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Kingsman Return
Kingsman Return
Bearing the destruction of their home, Arran and his parents were exiled to a foreign land. As a newborn, Arran grew up living a life filled with strife and danger before experiencing a short 3 years of normal life filled with peace after the disappearance of his parents. Unfortunately, peace was never meant for him as a series of unreal circumstances leads to him returning to his homeland and finding out that the life he knew was not all that he thought it to be. This discovery leads him to even more danger as he is forced to uncover the truth of an ancient conspiracy and the cause of his exile and the disappearance of his parents.
Underestimated Son In Law
Underestimated Son In Law
Romance Billionaire Contract Marriage
Sett was the shame of the Laurel Family, not only because he was just a son-in-law, also because everyone thought he was a useless bum, including his wife. He was disgusted, despised, seemed as a pig. Until the day, a luxury car stopped in front of the door, and an amazing beautiful secretary got off the car...
Secretly The Billionaire Boss
Secretly The Billionaire Boss
Intelligent Billionaire Mafia
Debbie chocolate
🏆King of Urban and No.1 ‘Leading Star’ of ‘The Legendary Urban Man’ Contest🏆 Grey, a delivery man who was treated like trash by everyone, betrayed by his girlfriend, fired by his boss. Just at the time he was desperate to death, an old man told him his real identity. Now, he's no longer the useless trash, he is called Hercules, king of the world!
Savvy Son-in-law
Savvy Son-in-law
Comedy Mature Love
🏆[No.1 "Hard to Put Down" of "The Legendary Urban Man" Contest]🏆 A wife who thinks with her vagina and thinks the worst of her husband, a mother-in-law who twists words for her own benefit, a father-in-law who’s a multi-millionaire but is stingier than a beggar, and many more in-laws who can spew empty words much better than any popular politician out there. And there’s rarely anything they all ever agree on, except when it comes to mocking their one and only son-in-law to the point they put the workers in their villa above him. They take out all their frustrations on him and humiliate him to the bone and beyond at every possible opportunity. However, like the inevitable judgment day, the day their reality turns upside down inches closer, the same day when the wife’s ego gets eaten and the in-laws' faces turn ashen as a newborn calf’s first poop, and that’s just the start of a savvy show.
Building My Life
Building My Life
Marriage Romance Billionaire
Anderson José
He had to run away from home in order not to be murdered. Without a penny in his pocket and with the clothes on his back, he had to start from scratch to build his life away from his family and friends, in a rough area of the city. But , with the strength of his fists and with faith in God, his story is changing for the better. He will be able to build a decent, prosperous and successful life. But, just like in a construction site, the work along the journey will be of blood, sweat and tears.
Crash-landed On An Island With Nine Beauties
Crash-landed On An Island With Nine Beauties
Fantasy Billionaire Innocent
🏆 ["Golden Medal" in Harem Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"] 🏆 Damien was a loser, dejected, hated, spat on, ridiculed and slammed. But his story took a new turn when the jet supposed to take the nine amazing ladies to a VVIP location, was hit. Unlocking a powerful survival system. They crashed on a uninhibited island... What will happen when a loser turn into the host of a powerful system? When the life of these nine beauties who'd once trampled upon his ego depend on him?? Discord:
The Trillionaire's Heir
The Trillionaire's Heir
Romance Second Chance Billionaire
🏆 ["Sliver Medal" in "The Most Popular Novel" of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"] 🏆 Damon is the poorest son in-law of the billionaire family of Lilian, his wife, whose mother in law treats him as the worst and does everything in her power to get rid of him because of his financial status, despite the fact that he has a child with her daughter, they want him gone, but when worst comes to worst, Damon discovers a powerful secret about his child and the selfishness of his wife which breaks him, but he gets stunned more to discover that He's the richest man alive.
The Consortium's Heir
The Consortium's Heir
Campus Intelligent Billionaire
🏆[No.2 "The Leading Star" of "The Legendary Urban Man" Contest]🏆 Darius Reid, an average university student is always looked down upon by the society. Just when he thought his life would take a turn for the worst, a phone call and a sudden inheritance changes his life. From now on, he is no longer an average university student. He is Darius Reid, the only heir to the Reid Consortium!
Blood Wolf
Blood Wolf
Werewolf System Romance
Earn a few coins, find something to eat, hide at night, survive another day. Life was tough but simple enough for Adam. All he had to do was be a good man and keep his adopted sister safe. It was all good, until one day his peaceful life was disturbed. And in the moment of death, something decided to save his life, but at what cost?***Now Adam can never go back to the simple life he had. When he was forced to follow a new path or find his death. When he was forced to fight back against the world. When he was forced to protect the woman who made his life full of trouble. When the orphan boy who once hid from the night was forced to become the predator who rules the Shadows.
Life as A Servant
Life as A Servant
Tragedy Magic Dark
‘Life is cruel’, Such a saying can be applied to Bin, who’s a youth diagnosed with a strange terminal illness. He passes every day working various odd jobs to support himself and earn enough money for his young sister after his imminent death. However, his life gets turned upside down when he meets Jasmine Lemore, a girl hailing from a very rich family. "I've come for my money, but since you can't pay, I'll have you become my loyal servant. You have no right to refuse!"
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