Well well, Uncle Ne(r)d!

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Well well, Uncle Ne(r)d!

By: Zuxian OngoingYA/TEEN

Language: English

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Ned, A top, cold, nerdy and hot final year highschool student from a rich background, with lots of secrets, chooses to live like a poor person when he gets to college. To define himself and the people who are surrounding him. Mira, An intelligent, beautiful but poor girl from the same highschool pretends to be from a rich family. To prevent the ill treatments she had had all her junior Highschool days from repeating itself in college. She began the pretense as soon as she became a senior in highschool. He knows her too well and her pretense but dislikes her strongly for living a fake life. But what happens when fate brings them together again in college? What happens if she is a pain in the ass and the both of them choose to come to a sort of an agreement just to maintain their new profiles? Will he be able to tolerate her for long? What if the great hate he has for her is just a veil covering his unfathomable but already grown love for her?

1 chapters
Call it a Blurb...
Well, I'm Ned, a nerd. I'm in the last year of my highschool and I have a lot of secrets hidden from all my classmates. The only thing they know about me so far is that I'm from a very rich family. And that so far has been a curse, rather than a blessing? What?! I have my reasons of course. Being the only son of a renowned CEO of several companies all over the world had done nothing but draw wrong people closer. Pardon me to say, only people who are interested in the son of who I am, and not who I really am.And to worsen it all, I'm what you call cute but tough. I work out for pleasure.I'll let you in on some of the secrets that no one knows about...I am a weightlifter. When you see me, you think I'm but thiny and has no strength. But when I remove my cloth... Well, I've never taken my cloth off in school. Not even when we had a pool party. What's the point.I am a master of Karate and Taekwondo. But I never meddle with the business of bullies who take
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