When Alien Invades Vietnam

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When Alien Invades Vietnam

By: Dangtuanviet OngoingSci-Fi

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On September 23rd, 2145, millions of alien soldiers attacked Ho Chi Minh and dozens of major cities worldwide. Within two years of their appearance, a quarter of the world's population, or more than four billion people, were killed at the hands of invaders. Many territories fell into enemy hands. Many became the enemy's minions and betrayed their fellow human beings. In Vietnam, despite losing major cities to the enemy, the Vietnamese people still refused to surrender. Besides, Lac Hong Squad, a force in Vietnam People’s Army was established. Using weapons called Magic Crossbows, they summon the power of legends, fairy tales, and myths of Vietnamese and fought against invading aliens. Five people of different ages, looks, and personalities, carrying patriotism and strength from the legends and fairy tales that Vietnamese children often hear, entered the path to regain independence and freedom for the country, homeland, and mankind. A story of comradeship, couple love, and patriotism wrote in the middle of a battlefield of smoke and fire. *"Lac" refers to Lac Long Quan, the ancestor of the Vietnamese people. “Hong” refers to the Hong Bang dynasty, the first historical period of Vietnam. *All names and places are just coincidences.


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Chapter 1: Judgment Day (part 1)
Ho Chi Minh City, September 23, 2145.Putting on smart glasses, only a few nanometers thin, the latest technology product, Chien Thang, a sixteen-year-old teenager began to glance around the room through an out-facing window. By this time, outside, the sky was beginning to lighten, but the darkness was still clinging to it. Inside, the smart lights started to light up when the owner of the room came in.Normally, the teenager never woke up at what he thought was too early. However, today was special. Besides, up to now, he still remembered his dream.- It's still the same dream….! – The boy said to himself.It was about a strange battle between characters from Vietnamese myths, legends, fairy tales, and an alien empire. Since childhood, he had such dreams. They were so real that it made the teenager wonder if these things had ever happened or if this was just his wild imagination.Approaching the window, the boy saw small lights like fireflies moving on the streets. They seemed too sm
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Chapter 2: Judgment Day (part 2)
Currently, the morning scene when Thien Nha and Chien Thang were walking on the road was really beautiful. The development and modernity of Vietnam did not affect the light of the early morning dew. The green trees danced and sang and looked at the two children. Sunlight penetrated urban buildings designed in harmony with nature. Although there were a few strangely changing clouds forming a spiral, it did not affect the landscape.At this time, on the big screen of the city, a news report about Vietnam's achievements over the years was broadcast on the occasion of the bicentenary of the Southern Resistance War*. Originally, Thang didn't want to watch it because he didn't like it and couldn't understand it all, but the way it was presented was so eye-catching with 8D technology that the teenager and his friend had to pay attention.On the screen, the scene of soldiers with sharp bamboo rushing in the middle of a rain of cannons, under the sacred red flag with yellow the star of the Mot
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Chapter 3: Judgment Day (part 3)
After all, the nature of the outer-space habitat was inherently hostile to human life forms. The occurrence of some kind of disaster was not impossible. After all, something a billion kilometers from Earth could cause a power outage. Even so, the presence of what looked like aliens made people a little scared. Some thought it was someone's prank.Among the teenagers, only Thien Nha seemed to know something. Chien Thang felt it. He also had a premonition that something happened, some kind of disaster. At the same time, some messages were sent but no one race theme.A few minutes later, a voice rang out:- Guys, please stop the party!At this time, the security guard of the building began to appear. The middle-aged face exuded tension and seriousness. The power outage could not get this far. The most likely thing was on Mars. However, some still thought things were not serious.Regardless of the children's attitude, he spoke up:- Sorry to bother you, but to be safe, I have to talk dire
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Chapter 4: Judgment Day (part 4)
As the couple tried to run away, the ground shook once more. This time, they saw the culprit of the smashed car earlier. In the distance, a tree-like creature with a tiger-like face and the size of a tall building of the last century, approximately forty meters, appeared. Looking closer, it was an entity with a squid-like head that slowly appeared in the mist, wheezing sounded like someone bedridden for many years. In particular, it only had a single eye with a blood-red color.- Did everyone see it!? - One asked with panic.- It's so big. How can't I see it!? - Another shouted. – And what the hell is that!? Isn't the spaceships flying in the sky enough!?Next, a louder sound was heard that scared everyone and forgot about the argument. A building hundreds of meters high was crumbling like precious ceramic vases falling to the ground. The space around the building was now gradually being swallowed up by the huge smoke. After that, the flood of smoke caused by the collapsed building po
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Chapter 5: Judgment Day (part 5)
At this point, the signal stopped. The hologram disappeared. It was not pleasant for an adult, let alone a child born in a developed and peaceful country. Thang had seen soldiers die before but earlier they died quickly and this time they died in agony from the monsters. Most importantly, it also showed humanity's inability to fight aliens. Also, he and the place where the battle took place just now we’re in the same city. To put it simply, his life and many others were still in danger.Trying to get the terrifying image out of his head, Chien Thang continued on his way. However, he realized that his girlfriend had disappeared from time to time.- Thien Nha, where are you!? - The teenager shouted until his throat was dry.The boy looked everywhere to find Thien Nha, his friend, but couldn't find her.Currently, he did not know where his parent was. The best friend had also disappeared. The teenager was almost alone in the middle of a city that was being invaded by extraterrestrial cre
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