Amazing Martial Artist

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Amazing Martial Artist

By: Yi Nian Wang Yang1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Ye Wuque originally was an extraordinary genius with possessed peerless natural talent. However, for mystery of his origins, he was willing to perish and pretended to be trash to condense the Holy Magic Source for entire 10 years! Now that the ten years were up, the true genius returned! An invincible path that defeated countless geniuses, crushed all sorts of extraodinary King Physiques and Godly Physiques, and tore apart the legends of the heavens and the earth, causing the myriad of worlds to tremble had been unfolded! "You say that your aptitude is unmatched? Your comprehension ability is incredible? Your blood is noble?" "Sorry, it depends on who you want to compare with. Compared to me, you will cry." The amazing martial artist rose to power, soaring madly along the way!


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314 chapters
Chapter 1 Ten Years of Silence for Ye Wuque!
""Bang! Om! ""Yuan Power fluctuated and permeated in the air and the sound of two fists colliding rang out, which caused rocks to fly in the air. Ye Wuque was hit in the chest by the punch. His body was pushed back for thirty feet before he managed to stop.Ye Wuque looked like a 14 or 15-year-old boy. He was handsome with fair skin. In particular, his eyes seemed like bright stars, adding a strange charm to his young face.However, at this moment, Ye Wuque was in a slightly embarrassing state. His black hair was fluttering in the wind and he even did not glance at the opponent on the platform who defeated him in three moves. Instead, he closed eyes and he was expressionless, as if he was immersed in his own world.""Ye Wuque, out! Murong Hai, win! Let’s enter the next round!""Following the voice coming from behind the huge battle stage, Murong Hai who was standing on the stage jumped down. The eighteen-year-old boy is tall and sturdy with a scar on his face.With arrogance on his fa
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Chapter 2 One Month Later, Do You Dare to Fight Me?
Ye Wuque closed his eyes slightly. Although he was seething with anger in his heart, he still had feelings for the Murong Family even though disciples of Murong Family had been mocking him for the past ten years. He still respected the middle-aged man he called ""Uncle Changqing"".After all, this was the place where he had grown up.He silently waited, waiting for Murong Changqing’s decision.""Murong Tian sincerely requests that the master agree to these two requests.”The whole battle stage fell into silence. Even the few elders of the Murong Family were silent for a while. Only Murong Baishi narrowed his eyes and glanced at Ye Wuque. No one knew what he was thinking.After throwing down two consecutive requests, Murong Tian said no more. His face was calm, and he silently looked at Murong Changqing’s face which changed slightly. The rise and fall of the spirit moon behind him represented his confidence to say these words.""Ye Wuque? Does such a trash who has not made progress for
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Chapter 3 Fighting Holy Moves! Defeating Murong Hai Within Three Punches!
""Hot! Hot! Hot!"" This was the only feeling Ye Wuque had at the moment.In a simple house, Ye Wuque struggled to maintain his cross-legged posture. His whole body was hot, and his white skin had already turned red!His sweat as big as beans kept flowing, but in an instant, they were evaporated by the frighteningly high temperature from the body.His eyes were tightly closed and his brows were slightly furrowed. Although he was expressionless, it was not difficult to tell from the tight grip on HIS cheeks that he was enduring great pain.""Buzz.” ""Clatter——”The roaring sound was like the surging river from Ye Wuque's body. If one looked carefully, he would find that every inch of his skin was gently moving!It was like a copious and irresistible force was surging willfully within his body!His flesh and blood seemed to be torn apart by the brute force!His soul seemed to have been constantly swept away by the cold blade!Although the two great pains were constantly attacking Ye Wu
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Chapter 4 I Said Three Punches, So Just Three Punches!
""Defeat me within three punches? Hahahaha... Crap Wuque, I thought you really had courage to challenge Murong Tian. But now, I think you’re just crazy! What, you can’t take it anymore after being trash for ten years? Ah, a trash is just a trash. It’s fine to occasionally daydream, but remember to tuck your tail between your legs. Otherwise, who knows when I’ll be unhappy and crush you to death with one finger! Hahahaha...”The scar on the left cheek trembled violently, and Murong Hai looked up to the sky and laughed wildly. In his ears, Ye Wuque's words were as funny as an ant wanting to swallow an elephant.The jeers rose one after another, and the five or six Murong disciples who came with Murong Binglan couldn't help laughing. All of them had the same expression. They glanced at the alone Ye Wuque with disdain and contempt.Morong Binglan's red lips also moved slightly, and a playful smile appeared on her delicate face. She, who had once been engaged to Ye Wuque, had been broodin
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Chapter 5 Xian, Sun-Moon-Star Restriction!
""Chuu”His Yuan Power shook and left the courtyard of the Murong Family. Ye Wuque's figure became ethereal. He seemed to have identified a direction and was rushing there.""Ah, Morong Binglan seems to hate you a lot.""A mocking voice from Kong sounded in Ye Wuque's mind. He had witnessed the scene just now. He was not surprised that Ye Wuque destroyed Murong Hai within three punches.Because during the night that had just passed, the golden-red Qi and blood returned to Ye Wuque’s body, and the cultivation of Ye Wuque, who had been condensed by the Holy Magic Source, finally rose again after ten years.Peak of the sixth level of Body Transformation was Ye Wuque's current realm, but this was just the beginning.The Holy Fighting Power had been fully displayed through the battle just now. Being able to fight those two realms above him and defeat Murong Hai was the best proof.Therefore, if he was not confident, he would not bet with Murong Tian on the battle stage yesterday. After a
