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The Rose Sister is in a new mission handed by the Emerald Empress of Rogue Society, a society composed of groups of people who acts out of government knowing. Most are a herd of thieves. Venice, the new leader of the Rose Sister, after their previous leader died, was threatened along with her two-member when the secret of the request emerges, and the reason why they need to protect Aces, A.K.A, Ivan Dutch Demonie, a billionaire, who happened to be the top one hacker of Underworld society. A secret that will reveal the past and the future of the truth of the previous leader of Rose Sister about who they are and the underlying secret each of them had. But, unexpected turn when Venice met the man of the past and the future of who she is. Memories emerged, a pain it gave, and something bloomed that she never expected.


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He sat quietly in the swivel chair while one hand played the red soft stress ball. He leaned back in his seat while waiting patiently for someone he hadn't talked to in a long time since after the Silver Game five years ago.    He rolled his eyes around his office. The place was spacious. The things he put in the office from the drawer, bookshelf, leather couches, glass centered table, paintings, cactus plant pot, computer sets, glass desk, air-conditioned environment, and his vintage cartridge were all expensive.    His gaze shifted to the door opening. He adjusted his eating, straightening his broad back. A woman with long straight hair like the color of the night entered. His deep dark blue eyes went to the woman"s outfit, a fitted purple tee shirt, high waist tattered black jeans, five inches black boots heels, and she's holding the black denim jacket on her ar
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Venice threw the Swiss knife she was holding at the target board. That landed in the middle of the round dot color. She took another swiss knife at the table near her where the three more swiss knives were placed. As before that hit the middle of another target board One meter away from each panel, she followed the three more that hit the middle of the three target boards that were left, which was ten meters away from where she was standing.    "Very impressive, eh!" Venice immediately turned to the woman speaking behind her, and she didn"t expect her to be here right away.    The woman was folding her arms, and a smile was plastered on her face. "Why are you here, Airiz?" Venice asked her as she stepped closer to the edge of the table.    Airiz came over and stopped next to Venice. It seems Airiz was not
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"That sounds ridiculous, Ven," Airiz commented on what Venice said.    Venice laid the two books on the cafeteria table where they were. "I think it's not." She looked serious before sitting in the empty seat opposite Airiz.    As usual, every breaktime, Airiz was on her laptop doing whatever business she was doing. Venice was used to her and her negative remarks about things related to opposite attraction or infatuation. She smiled secretly and she know the reason why Airiz was like that for she hasn"t even moved on from what happened before. Venice must understand her well, but letting go is always the option.    Many students have lunch in the cafeteria itself, occupying 300 students. The place is prominent, with sixty round tables set up. The tables are one meter away. Every time Venice go there, she c
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Jea was so annoyed after she talked to her father in his office, she walked straight into the room, ignoring her fiance approaching her with a worried face. All she needed now was a hot bath to rid my temper and resentment towards her father.    Arriving in the bedroom, she threw the LV pouch over the bed and stripped off the off-shoulder tulip green dress she wore, taking the robe that hung inside the bathroom. Jea can't do the things she wants to do yet, and she forgot to call Iris when she got home.    Jea approached the bed, reached for the pouch, and took the phone out of it and dropped the purse on the bed, and turned around, surprised to see her fiance approaching her habit and she quickly came to him at the door and kissed him on the cheek, and put her arm around his neck.    Keay stared intently a
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Venice sighed and smiled while getting the frying pan in the cabinet below.    Because she's Airiz Encinas. Why would she wonder then?    Venice did not go to the Academy directly because she had one person needing to visit. It's been quite some time since she last visited him due to the next line of requests last month. She went out of the Maserati and lifted her eyes to the tall white building a few meters far away from the parking lots of where she was.    Venice could feel the morning heat biting into her skin. She always forgets to bring an umbrella. Oops! She thought k it's too much for her to forget it for it looks bad then she shook her head.    Then she walked into the building, wearing the school uniform, her dark blue hair tied in a pon
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Winterfall stared intently over the Dauntless Hospital. The wind played the long white hair of the woman with him. Its white skin was smooth and the red lipstick and dark eyebrows and eyelashes give color to her face. His gray eyes stared sharply at the car in the distance.    "Here's the 7th emperor of the Rogues Society, do you know who he's talking to, Windfall?" The woman turned to him with his eyes still focused on the moving vehicle.    He adjusted the tie around his neck, he's wearing a dark blue coat and tie, before looking at the woman, and he stared at her katana hanging from her waist belt. Not noticeable because she wore stretchable jeans the same color as its katana holder.    "I know him, Poison. Why?"    She flipped her hair while g
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