district nine

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district nine

By: ola OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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20 years ago the great federacy was invaded by( aeron) an alien task force which the military succeeded in keeping the information confiscated for a year but later led to war between the faderacy and the earons the following year. the federacy lost millions of comrades due to the unsettling attacks by the aerons. till date anyone who commits a crime would be sent to frontline against the aerons


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2 chapters
chapter 1: revolution
ROSE YEAR 3rd July 2703He was standing on the balcony of his office when the alarm rang. It was that of the insurgence which almost sounded like music to the federacy defense core. He ran forthwith like his life was on the line, 6-4 feet tall, well-kept muscles, dusky brown eyes. 30-year-old Robert flushed open the door to his stationary unit. "Handler's commence synchronization sequence.""Para raid activate. Synchronize connection."Robert Harrison said, commencing the synchronization sequence, using the advanced and developed tech that connects you synchronously to anyone you've contacted."Synchronization complete." the system responded.It all started twenty years ago. rose year 2683. The Federation, a well-reputed and powerful country known for their advanced tech and feared by many countries, in view of the fact that Federacy has advanced weaponry that can wipe out countries in an instance. The federacy military was informed by the space control agency that they are getting move
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chapter 2: promises
-Rose year 24th November 2696-“Why did they take father? He didn’t do anything wrong, didn’t he?”“Yes, Kyra, he is innocent and loves you a lot.”“Really…?”“ hmmhnn….”“Then why did he leave us here alone?”“Look Kyra, father is still with us, he watches over you when you are asleep.”“Is that so...?”“Yes little sis.”“So even mother watches over me when I am sleeping.”“That’s right, Kyra, you are so smart, and I will always be with you.”“I know that, and I trust you.”-Rose year 4th July 2703-She was back in district nine. Voices were coming from different angles. “Save me.” She heard a familiar voice calling for help. “Get up, commander Whiteker.” She opened her eyes to see Dougherty with a face like he was losing someone.“What’s wrong, Dougherty?”“Just came to see if you were up already.”“You need to improve your skills at lying.”“Say…. You had that same dream, didn’t you?”“Yes, Dougherty. I could hear their voices.”“Which voices?”He replied confusedly.“They... those
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