Berserker Magician

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Berserker Magician

By: Yrythaela OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A manaless child born in a war torn world... Will he be able to handle the adversities against him? Or will he fall being a weakling?


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31 chapters
Avan Neidleest
"He's human, but was never a part of humanity."-------------------------------------------------------It was at the summer morning of April 1, XXXX, it was the day for the head of the Neidleest family to give birth to her heir. Her maid was all there in the process to help her give birth. "Push madame!""ARGHHHH!!!" The cold sweat and the pain that a woman must bear to give birth into this world is unbearable. As a woman needs to sacrifice all of her mana that she currently has to try and forge a connection with the baby. To prevent such complications and disabilities.A mark appeared on Carpei Neidleest's head. The flow of mana appeared all around her and everything suddenly broke like glass.The small bits of mana in the area disappeared and the large bump on her stomach disappeared and a human baby began to materialize in front of them.Despite her being incredibly weak from the process, she stood up and grabbed the baby in the air.
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Living Corpse
Avan Neidleest, fifteen years old. He has grown a lot. Yet his fate was always there, unchanging. "Mother, I'll be going out.""Take care!" Carpei's words gave Avan the boost that he needed for the day.He grabbed the huge greatsword that was sitting in front of the door. As he took it out, his body seemed to give up on him as it immediately began to fall off to the ground.He grabbed the hilt and dragged it outside, behind of their house.He focused himself and tried to gather mana, yet there was none. "Still none huh..."He lifted the greatsword up and swung it.And suddenly, it was like every single bone in his body broke down. But it was just his imagination, as the pain got worse. But he was unfazed.He continued to swing it until his whole body bled out. His hands, tired. His whole existence was nothing but to swing that sword in the hopes of getting stronger. To not tarnish his mother's name.His words that he always sai
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Avan raised his hand and closed his eyes, "Entara Zi Fa Ma Ha Lo!" But as soon as he opened it, nothing was happening. "Heh, I can't even summon a demon to exchange my soul to get stronger. How laughable."Avan began to scavenge throughout the whole forbidden room of magic the books that he was looking at.He was taking notes and looking at all of it, trying to memorize each and everyone of it.He couldn't even cast basic spells like Heal or Fireball.So in this forbidden room, he was trying to cast each and every spell that he could find. In the desperation, this was the room for his experimentation.Without a care for what would happen after the spell has been casted, he does it anyway.Summon a demon, a dragon, an angel, a god, destroy cities, kill people, as long as he tries to grasp power. Any type of power. He'd be satisfied. Because everything is for his mother.He went back, fruitless and clueless once again. Only having left
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Viribius Academy
The Academy of Viribius. The only academy that was around for the city Avan was in. It was highly renowned of creating outstanding students, but it wasn't really the best like the others out there. But it was still an academy wherein one can graduate, and live the rest of their life easy as long as they landed in the top.It was a magic school for everyone. Though people who mostly train swordsmanship are also there since they still use magic.But for someone who can't use both, Avan was a bit unusual. The only student allowed to enter without magic or the skill of swordsmanship.He dragged the sword to the academy, not being able to carry it by himself.As he finally got there, he was about to be warned by one of the students but a teacher popped up behind him and prevented him from doing so.Avan carried his sword to his classroom on the first floor leaving a large trail.He was alone as always, yet his knowledge surpasses everyone.Read more
The Start of Everything
The students around began to gather up and began to shout at Avan's foolishness. Others were laughing at him. And everyone began to praise Meno.Everyone knew, Avan would lose. And that was not an opinion, but a fact.Avan stood straight and raised his sword. His stance was already faltering due to the weight of the sword.He rushed to Meno and started off with an overhead swing. He felt his whole arms starting to fall off."Hah... how stupid." Meno raised his hand up, "Barrier."Avan's hands couldn't handle his barrier and the sword fell off to the ground. His hands were bleeding heavily already and he was extremely exhausted by that one swing."The rumors about you were true. You're just a Living Corpse. An error in the creation of this world. You were something that wasn't supposed to exist. Every single human represents humanity. But you, a human who doesn't have a single ounce of mana, DOESN'T GET TO!" Meno felt anger running through hi