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Chapter 6 Seven-star Refining Box, Human-Level Explosive Elixir
Seeing that the Moon Restriction and the Star Restriction had been destroyed by him and two different-shaped objects emerged, Ye Wuque's eyes could not help but brighten.He already had a guess about what the fiery-red light cluster filled with a fragrant scent was, so he first walked toward the dark rectangular box, which aroused Ye Wuque's curiosity.It touched cool.Ye Wuque gently touched the surface of the black box with his right hand. The first thing he felt was the temperature of the box. As his right hand slowly fluttered, he felt the texture of the box.""It touched cool. The surface seems to be very smooth, but I can clearly feel rough lines. What material is this box made of? Why does it feel contradictory?""His eyes flashed, and he stretched out one hand again. With a slight force from his hands, Ye Wuque easily took the box that was floating quietly.""It's about four feet long and one foot wide. It's dark, rectangular, and almost weightless. What is it?""He carefull
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Chapter 7 I Am Waiting for You in the Battle of the Hundred Cities!
As soon as the elixir entered his mouth, it turned into a stream of fragrance from his throat and rushed into Ye Wuque's body. Suddenly, an extremely violent force exploded in his body, accompanied by amazing heat!At this moment, the golden-red Qi and blood, and Holy Fighting Power seemed to perceive the huge external force. Under the operation of Ye Wuque's mind, they rushed to the flood of power bursting out of the Human-Level Explosive Elixir.""Chuu."" ""Buzz.""Feeling the boiling situation in his body in an instant, Ye Wuque was expressionless. He focused on his Dantian and paid all his attention on commanding the golden-red blood and Qi and Holy Fighting Power. He wanted to use his own blood and Qi and Yuan Power to dissolve and gradually absorb the power of the Human-Level Explosive Elixir.This process might be extremely dangerous, or it might really be a bet, just like what Kong said, but Ye Wuque had already suppressed the fear in his mind. At this moment, all he could do w
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Chapter 8 Get It Back by Himself!
On the battle stage of Murong Family.At that instant, people who belonged to the Murong Family were everywhere. From the chief Murong Changqing, to the nine elders, to every single young disciple of the Murong Family, they were all gathered at the battle stage.Astonishment flashed past the faces of the young disciples. In twos and threes, they discussed spiritedly, as if something exciting happened. As they discussed, gaze after gaze swept towards a person who sat upright on the battle stage. Their faces were full of admiration and excitement.Morong Binglan, who was surrounded like a moon surrounded by stars, also stared at the figure with her pretty eyes. However, her red lips were firmly bitten by herself!""Ye Wuque, how dare you humiliate me! You loser, just wait and see. Today is the day Tian tramples you underfoot!""That person sat alone, and behind him, a faint silver-coloured spirit moon rose and fell. A powerful aura endlessly surged, and on his handsome face, his eyes
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Chapter 9 Roaming Dragon Hand!
""Buzz.""Thick Yuan Power poured out of Murong Tian’s body as a frightening aura instantly soared!A sinister glint flashed past his eyes. Murong Tian had already decided to use the shortest amount of time possible to stamp on Crap Wuque in front of him.Therefore, he did not show any mercy when he attacked!""Terminus Tiger Fist!""""Roar!""An earth-shattering tiger roar rang out, and Murong Tian’s expression turned solemn. Accompanying the tiger’s roar was a horrifying aura that engulfed Murong Tian’s entire body. It was as if a colorful tiger hidden deep in the mountains had suddenly pounced and was coming out to eat someone!""Buzz.""A powerful wave of Yuan Power engulfed the entire battle stage. When Murong Tian made his move, it immediately showed its strength!""Crap! Lie down!""Murong Tian, in the form of a fierce tiger, rushed to Ye Wuque with terrifying force that could tear everything apart! It seemed that in the next moment, Ye Wuque would be torn into pieces by this force!
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Chapter 10 Fierce Battle!
""Ow-""A voice that was even more domineering than the Tiger’s Roar faintly sounded beside Murong Tian!Ye Wuque's eyes narrowed. He could clearly tell that it was... the roar of a dragon!Roaming Dragon Hand!This high-grade unique skill was the family legacy skill of the Murong Family. Paired with middle-grade unique skill, the Haotian Strength, only the family master and the top genius could learn it.Clearly, Murong Tian had received the teachings of this unique skill.""Buzz.""As far as Ye Wuque's eyes could see, two one-foot-long shadows of dragons slowly surrounded Murong Tian's hands. Murong Tian's expression was dignified. Obviously, this set of high-grade unique skill was not something that he could easily use even if he was in the Mortal Cleansing Spirit Realm. As the white Yuan Power kept surging, a domineering and sharp force overflowed!""Roar!""Holy Fighting Power surged as golden-red Qi and blood surged. The image of a fierce golden tiger slowly took shape behind Ye
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