A Fictitious Reality

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A Fictitious Reality

By: KyriaArtemisa_ OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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[Reality Series #1] Anthony Carson, a fiction writer, seeks the approval of his agent. He went on a journey finding inspiration for his new story, but what he discovered was far-stretched than any other fictional being he had ever written - a strange cat who can transform into a drop dead gorgeous man. For the sake of making fictions, he adopted the cat only to mess up his reality to a CATastrophic fiction! Cats chasing him with guns on hand plus weird animals wanting to kill him, now he'd gotten a reality only encountered in fiction! And what's even weirder is the thing he's feeling to the furry fellow living with him. A question arose; How well can a writer face his own reality?

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HE can feel his hand trembling as he tries to write on his notepad what transpired as of this moment. He couldn't stop, maybe it's the only thing that could calm his nerves; to be serene even if he might die today. Beads of sweat ran like rain in his forehead, he clicked his tongue as he set his eyes to his assailants; tall lean muscular figures wearing weird suits with cat ears and tail, all of them pointing their badass looking guns at him. Guns that only existed in sci-fi movies.    ”D-Do something!” he heard a small voice coming from his side. The person seemed to be crying based on his muffled hiccups.    He turned his gaze to his side and saw the owner of the voice. An attractive guy with a neck-length messed-up silver hair, on top of that hair, is a pair of gray cat ears. His cheeks colored pink because of crying and big green eyes coated with tears.    He heard the guns click and he unconsciously w
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Chapter 1 - A Writer's Tragic Dilemma
THE SKY is gloomy as he sets his golden orbs on it. He could see the dark ominous clouds of the sky that were threatening to shed tears and the harsh gust of wind accompanied it; slapping his skin and his white polo shirt, seemingly angry and the cause of the vast sky's melancholy. The cloud is like him and the wind must be someone who'll wake him up from his reveries; to open his eyes to the reality that he's indeed a pitiful person.    The sky must be sympathizing with him, and if the sky will cry, maybe it's better to weep as well. Maybe they're on the same page.    He looked at his reflection at a boutique's glass. His swollen eyes with big eye bags, cracked and dry lips—overall a hideous haggard appearance. He sacrificed sleep to finish his new manuscript and even skipped to bathe and eat. He exercised everything his brain could offer but in the end, he was rejected.    He sighed.   
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Chapter 2 - A Thief's Reason
"COME BACK HERE! You pest! " An angry middle-aged fat woman with thick yellow-colored eyeshadow and smudged pink lipstick shouted like a tortured walrus. She's holding her dirtied sandals as she runs.  She almost slipped on a dirty puddle a while ago as she chased a white furball with gray patches.  But the culprit never stopped running as his mouth secures a piece of tuna fish he stole from the raging woman. A glint of satisfaction passed through his forest-green orbs as his sensitive ears picked up a sound of hoarse breathing and gasps.  "C-Come back here! Give me back my expensive tuna! I always wanted to eat that. . ." He heard a thud, he knew that's his cue to stop running and looked at the pitiful woman almost sleeping in the cement.  'Heh! That's what you get from eating too much and being greedy. ' The cat thought and stopped himself from smirking or e
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Chapter 3.1 - A Dummy's Guide
’DID you ever find something that seems real but you aren't sure about it?’ A question flooded on a young man's mind wearing a cheap orange shirt with ’on sale’ print on it, his hair tied in a man bun which doesn't seem like one. Anthony stared blankly at the unmoved coffee cup he had ordered from a nearby coffee shop. He sat on one of the tables outside the shop and some other people who were unfortunate enough to have a seat inside, the coffee shop was buzzing with customers that day and he wasn't fortunate enough to go early.  He's up all night during weekends and sleeps at dawn.  His face is painted with pure concentration as he starts to think while holding a book he bought entitled, “How To Write Fictions: A Dummy's Guide.” It's been thirty-five minutes since he opened it but he's still not finished in chapter 1. He's still at the first three words,
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Chapter 3.2
