my lover is a werewolf hunter

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my lover is a werewolf hunter

By: Emmy_Logz2 OngoingFantasy

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He was a normal werewolf hunter, then a witch's ability came along and turned him into a werewolf. What could go wrong further than this? In months, Jason becomes the target of every evil creature in DustVille Town. Who would've known the existence of the Dark World and the Dark lords living among the humans? He was the result of one: a dark lord and a witch. For years he lived in the shadow of lies, deceit, and pure evil without any realization. Everything his father taught him became nothing but a dream. Who was his father anyway? Was he the human he knew or just evil in the human face? What happens when he is torn between finding out about his identity and saving the world?


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10 chapters
For the past 13 years, life had been fun for Jason, with friends and family being around.But what made Jason who he was, was being a hunter. He loved the duties and responsibility it came with. It gave him a purpose in life. Being a protector of the town, he loved every bit of it. But few people knew about him being a hunter. Their lives were secret in the societySince he was five years, he had known there were supernatural beings out there. They were responsible for ensuring innocent people didn't get hurt.His training days always start with his dad Mr. Jayer Mackenzie and his night training with his mom, Miriam Mackenzie. His mom was versed in magic. She was a witch and a healer. Jason took some of the abilities from her.For as long as he could remember, his days and nights were always training or hunting and school, of course. School is a different matter. He was a different person as well. Innocent, quiet, and weak.In a training field, two men were battling. They wore black t
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The little girl changed into a big slender green creature with many little sharp teeth. It hissed and jumped at her. She was shocked but released an invisible wall. The creature hissed and changed its target to Jason. He jumped up in the air and sprayed a white powder on the creature before dropping to the ground and shooting its head.He was breathing heavily by the time he squatted on one knee. Miriam was on the ground from the force. Her heart was still beating fast. She had been a hunter for more than 20 years, but that scary little creature almost ripped her apart."What's that?" Jason asked, squatting at the headless green creature"Its Greeture" Jayer took a long stick from the ground and pushed its head aside."What's that? Never heard of it" Jason looked at the disgusting teeth"You have a lot to learn. I believe this is the 10th different creature you have met so far. Better have a clear record of them and how they can be killed"Yes, sir," Jason replied jokingly. Miriam got
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"Who do we have here?" Mike said to his group as he walked over. Jason jumped out and tried to take his clothes. But it was too late. The others were running to him. He looked over at the woods, and a thought came to him. Maybe that was a perfect opportunity to teach them a lesson. There was no one around.He ran to the woods to save his 'ass.'"Hey, Mackenzie. We just want to have fun. Why so serious." One of the boys called behind him as they ran after him"Get him. It would be fun to tie him to a post near the school naked or take pictures of them," Mike said, running after him as well."What about the other idiot?" another asked."Let him. He is already naked. Take his clothes with you and leave them in the woods." Mike said, thinking for a sec."You are evil," Jersey said, laughing aloud."Yeah. That's why you follow me." Mike replied as a matter of fact. Some team members are close to him because they are afraid he will bully them instead. They prefer to be his underdog over ano
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wound and pain
Inside a mansion, a family was gathered at a table having a meal together. Jason walked in from the front door and ran directly to his room. His mum and dad called him back, but he didn't answer and ran straight upstairs. He locked the door behind him and ran to the mirror to look at the wound on his left shoulder. He opened a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, took out bandages, disinfectants, wool, and towels, and cleaned the wound. He then pointed the finger at the wound, but it didn't heal.He then took a quick shower before calling Max to confirm he arrived home safe and sound."I was scared. What happened? They talked about you going into the forbidden area when I saw them return. Are you okay?" Max was worried as he tried to inquire about everything"I am okay. I will tell you everything tomorrow. Did you get our stuff back?" Jason was worried about his homework"Yes. Luckily they dropped it nearby.""Okay. I will pick it up very early in the morning before going to school.""Ok
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love at first sight
"Man. What's up? I have been talking to you. Where is your mind?""What" Jason came to his senses, but he didn't hear a thing Max said"What's wrong? You blanked out," Max inquired. It was not normal"I just saw a beauty and could not keep my cool," Jason answered honesty remembering that beautiful face with fluttering long black hair"Whoa. Where is she?" Max turned, trying to look in different directions," where is she" he asked after looking for a while. Jason was walking ahead, leaving Max behind"She is gone," he answered, smiling"You"The two talked about going to school, talking in detail about what happened a week ago and if it could be something dangerous. They planned to go for a checkup at the hospital later after class. The wound was healed. Just a bit of it left—a wet scar.Jason was listening to the lecturer in class, but he looked uncomfortable. He could hear sounds coming from different directions in school. He could listen to lectures in different rooms, others fight
