, but we don’t have a job for you”
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Chapter 2
Lara returned home, took out the strawberry ice cream and decided to drown herself in it. She was still in the first plate of ice cream when Kate returned.Kate walked in, the door was unlocked and she walked in suspiciously. Only She and Lara had the keys to this house, and she was sure that Lara went to celebrate her Anniversary with Jude.Does that mean that someone has broken into their apartment? She wondered and immediately opened her purse and took out her phone and pepper spray, before dropping off the purse on the couch.She heard the sound coming from upstairs and so she slowly, tiptoed up. With the pepper spray pointing forward, she went upstairs. Following the sound, she stopped in front of the door of her room.She placed her ear on the door and listened to the sound, she could only hear shuffling and whimpering. She took a deep breath and pushed the door open.“LARA!” she exclaimed, she was surprised to see Lara, surrounded by four bottles of bear and ice cream.“Jude h
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Chapter 3
Kate sat quietly beside Lara. Her was sealed shut but her lips moved incoherently with inaudible words. She had sat there all through the night, she couldn’t sleep. The doctor had assured her that Lara would be okay and there was no damage to her brain, but she still found that hard to believe because the sun was almost up and she had not still regained consciousness, she didn’t even move a finger.She slowly opens her eyes and gazed on to her best friend with eyes filled with sadness. “Please Lara, just open your eyes, you can fight this” Kate muttered and just then, a slight groan escaped Lara’s lips.Lara slowly blinked open as her pupils adjusted to the light that flooded into them; “William!” she called weakly.“William?” Kate asked softly as she propped closer; “Lara, it’s me Kate” She muttered, but All Lara could say was William.Kate ran out of the ward and in just a few minutes later, she returned with the doctor.“Were the fuck I’m I?” Lara asked immediately the Doctor and
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Chapter 4
The kind of Cars that drove in, completely stunned Lara. Not only were they her dream cars, but she never thought she would even get to enter them in this life time.“Sir, we have to get you home. Sorry I couldn’t get them to pick you up with your favorite white Lamborghini” William said apologetically.“Are you fucking kidding me? this Is a…….” Lara stated, trailing her finger on well-polished and etched design of the car.Lara kept admiring the car and suddenly stopped. The wide smile on her face disappeared as she turned to face William and asked “Does this car really belong to me?”“Yes sir” William replied calmly.“Is this guy really that rich?” Lara muttered to herself.“If you wish sir, I could calculate all the cash in all your home and offshores accounts?” William said on hearing Lara’s statement.Lara chuckled. Kate must hear about this, if this is a dream, I must not wake up, I will live the dream to the fullest, she thought and turned to face William and the guards behind
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Chapter 5
”Master Liam?” Antonio muttered.“Yes” Liam replied softly.Antonio stood up straight, his hands reached for his clubs.Kate who had been watching silently at the scene before her tried so much to hold back her laughter. Truly her friend had gone kuku in the head, she has gone insane.Antonio signaled to the other guards and they circled the car immediately and pulled the ladies out.“Do you know where you are? Do you think you bitches can come and throw a fuss in front of the royal Villa? Master Liam is inside” Antonio stated and faced the guards and ordered; “take them to the station”******If all these was a dream, Lara was ready to keep dreaming for the rest of her life. this was truly beyond her wildest dreams, she thought as she stared at the extra-large bathroom and the bathtub the looked like a pool. The white was that glistened in the fluorescent light complemented all the white ceramic wares placed in strategic places in the bathroom.After almost 10 minutes of staring drea
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