World Ixion/SAGA: Alter Road

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World Ixion/SAGA: Alter Road

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"What if I acted differently? If I did what I really wanted to do and nothing would limit me?" That's what Rudel was thinking as he revealed to his fiancées, Alisa and Airi, his thoughts about his problems. An alternative story which tells a totally different story from the popular novel, World Ixion/SAGA. How would Rudel react to the events of the main line if he had acted differently? An alternate path that will tell events that never happened! The story that tells a more confident, more ambitious and not a coward at all Rudel has just begun.


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Prologue (Volume 1) ─ A new beginning
Dear readers, let's get started with this new serialization! Is it an If story or a spin-off? All that is at your discretion, but the only real and certain thing is the plot. "What would have happened if I was more assertive in what I want?" This plot focuses on getting things in that would never happen in the original novel, meaning this is almost the original draft of the main novel. As a curiosity, the ending of this and the ending of the main novel will be totally different! Enjoy this short novel based on cutting down all the volumes that have come out to date. The plot from vol 1 to vol 3 of the original novel is the same, with small parts changed that do not affect the original plot or this world at all. As a curiosity, Aster's arc will last only three volumes, but in itself all this will be short, since many things like secrets and explanations will be left for the novel. __________________ I always wondered, what would my life be like if I acted the way I really wan
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Chapter 01 ─ Irregularity
We begin with chapter one.If you liked the change of prologue, which is centered almost at the end of vol 3, you will like how Rudel little by little becomes different from the novel.Don't expect to see much involvement of X characters here, all that is in the main novel, here we will only tell things that were never introduced, the volume will be short so by next week I will finish it and start possibly vol 2 or my new novel._____________After anchoring in Aster harbor, I had a talk with a diplomatic man.I told him how we were taunted and spat on my ship by some military men.The size of the sacred tree is amazing, it is bigger than a mountain.He was telling me various things about how they work here.Apparently the kingdom and Aster are exchanging a lot of magic stones.The diplomat asked me to not cause havoc, I promised my girlfriends I wouldn't do that.The carriage stopped and I got out, a servant brought me helped me to bring my bags down and leave them inside.The diplom
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Chapter 02 ─ The Awful Herring Household
The alternate history volume is marching along, you can notice the changes with the original story, right?Soon we will get to the real bifurcation with the novel don't worry, for now enjoy the development._______________The days passed quietly.Before I knew it almost a month had passed.I really feel at home here.There are a lot of jerks like cretins, but there are also kind and nice people.Unlike the kingdom where almost everyone is obnoxious, I wouldn't mind living here with the girls.I even thought about taking out a low nobility title to live here.A low nobility title is when a nobleman from abroad wants to live here.I would be a baron again, but I would have my own house and would only have to look for a job.But Alisa belongs to the duke's house, she would not leave her family any more than Siegwald the duke would dare to let me go.That man's eyes are scary.I prepared to leave, had breakfast and grabbed my house keys.After opening the door, I found something strange.
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Chapter 03 ─ Nightmare
From this chapter on, you can notice the differences with the main novel.Remember, the author doesn't hate his girls, it's all for the sake of the plot. *Cries in a corner as he writes this*.Remember that everything that is talked about here will be deepened in the novel with more context, here we just make quick talk about one or another event.______________________The month was about to end, I had just left the hospital where Clovis was.I visited him to tease him, even so, I delivered a gift so he wouldn't be bored.As I left the hospital, a limousine parked quickly near me.Did it just arrive or had it been waiting for me for a while?The door opened and Sara got out."Rudel-kun, there's trouble!"I told Sara that I was going to visit Clovis, yet I still wonder if she just arrived or has she been waiting for a while?She came over and took my hand to make me get into the limo.After getting in she said."Rudel-kun, you have a big problem. I want you to please tell me everythin
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Chapter 04 ─ Fun school life
My dear readers, we have reached the halfway point of this volume.Remember that I told you that the volume will be short since it is just to show different things from the original novel.As you saw with the changes in the previous chapter, you understand a little better why I made so many changes, don't you?Soon we will get to the best part of the volume._________________After exploring the dungeon and claiming treasures we went to lunch.It got late and I was tired, so I opted to go to sleep.But I didn't go to my house, I went to Erselica's mansion.Since we bought a lot of food using my money, I wanted to see her expression of begging for food.She looked like a small dog wagging her tail.When I woke up, Ixion suggested me to stay until Sara's arrival and he sent her a message.I was in the living room having my coffee and a breakfast cake.At the table were the idiots telling Chlust what he missed, but it seems the red gorilla took advantage of them with Erselica.Someone kn
