Xavier Marcus

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Xavier Marcus

By: Elizabeth Isaac OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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" Take this hand fan and come closer to the bedside. Fan us while we have our pleasure. Maybe you might join us" This was what she said and that instant he knew he's no more than their pet. Assaulted and mistreated by his mother-in-law and legally wedded wife, Xander had the taste of what is called hell on Earth in the hands of Sara. Constantly watching another man take advantage of his wife was more than enough to rip him apart. His thoughts of hopelessness disappeared when he started having the strange dream about the golden triangle and the shadow outside his window. what could be inside the pendant that was given to him by the shadow? Could it be his life will be taking a new turn or it just an hallucination?


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A shell of his former self
Somewhere in MexicoIt was five in the morning when I was suddenly jolted awake by a cold splash of water on my face. My eyes flew open, bleary with sleep and confusion, only to find Helen standing over me, her face twisted in a sneer of disgust. "Get up, Xavier," she spat, her voice heavy with contempt. "You have a long day of chores ahead of you."I grumbled and tried to sit up, but her hand shot out and smacked me hard across the face. "I said, get up," she repeated, her voice cold and hard.I stumbled to my feet, still half-asleep and reeling from the slap. My mother-in-law, Helen glared at me, her eyes filled with loathing. "You will clean this entire house from top to bottom," she said, gesturing around the room with a sweeping hand."You will wash the dishes, do the laundry, and take care of all the other household chores. And you will do it all without complaining, or else."I forced myself to sit up, my body heavy and leaden with fatigue. I looked at her, standing there in
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As she dragged me by the ear out of the kitchen, I knew that I was in for a world of pain. She had a look of pure hatred and anger on her face, her eyes filled with a cold, calculating rage. I knew that I had broken her precious bowl, something that she considered irreplaceable, and I knew that she would stop at nothing to make me pay for my mistake.She didn't even bother to take me to my room, she took me to the living room, where she had all her tools ready for the punishment she had in mind. As soon as we entered the living room, she started hitting me, without any mercy, with whatever she could grab, a whip, a stick, a belt.The pain was unbearable, each hit felt like a thousand knives cutting into my skin. I could feel the blood flowing down my face, my arms, my legs. I tried to scream, to beg for mercy, but my voice was choked off by the sobs that wracked my body.She didn't stop, she kept hitting me, over and over again, until I was nothing but a bloody, broken mess. I coul
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Good boy
I needed to get inside, to safety, but the door was locked, and no one was listening to me.I started hitting the door with my fists, begging and pleading for them to open it. I shouted and screamed, hoping someone would hear him and come to my aid. But my cries went unanswered, and the only sound I could hear was the sound of my own voice, echoing back to him in the darkness and the hiss of the snake. I clung to the door, shaking while looking back."Please open the door, there's a snake out here, it's trying to bite me!" I cried out."What are you talking about? Stop making that noise. I have you're not brewing one of your usual mischiefs" she groaned from the inside. "I'm telling you, there's a snake out here! Please, let me in!" I yelled. "If there's no snake, I swear to God, you're in big trouble." She said before she opened the door and peered outside. She was stationed safely behind the door things got out of hand. After what felt like an eternity, the door finally creaked
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"Yes, harder." She cried out, her back arching as Asher pounded into her. The slapping sound of flesh against flesh filing the room. Her hands were cuffed, giving him access to do anything he wanted."Yea! you're fucking sweet" Asher's raspy voice cheered on as he took her roughly, glancing at me occasionally to tell me that this is how it is done and demanding me to fan them faster. I stood there as nothing else I could do other than scowl and continue fanning while suppressing the sick feeling in my stomach. My mind was reeling with confusion and disgust. My wife, the woman I had pledged my life to, was insisting that I watch her have sex with another man and fan them as they did it. I couldn't comprehend how she could be so cruel and heartless.I looked around the room, taking in the luxurious furnishings and the air conditioner, which was blowing cool air throughout the room. How could she want to do this in such a place? How could she want to do this at all?I turned to her,
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I have never felt tremors rock the very depth of my soul till now. A lot of thoughts ran through my mind and each one ended with the idea of what doom awaited me once we got home. Even though the ride was bumpy, everything gave a sign. I rubbed my hands together like a little girl that had been caught with sugar in her mouth, I was never one to tremble before any of this but currently, I was." Asher..." I began to say, hoping that there was a way that we could talk it out Bro-to bro."Asher?" I asked again, hoping maybe it was just because he needed to keep his eyes on the road."You're not going to tell on me, right?" I asked, my mouth tasting the familiar tang of bile."I can explain what you saw, it wasn't exactly what you think. It's not even like that" again, I tried to explain something that I wasn't even sure of.Asher kept his hands on ten and two, his eyes on the middle of the road and like a robot, he kept his focus straight. I could hear erratic heartbeats and I realized