His whole day was uneventful. Eat. Write. Clean his house. Sleep and now watch. It's already 10 pm and he's still slumping on his crimson-colored sofa, eating junk foods and a piece of cake he had brought in the coffee shop to celebrate that he somehow passed his exams yesterday. His eyes focus on the screen of his laptop watching a shady looking guy being arrested by a tall bearded guy wearing an oversized coat and a hat. The screen turned black and credits started to roll with an annoying OST of the movie playing in the background.    He frowned as he started to chew the cake he's eating. ”That was it? What a bad plot! I thought the writer of the book from where this is based is famous?” Still frowning, he closed his laptop shut. ”And... my agent did tell me that I should be like this writer. Is he still okay in the head? The scenes are all predictable and clichè, ” he added as he opened a bottle of soda.    He took another bite
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Chapter 4.1 - Reality For Fictional Use
THE classroom was chaotic. The buzzing sound of exhilarating students who hoped to excel or stay at the ranking gossips among each other, some are terrified, biting their nails, sweat dripping on their foreheads; silently praying to stay at their ranking or some just want to have a passing mark or else their fate will be served at their doorsteps: to take the heinous subject again and face the wrath of their parents.    Some of them even started to do the sign of the cross as the ever frowning face of Mrs. Fhart, their homeroom teacher, and major scanned on her laptop.    Any moment from now, the devil would call their names and they'll know their verdict. The punishment of not studying is whipping them hard. Should they just study and refrain from procrastinating, maybe their fates would be good.    Apart from the frantic students are the students who don't care much, unresponsive to the commotion, doing
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Chapter 4.2
Awkward silence contaminated the air of two individuals seated on a mauve colored mahogany table, facing each other. Each has a cup of coffee on hand. One of them is a raven-haired lad, golden orbs shining as he stared at the other lad with a chestnut curly faded hair, square-shaped face with refined features; a pointed nose, slanted eyes with an expressive silver orb. The other lad wears a plain gray shirt with a graffiti font word, "Checkmate" printed on the shirt.    Anthony couldn't just believe he saw this guy in the flesh!    Who will not be awed? When one of the most famous and very skilled writers of best selling romance novels is staring at him, he even offers him coffee and advice for his novel! Just wow. Did luck finally pitied him and showed?    Anthony is in a complete starstruck and he couldn't even open his mouth to speak, not even a single word. He just stared like a fanboy he was. It's Sai
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Chapter 5 - I Didn't Want This
'HE hated it here'. A thought lingering Aegir's mind as a visible scrawl imprinted on his lips.    He felt his skin getting itchy and irritated his fur glistened in sweat as the sweltering heat torture his being. Why the hell is the sun so hyped today? The heat's making him lazy. But he wants to eat and his appetite shouldn't be neglected.    He waved his tail from left to right as he wandered around the busy streets of New Gorgon, finding a place where there was plenty of food.    He's sick of eating scraps and chasing mice and birds that will tire him out, the old fat lady he used to steal food from always eats delivered food from fast-food, never leaving her house like she's scared of something that she wouldn't even bother to buy groceries. Call him choosy
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Chapter 5.2
A visible frown decorated Anthony's face as he grudgingly sat on a white and red satin-decorated chair, on his lap was his infamous writing notebook and a black pen.  He wanted to write again, but how can he do it if he couldn't concentrate? He doesn't want to be here! To be in a lavish room decorated with satin and ribbon, attended by people who wore branded clothes and expensive jewelry; drinking wine in their glasses, chit chatting as they waited for someone to step in the small stage in front and deliver a speech in the gemelina wood podium.  He doesn't belong here. Why would an awkward mess with raven uncut hair, wearing only a cheap synthetic leather brown jacket and a pair of denim jeans that he got from a bargain shop be here?  "Auntie, can I go home a
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Chapter 6 - Consoling
A sing-song voice could be heard in the dead of night. Slow footsteps kissed the asphalt road of the heavily silent streets of Yaki. Only the two blinking street lights gave hope amidst the blinding darkness and only the human carrying the said tune gave life to the emptiness. Humans living in the area were already slumbering on their beds as time pointed its hand at 2 am, already past midnight.    Tap. Tap. Tap. The sound of clicking added to the serene band. A man could be seen hovering his hands over his phone. He stopped singing. Fast tappings could be heard, then he stopped as he pressed a red button.    "You're dialing Idol Saint..."   "The number you have dialed is unattended. Please try again later. "   "C'mon, Saint! Answer the damn phone! I changed my mind, I still don't want to go home. I need someone to talk to. " He dialed the number again only to receive the same reply. He tsk
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