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Six teenagers; One mission. Pulled away from a life of invisibility in a small city, Zutara must assume the role and title of Dragon Lord and master her newfound powers to defeat one of her own and protect Hanorak, the only world she has ever known. Dragon Lord Maldorr, once a loyal protector of the world, now a mad tyrant bent on dominating Hanorak with dark magic and a secret she cannot remember. In this fast-paced adventure of magic and dragons, Zutara learns that there is more to the world and the things she knew.


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Dragon Lord Zutara"Courage is a spice that makes the highest mountains crumble and the largest rivers shrink"-Veryvee   DEDICATIONTo  Almighty God and to all fans of The Lord Of The Rings, Chronicles Of Narnia, Avatar-the last airbender, Eragon (Inheritance cycle) and Naruto- Dare to dream.   Pronunciation guideZutara - ZOO - TA - RASephiata - SEH- FEE - ATASven - VENRiz - REE - SMinre - MEAN - REHTakira - TAH - KEY- RAHTil - TA - EELVarden - VUH - DEANGesa - GEH - ZASikorra - See - koa - raaXen - ZENNenjii - NEN - JEE TABLE OF CONTENTSTitle pageDedicationPronunciation guideTable of contentsPrologueGesaOf Dragons and FireDecisionsSageChance meetTrainingSeeing double or Triple?FlightAwakeningTeacher, StudentDuelNot AgainTo NanesgaiNanesgaiEarthbendingA lesson or twoBoys will be bo
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The old man hurried through the never ending snow , and as he went, he prayed to the Father to protect him. It snowed heavy and hard. His tracks would be covered as soon as the were made. Yet, on he ran. Never stopping, never slowing, even though exhaustion and cold threatened to cripple him. His fast vanishing tracks would not be any trouble to a Silver. One Silver may need them to follow his trail, but they would not even be noticed by two. Two would track him with the efficiency of a pack of wolves following his scent on the wind. But three? Three silvers would find him seconds after he stopped moving. It was shame then, that not three, but four of them were after him. The snow was mounting, making slopes and hills as it heaped. The traveller stumbled over a heap of snow and fell. A sharp pain tore up from his arm as he caught himself. It was unbearably cold, even though he was dressed for the weather. But when he shivered, it was not the cold that made him. It was the thoughts
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Gesa: Rizanda POV
When she touched him, the blacksmith began to scream. It was the night-fever. It was tearing through the city in a way that frightened her. And that was saying a lot, because Riz was not easily frightened. At a mere seventeen winters, she had already seen many things that could make any man's blood run cold; she had done things that a veteran of the War of Dragons would balk at. Once, she had to hold back a man's insides while the flap of his stomach was sewn back together. That was years ago when her grandmother was still alive. It was she who had taught Riz all she knew about healing. The old woman was the greatest healer the city had seen in an age. Gran' Yira never lacked for customers, and in her line of work that was good thing. It meant she never lacked silver and copper either. She had hands that many said were blessed by the Father and the Mother, hands soaked in water magic. Yet, even the old woman admitted before her death that her grandchild was something more, somethin
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Of dragons and fire: Zutara POV
'Aren't you oddly quiet for a boy your age?' Quaro asked, scratching his beard, the first time Zutara appeared in his stables looking for work. Zutara had said nothing. She only watched him with fiercely-green eyes. Quaro answered his own question. 'Well, I guess I can use the silence. I swear to the Father, it gets too loud in here sometimes.'Two weeks prior to that day had seen Zutara orphaned. It was the doing of the night fever. Her parents had got caught in its second wave, both at the same time, leaving Zutara to tend to them and her fear at the same time. At the end, the fever won. She was only thankful it was not the billow or an even more sinister disease that took them. Now the disease only killed in trickles, slowing down its gathered momentum. Where fifty died a day in its first wave, only one or two died now. Soon it would fade away completely, to return after decades. There was nothing to be done to stop a recurrence, or fix the damage it had already done. Those who
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Decisions: Terreus POV
When they named him king and the people of Gesa came to see him crowned, Terreus had envisioned a lifetime of much deserved peace. Peace was no wars. Peace was not having to listen to and solve the problems of the smallfolk everyday. Peace was not having to sit in a stiff nondescript throne as thick as palace gates. Peace, it turned out, was not being king. Being king meant fighting and rallying men to fight for causes he barely even believed in. Having them die for him, die to defend him, all the while wondering if it had been worth it. Being king meant hours and hours of pretentious courtesy. It meant dying long before you were dead. Today, however, it meant being woken from sleep by a loud knocking on his door. If it were when he was younger, much, much younger, when he was not king, Terreus would have yanked the doors open, then swiftly and forcefully planted his knee between the legs of his visitor. But Terreus was king now, and he could not afford the simple pleasures of a st
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SAGE Sven walked most of the day pausing only at mid day to drink some water and eat bread—dry hard bread that no longer crumbled when touched. He was not certain where he was headed, but he had heard the town Alagaesea mentioned many a time at home when Raz was alive.     Maybe he would go there.    By nightfall, he checked into a small farm inn on the outskirts of a town that was two leagues away from Alaegasea. He had been careful to stay off the main roads. Many boys his age have been reported missing the past year, including his older brother Nenji who had run away two days after Xen's death and who had never returned. Most likely, he would be abducted to join an army on either side of the war and with the kind of powers he had, he was not interested in being a captive to be used as a weapon in a struggle he knew nothing about.   At the inn he kept his head down, while eating. Afterwards he took a room with s
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CHANCE MEETING It was a cool evening and a gentle breeze was blowing when Sven finally walked into Alagaesea, it was four days since he left home and thoughts of what he would do now and what was I thinking had already begun to creep into his mind.  Still wrapped up in these thoughts, loud voices drifted to him from a distance and he approached cautiously one hand braced on the hilt of the short sword strapped to his side. There was a boy about his age and height surrounded by seven men dressed in armour of red and ash - the colors of The  Conqueror." Stop now and come with us quietly and you will be rewarded handsomely" a bulky man, who was as stout as a barrel said and the boy spat at him looking around for a way of escape."I will rather eat dust""You will come with us either way, by your own will or by force" the boy took a deep breath and somersaulted into a cartwheel that sent the wind billowing around him, the soldiers slid back shi
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