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"HAHAHAHA! This power... I have finally awakened it... everything in my life has led up to this." Avan swung his sword once again and the houses from afar was sliced up and all that he could see was cloud, dust and smoke from the fires going everywhere. "I slash my sword and I split the heavens above, I strike with my sword and I destroy whatever is on the other end. I have become my own sword! Now the people who were ridiculing me... no one will ever fight with me again or harm my mother ever again..."Avan took a step forward and the ground beneath him cracked as if the whole world has split.Winds of shockwave released everywhere and the mages from the sky above were blown away. But they also couldn't move as there was a hint of paralyze magic with his step.They tried to motion their hands to cast a spell to protect themselves, but they couldn't move an inch."Dark Magic, Flame Magic, Wind Magic, Lightning Magic and now... GRAVITY MAGIC!?" The Tower M
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This is Strength. This is Power.
"Look everyone! I'm not that weak old guy before! I can now handle this sword like I always wanted to. I'm overflowing with power... HAHAHA!" Avan continued swinging his sword, "Is this what the ecstasy in the pain meant..? If so, everything in my life is worth it.""Avan, that's enough." Atez appeared in front of him."Atez..! You're back! Look what my hard work earned me. An unbeatable strength... now, Carpei won't be ridiculed anymore because of me...""Avan, can you hear me in there?""...Huh? I'm here Atez.""Seems like this is your desires running rampant. I don't know what made you to change this much, but I bet that's the thing that's preventing you from unleashing this abundance of mana. If you can hear me there Atez, you need to stop this.""What? Hey, hey, hey! I spent over ten years cultivating myself to get stronger. And you're telling me that I need to throw it all away..? You have to be joking! I did this all for my mother...
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"Mother..?" Avan's expression lit up. "Mother, look at this! My hard work paid off... I was so sick of you worrying because of me... but now, you don't have to worry about anything. We'll finally be able to live a normal life like we always wanted." Avan stretched his hands out to his mother but the barrier that was put around him prevented it from doing so."Stay back Carpei! That's not your son anymore!" Atez then pulled her back to them."No! He's still there! I can hear him!" Carpei was trying to break free of Atez's grip on her."Carpei, you know this is because of his father! His body will break soon. He can't handle that mana in his body!""Let me go Atez! I can still hear his words! He can still be sa-" She then began to spat out blood from her body."Carpei!" Atez then noticed something unusual, "You... you're running out of mana! Barrier!""Atez! What's happening to her! Tell me!" Avan was banging the barrier that was casted around
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"That's... that's a lie!" Avan, using his sword cut all the barriers in half with a single swing.The mages that were creating the barrier all suddenly coughed up blood and fell on their knees as they all used the last bit of their mana creating the most powerful barrier in their lives. Yet it fell flat in the hands of Avan.Avan dropped his sword on the ground and it caused a massive earthquake and the ground split into four. "I'm... finally strong and powerful... and you're telling me you all don't want it!? Why aren't any of you smiling? Why aren't any of you clapping..? I spent multiple years cultivating my strength to be where I am right now. This is what you all wanted me to be... To be strong, I no longer stain humanity. Yet... why... why do you have the looks on your face... ISN'T THIS WHAT YOU WANTED ME TO BE!?"Avan couldn't see their faces of approval nor their admiration of him. They looked at Avan with a complete sense of fear.He couldn't lo
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Happy Birthday..?
Avan suddenly woke up. "Huh..?" He knew that he died yet as he looked around, he was still around and could move around. Yet he noticed something different. His body has shrunk. He sat up and looked at his hands, it looked like that of a baby. "HUH..!?"A maid then came up to Avan and brought him up to her arms and began to cradle. "Milady is still sleeping. Please sleep too, Avan.""She's..." Avan immediately covered his mouth and began to think to himself. "She's the maid the left the household years ago because of her parents forcing her to leave because of me. Her name was... Vivian?""Ah, seems like you're not going to sleep. I'll just go to the grocery real quick to buy some food." Vivian then placed Avan in the basket and put on the blanket that was in front of him. She then left the house with the purse that was on the table."Wait, what am I thinking right now!?" Avan stood up but his weak body immediately tossed him right back down. "What has ha
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