Vampire heist

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Vampire heist

By: Just Another Author OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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A small coven of vampires try and pull off their biggest heist ever. What could go wrong? Hope you enjoy this captivating mystery thriller.

1 chapters
A security guard walks down a long empty hallway lined with glass cases and roped off exhibits. He flashed his light left then right, and moved on. He walked out of the hall of the Dutch Lord's exhibit noticing a plaque that said "Dutch Crown, 1463" and begind it was a red velveted golden crown. It was inlaid with Diamonds, Rubies, and Emeralds. The gold was ornate, gleaming as if it had a fresh polish. The security guard looked at the crown through the glass. "Who would want to wear that guady piece of garbage!" He said to himself not understanding glitz and bling. He knocked the glass to make sure there were no issues, then walked out of the exhibit and closed and locked the door behind him. "All clear in the dutch room" He said to a radio and walked to the next exhibit in the museum. When his boot falls were echoing farther away, a fog began to roll into the room. It was thin at first, before it seemed to breath, and fill the entire room. Parts of the fog began to condense in fro
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