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uninvited guest
"That's hard to answer. We first need to find whoever did it and ask them how to reverse it.""That's going to be hard considering hunter bosses are coming to town, putting me in danger. Also, I didn't think whoever did this would care enough to come to look for me in fear of my life. It seems like we have to find a different solution to this.""Wait. What did you just say? There are ancient hunters in town?" Max seemed in thought, "No wonder your dad has all those gun collections in the basement with different weird liquids," he said, thinking of the day they sneaked at the basement and found the armory. Yeah, it looked like a whole army armory."Dad is a ranger and needs those weapons for animal attacks. And we help sometimes." Jason smiled for a bit. He trusted Max with his secrets, but sometimes it's good to have something to yourself. Besides, his dad was working with the government as a ranger.That would make sense to anyone. They didn't talk much on their way home, with so man
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found out
"It has been years, but it seems they are back. The number of people dying around is alarming. It's time to get rid of them for the safety of people." He took a bike of a chicken wing before dropping the rest on the plate and wiping his mouth. Frank looked at them and asked something weird."How is your son. Has he been injured lately?" he seemed to be insinuating something. Both Jayer and Miriam looked at each other and shook their head in confusion."He has been home early, and all the time, he was fine." Mr. Jayer Mackenzie answered, looking surprised and worried at the same time. Is there something we should be worried about" he asked again afterward? He knew his son came home the previous night smelling of blood, but the tricky man had something up his sleeves."Ohh, nothing. It's just that there was a fight between an animal and a man in the wood, which seemed to happen last week. The only people around that area seemed to be your son, his friends, and some few fellows from scho
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"I never asked for this. I am supposed to be a hunter, but now, I am a wolf-hunter living with hunters, and we are required to hunt the wolves down. What will happen when they find out about me?" Jason could not help but ask about it. It had been playing around in his mind the entire day."Okay. I will be training you from tonight in the woods. We have to be careful not to be caught, but you need training as soon as possible. That's the only way you could survive and also know how to escape the ancient hunters." Damian said before jumping out the other window"Hey, wait" Before he could finish whatever he was saying, his dad and mum opened the door."Who were you talking to?" Jayer asked, looking around the room. Miriam sniffed the room and looked at his son knowingly. It seemed she perceived something and didn't want to believe it."Honey. Are you alight?" Miriam asked her son and hugged him." Ohh, dear, I know what you are going through. Don't worry. We are here for you." Mrs. Macke
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"I think you are ready, but you have to come to me earlier during the full moon. We need to find a place for you to survive until you know how to control the body and the changes. The last one didn't go well, and you almost ripped your friend part. This time I will be in charge, and no more arguments." Damian said before disappearing in front of him. He was too fast.Just as Jason walked out of the wood to go home, he met men with guns. The red lights spread all over the woods. He ran in the opposite direction, but he seemed to have spotted."There he is. Get him." He was too far to see who they were, but he knew for a fact they were the hunters."Ancient hunters. Damn," Jason cursed, running while hiding in blind spots"He went south get him. Don't let him go. They are monsters. Be careful not to be caught by them." Frank said. Jason knew the voice and was scared. That guy was a devil reincarnate. He would kill his family member without blinking if they ever turned into any of the mo
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party invitation
"Wow. I didn't know you have records of supernatural beings in DustVille" Jason was speechless. How much did his parents hide from him? It seems he was in the dark all along."Wait, that is Mr. Markings, the janitor at school. He is a vampire. Come on, mom, how can it be true?" Jason was skeptical, looking at the middle-aged man in the old book and the one at school. He was always a loner and worked late in the evening and night at school."He is one of the nice ones and protectors of town," Miriam said, looking through the different photos."There he is. That is the man" she pointed at the photo, and Jason seemed confused. The man was an inferno."An inferno. What does he want with me?" Jason asked, looking at his mom. On the other hand, Miriam trembled slightly when she saw the name."His name is Willis. He was one of the best infernos and worked with hunters, but Frank betrayed and tried to kill him. I don't know why he is after you, but you must be careful. His presence means dang
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