Walking with Youhe

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Walking with Youhe

By: Señorita CompletedFantasy

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Primrose is a princess who comes from the clans of vampires, for which they are recognized as having the strongest powers. The strictest and most forbidden of their law is to love a human being. But, by an unexpected coincidence, Primrose falls for a human creature named Youhe- Notorious rogue, mischievous and . But, what if he finds out that the woman he loves is a vampire? Will he still love her despite of her true identity? or will they just follow the set destiny for the two of them?


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Chapter 1
Messy Darkness Loud noise Bloody Sickness My eyes heat up from my tears as i look back in my environment. If only, i had been stopped in the first place. If only, i hadn’t been a coward and been a loser. This would not have happened. The surroundings are full of blue. Everyone is asking for help. Some are given but some are neglected. I'm a powerful princess but i can do nothing. If i had not been seriously injured, i would have been able to help without measure. A young vampire helped me out of the stupid wolf. A traitor and blasphemer. "I see the future, dear princess. That's why i was able to read his movements." Read more
Chapter 2
{PRIMROSE POV} As soon as Luhan entered my room, i quickly approached him. He backed away causing him to lean against the door and close it. I grabbed his wrist and immediately sank my fang into it. He then released two plastic groceries. "Damn, Rose! are you so bloodthirsty that you didn't even let me down the food i bought for you?" i just ignored him and resumed dipping in his blood. When i was satisfied with his blood, i got up on my knees and faced him. He touched the top of my head and stroked my hair. A miserly smile drew on her lips. His other hand went up to my lips and wiped away the blood that was left it. "Why did you even think of coming here to the world of humans? you are so weak here, Rose. In our world, you are the queen because of your strength." My head fell on his shoulder from exhau
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Chapter 3
{PRIMROSE POV} We straightened up immediately when i heard his voice. I fell silent and was about to leave when he suddenly grabbed my wrist. In his strength, he did to present me to him again. "You're still cold as ice." I wiped his hand and frowned at him. "I told you, it's because of the cold weather. I must leave." And the second time, he again stopped me from leaving. "Stay with me, please. Will you hug me? i need a comfort from a stanger." My eyebrows met even more at what this straightforward creature was saying. He’s really saying what’s in his brain. There is no doubt at all. "What are you saying? do you think i will hug you?" "Y
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Chapter 4
(PRIMROSE POV)     Ever since that night happened, i have been afraid to approach, Youhe. Every encounter we, i immediately averted my thoughts from him. I have been avoiding him for almost two weeks now. And i know he already notices that. Youhe is stubborn. That can't be intimidating just by threatening. When he wants even if there is a hindrance, he tries to take it.       But what was i thinking? am i imagining Youhe likes me and he should just fight his love for me?       Morning and i thought of hanging out in the park near our apartment. I wore thick shades already and carried a walking stick. I only temporarily  will pretend to be blind. I don't
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Chapter 5
(PRIMROSE POV) Before, i finally went home to the apartment, i went to a convenience store to buy something i could eat. I would have paid if my eyes had caught a creature in the corner of the store. Whether he wears shades is i can still see the way he is staring at me. Terrifying.What is he doing here? After i paid, i immediately left and ignored his presence. He can't smell that person on me. It's dangerous for Youhe's life. I accelerated my walk when i felt his presence behind me. But i was only able to keep him away for a moment as he was able to enter my brain. I felt pain there until i heard the his voice was terrifying. I just let go of the plastic i was holding and fell
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Chapter 06
(PRIMROSE POV) After Lucas and i talked, i avoided approaching Youhe again. And i could clearly see the annoyance in his eyes every time our paths met. I know he's feeling it again my avoidance of him. Luhan has also been with me often at leastwhere do i go. I feel like my parents are closed to my situation now. My life here in the world of people is so boring. In the morning, i just walk around the whole city ​​and at night i will go to university for the study of a vampire like me who has lived hundreds of years. The night after my class, i went with Luhan to the bar which he goes to. As soon as i entered, i felt like i just wanted to go back to my car and lock myself there. But i didn't do anything when Luhan pulled me with him.Read more
Chapter 07
(Primrose Pov)The next day, i did not leave my room. Until nightfall i had no intention of entering. I don’t know to myself why I’m so moody. Until now i was still thinking Youhe and i talked one night.How can i tell him that he shouldn’t love someone like me because i’m a vampire and not someone like him?How can i stop him from following me wherever i go? i might find out it's just that Luhan and i are with him when we return to our world. Because it is not unlikely that a person can also enter our world if he has someone like us who is not normal.I was just thinking that i would take him to our kingdom in less than a second that he would be able to be beheaded by my peers. I just messed up my hair and
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Chapter 8
(PRIMROSE POV)We went through the window to enter my room. I hurried to fix my messy bed that i had just left earlier. We slowly laid Youhe down there. Luhan easily tore his clothes and that's how i was distracted when i saw the deep wound there."Rose," i just pursed my lips and approached him. I sat down next to him and held his hand he was holding out to me."Yes?" i wiped away my runaway tears and stroked her hair. Luhan left first and went to the kitchen to get a towel and water."Am i ugly?" he asked with a smile. He was no longer able to open his eyes and remained closed."No. You're still th
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Chapter 9
  (PRIMROSE POV)  Saturday morning, Youhe and i chose to take a walk in the beautiful garden that Luhan andi once went to. I was still able to support him because even though he had been resting for a few days, he still wasn't his body may be shocked. That's what Luhan will leave to me.    I didn't tell Youhe what Luhan and i talked about because it would be good. I can not he hated me when he found out I had to break up with him. I also don’t know myself if i can do that to him. I can clearly see his true love for me and i know in myself that i feel the same way about him. So far, i don’t know yet will i be able to leave him and separate. I smiled bitterly and hid it from him for a while he looked at the beautiful flowers in this garden. He held my hand and we both leaned against the big tree. I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes slightly to inhale fre
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Chapter 10
(Primrose Pov)  The sun was setting when Yuhe and i thought about going home. This is the last day we meet. I can't let him into my room anymore because i might not be able to get him out. He knew nothing of my intention and to this day is still not torn his smile on his lips while driving.    I just leaned my head on the chair while there was a grin on my lips. I pretended to be tired of what happened to us earlier so that he wouldn't notice that i wanted to cry because at any time now i will leave him. Nothing more letters have been coming in recent days but i think, tomorrow or tonight the owl we have been waiting for will come.     "Baby, go to sleep first. I'm sorry." I looked at him and was impressed by what he said. I took one of his hands and squeezed it lightly.   <
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