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Fuck me harder
The huge bird stood tall and proud staring at me with its red eyes. I haven't been a fan of birds before but this topped my list to never get a bed for a pet. It scared the living daylights out of me.At least, it was a bird — my mind whispered to me, not as if any of that helped but at least it was calming, to be honest, I knew that was the most I would get.I dropped the bird issue off my mind's pedestal and did what I wanted to do and climbed into bed before fell asleep instantly.I don't know when my head hit the bed but I remembered the way my consciousness was sucked right out of my body in a minute.I opened my eyes and the land before me was cast and yet very strange."Where am I?" I asked myself multiple times but no one answered and no one directed me. I was sure this was a dream but yet, but I couldn't quite picture it. A scene was playing out in minutes, I was on my way to crispy John when I noticed two men staring at me. I averted my gaze and kept on walking towar
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I stood there at the door to her office, my back now against the door which was still open only inches wide, thinking about why she had said earlier to take my time and even though suffering from all that has troubled me the previous day and even today, not even extending the thoughts of what my life had become in this very situation, I could not help but find it a bit funny realizing why now and a faint smile started to shape across my lips at the humor of it when I unconsciously hit the door to the office with the files I held firmly in my hand and it creaked loudly, revealing that someone was standing at the door. As I realized this, I quickly put my hand over my mouth to cover it tightly so I would not make a sound but my efforts were immediately put off by my wife’s voice that rang from inside the office.“Is someone there? Who is it” She askedI remained silent for a few seconds. I stood thinking of what to do and the thought of leaving before I was seen nudged me but on sec
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Sara looked shocked as to what she saw when she opened the door to her colleague’s office, the look on her face said it all. I sat there with the lady still on top of me before I proceeded to finally push her away with ease. I stood up quickly to explain to my wife Sara but she would have none of it. She was really angry at what she saw and for a minute I thought that all the anger was directed only at me for she just ignored her colleague completely while lashing out at me. All efforts I made to explain to her that what she saw was not what it was, even though I knew there was no way she would believe me and considering she was probably looking for an excuse to match up what I had caught her doing earlier. She had just found the perfect one seeing her colleague on top of me in her office.“You ingrate, how dare you!” she lashed out at me.“I can explain to you, this is not what it seems I swear,” I said, trying to adjust my roughed clothes.“Explain what? You cheating whore! Sara
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the shadow
Xavier rubbed his eyes, trying to make sense of what he was seeing. He couldn't believe it. The man outside his window was exactly like the one he had been dreaming about for weeks. He had thought it was just his imagination playing tricks on him, but now, here he was in the flesh.Xavier slowly walked towards the window, his heart pounding in his chest. The man was looking directly at Xavier, a small smile on his lips. Xavier felt a shiver run down his spine. He didn't know who this man was or what he wanted.He slowly opened the window, his heart racing. "Who are you?" Xavier asked, trying to keep his voice steady.The man's smile grew wider. "My name is Jacob," he said, "the messenger from the golden triangle".Xavier's eyes widened as the memory of his dream came flooding back to him. "The golden triangle," he repeated, "I've heard of it before. It was in my dream. I saw myself in a golden triangle and men in black with cutlasses were chasing me."Jacob nodded, a small smile on hi
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I left my wife and my mother downstairs, still deep in conversation.As I reached the top of the stairs, I paused to catch my breath. My heart was pounding in my chest and my mind was racing with a million different thoughts. I felt like I was suffocating under the pressure of it all.I walked down the hallway and entered my room, closing the door behind me.I reached into my pocket and pulled out the small, intricately designed pendant that had been given to me by the messenger of the golden triangle.I examined it closely, running my fingers over the smooth surface and admiring the craftsmanship, It was a work of art.The relief I felt at finding the pendant still intact was overwhelming. I had been so worried that it might have been lost or damaged.I knew that I needed to check the link on the pendant immediately. It was crucial that it was still intact and functional. I took my time and examined the pendant closely, running my fingers over every inch of the intricate design, searc
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