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Chapter 05 ─ Pirate Hunter vs. Pirate Knight
We have reached the halfway point of the volume, dear readers.From this volume on you can notice the changes and how we separated from the original novel.I want to say a few things, but I'll do it in the next chapter.The best of all is that it won't be long before Lucy smiles._________________A week ago before the duel began.Barbro went to the academy late at night.There was Viscount Ressel there going over what he would be teaching the next day."'Excuse me? Do you want me to give you information on one of my students?""That's right viscount-sama. We are sorry to bother you with that, but the situation is disadvantageous to us for not having any information on a certain individual that we will have to eliminate.""And that individual is one of my students, right?""Are you out of your minds?"Viscount Ressel was defending Rudel, despite his poor teaching, he was proving to be a good teacher."I won't let them harm one of my special boys! The other brats can touch them, but no
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Chapter 06 ─ Gratitude
How did you like the change from the novel?The original Rudel certainly did things differently than this Rudel, it's almost similar to the spin-off. It even shows how many problems would have been solved from the beginning if he chose to eliminate them better.I'll tell you a secret, this volume should have had 8 chapters but thanks to this chapter, it will be 9. It's because more words came and I couldn't put some development, it will be for the next one, but the next chapters will be short too.____________________Just as I expected, the situation with Derrick escalated quite a bit.First came that the duel was not fulfilled at the agreed time.Then came that I killed Derrick, it seems that there are people who were negotiating with the Bartolini's and now that I killed them they are not taking it well.The sapling is hidden in a secret place and only Ixion and I know about it.At this moment the military police came and took me to jail.I was laughing out loud as a Herring Househ
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Chapter 07 ─ Lucyelle Liz Vermillion
The time has come, dear readers.It's time to develop one of the best couples and girls of the original novel.The beautiful Lucy!I definitely feel weird as an author to say it, but I like writing more when Lucy talks to Rudel as opposed to those two.It's the same as when Razel talks to Cid or the others, maybe it's because we all know what cute conversations we know would come out of it, but with the others conversations come out ranging from funny to very deep.----------------------Once we got inside, Lucy was standing still in a corner.I didn't know what to do, she was shivering like she had hypothermia.I stood at a far stop and with my hands in a basket I grabbed so she could see I wasn't planning on doing anything to her I said."I'm sorry for everything you went through, but for the sake of your health, you'll be staying here for a while.""Your younger sister, Diana-san also agreed.""... Diana agreed?"Her eyes looked at me with a bit of fear."I understand that you've g
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Chapter 08 ─ Jude from Banfield Household
Dear readers, we have reached the climax of this volume.In the next chapter is the closing of the volume before the epilogue.There will be no interlude, but SS.Undoubtedly with this chapter we totally mark the deviation from the original novel.------------------------Dangerous Jude or Jude the Yandere.They were one of the many names the capture target Jude Gaia Banfield was called during the game.For that reason, Erselica told me to watch out for him.Despite his toxic and controlling behaviour, Jude was too popular, to the point of being the main capture target that overshadowed Tom as the main one.Diana also told me that in the game, the good ending always involved Jude, no matter which route you chose, Jude always eliminated everyone at the end of their routes and then kidnapped the heroine to either lock her in a crystal and keep her beauty.Kill her with his own hands and die with her afterwards.Sell her at the border as a possible sex slave and even have her abused by o
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Chapter 09 ─ Responsibility
Finally, dear readers, we come to the final chapter of the volume.How did you like this alternate route?The epilogue is still to come, for the surprise.But for now, enjoy the events that happen in this chapter.______________________Viscount Ressel, or rather, the present-day Baron Ressel, was walking all depressed in the streets of the city.What was wrong with him?Thanks to the evidence Ixion gathered, it was discovered that in addition to being an accomplice in the attempted murder of Rudel and Lucy, he was also receiving bribes from the Bartolini.Of course, Randolf did not hesitate for a second to destroy him.His title of viscount was demoted to a mere baron without territory.His property, assets and above all his pride were stolen on the same day.He was even expelled from the academy."Damn... it's all his fault.""If it wasn't for that brat... if it wasn't for him coming here...""My perfect life wouldn't have been ruined!"For Baron Ressel, his goal was to have a son a
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