Better Learning System

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Better Learning System

By: BANE OngoingSystem

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Prince Maxwell was an 11the grade high school student trying to make it to the Ivy league university where his best friend Cody Banks had gained admission to the previous year. Making it to an Ivy league university was a different ball game from the regular universities that everyone knew. It involved a harder entrance exam, and as much as Prince Maxwell studied as hard as he could, he was sure that he had not learned enough to make him pass the entrance exam which was due in less than twenty-four hours. While he was in a state of despair, he fell asleep after managing to solve a difficult arithmetic task that he had been studying for ages, and before he knew it he jolted into a system activated reality. {Welcome Prince Maxwell} {Join the Best Learning System} {Yes/No}


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Ivy League?
''I told you, forget about the Ivy league schools they are not your level. Get ready to attend the city college, okay?'' Mr. Maxwell said to his son, Prince Maxwell. He was so sure that he was giving Prince the best advice. Of course, it appeared to be the best advice as Prince Maxwell had struggled to study the past questions that he downloaded from the internet. Everything looked strange to him. The Ivy league was indeed for special children, and he was in no way special. His friend Cody Banks didn't have to go through this sort of difficulty before he entered the Ivy league school because his parents were wealthy enough to pay for his tuition completely, unlike Prince Maxwell who had to be admitted through scholarship. Of course, if he was going to be offered a scholarship, he had to prove that he was worth every single dime that the school will spend on him. So he was desperate to pass the exam. Prince Maxwell gritted his teeth and chewed at the bottom of his pen as he star
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''Prince, I bet you would figure this system out eventually,'' Cody Banks said to Prince, his portrait suddenly appearing on the dashboard of Prince's interface.''Cody, I don't understand how this system came about, I was just...wait a know about this too?'' Prince Maxwell asked. Cody Banks laughed sheepishly. ''I got to know about the system after I got into the Ivy. All three Ivy's in the country have the system operating, but not all the students know of its existence. Some also know it exists but don't know how or where to find it,'' Cody Banks explained. Prince was even more surprised at Cody's answer.''So, how did I get the system then? I am in no Ivy yet, tomorrow is just my entrance and I am studying for it with extreme frustration,'' Prince complained.''The system came to you...'' Cody Banks replied, smiling. ''Yes, I know. I can see that, but why?'' Prince Maxwell asked. ''You are studying, right? Those questions are Ivy first-year arithmetic questions w
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Exam Day
Prince Maxwell woke up the following day unsure of whether what he supposedly dreamt about was real. ''Good luck Prince. I hope you make it through, that will do the family a lot of good, at least your father won't have to spend money on your tuition at all,'' Prince's mother said to him as she gave him final grooming on his appearance. Prince's mind was still in last night's business, so he did not care to reply to his mother as he was sure that he had bigger fish to fry. Mrs. Maxwell glanced at Prince closely as she tucked his curly blonde hair behind his ears. He seemed different, he seemed detached. ''Sleep well?'' she eventually had to ask him.''Prince, come on out, you are getting late,'' Mr. Maxwell called from outside. Since Prince was going to an Ivy League school to take his entrance, Mr. Maxwell had to agree that allowing Prince to take a train or a bus and have to walk into the school while most students would arrive in heavy luxurious cars would affect him, so he o
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Mrs. Echelon
Suddenly snapping back to the moment, Prince Maxwell was quick to realize that no amount of staring at the lecturer and declaring her as his property would make him pass that exam if he did not know the answers. It was as if he remebered that he was about to sweat for the next three hours, Prince suddenly looked at the lady with polite respect and listened to what she had to tell him. ''Say your name please?'' she asked Prince.''Maxwell, Prince,'' Prince replied. The lady smartly typed his name into the search bar of the future generation ipad she had with her, and before she was even done, Prince Maxwell's details had popped out on the screen. The lady did a quick scan of Prince's face with her ipad and as soon as she heard a beep with a green LED light flashing on the screen of her ipad, she was convinced that she had the right candidate.''Very well then, welcome to Bayale. My name is Mrs. Echelon, and I am your invigilator, please take this tag and locate your seat, 005. I'm
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Prince got up from his seat after twenty minutes. Mrs. Echelon frowned with contempt, she was sure that Prince had not finished, and had started his nuisance again. "What do you really want, young man?" she asked warily. Prince didn't say anything, instead he handed his answers over to her. Mrs. Echelon gasped."Have you finished?" she asked in shock. Prince nodded.Mrs. Echelon opened Prince's answer sheet and took a look at it.She didn't know anything about most if the questions that we're set, but she could see that Prince had really worked on them and finished them. What the hell? She didn't know what to do. She stared at the papers in her hand, then at Prince. "Are you sure? As soon as I lock in your script there is no turning back," Mrs. Echelon said. Prince nodded. "Very well then look into the green light," she instructed Prince. There was a green laser-like light in front of her and she made Prince look at it. The green gentle light scanned Prince's eyeball as h
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You Don't Believe In Me
Mr. Maxwell, a renowned scientist, knew about the existence of the system but the last time he heard of it was a long time ago. Did it still exist? It was the only thing he could claim to be the reason for his son's sudden smartness. Eager to find out if there was more to his son's intelligence than he knew, he single handedly set up an arithmetic task. "Prince!" Mr. Maxwell called his son with a gentle countenance. Prince Maxwell had been on the phone 24/7 since he received the news of his gaining the scholarship.He was telling every single friend he knew, about it. All Prince's friends in and outside the country, knew that Prince was going to Bayale, one of the famous Ivy League schools in the country, to study. Under normal circumstances, Mr. Maxwell would bang on Prince's door when he needed his attention, but since scored himself the famous scholarship, Mr. Maxwell added a little respect to the way he addressed Prince. Mr. Maxwell knocked on Prince's door politely, befor
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''I think he has the system. I think my son has discovered the system. But how is it possible?'' when Mr. Maxwell arrived at work the following day, he went straight to his superior's office to make the report. Professor Gabin, a renowned scientist in the country, was sitting with his bulky stomach nearly resting on the surface of his desk as he looked at Mr. Maxwell ranting away. ''What system?'' he asked Mr. Maxwell. ''You know it. The Better Learning system that we invented years ago? How long has it been since we invented it and it failed?'' Mr. Maxwell asked. Professor Gabin swallowed hard. The Better Learning System was originally invented by Mr. Maxwell, single-handedly. He made this invention all by himself, even though it was registered under his company's name. After a lifetime of what seemed to be a failed career, Mr. Maxwell, a talented scientist, opted to work a regular job at a private scientific company where he toiled day and night, inventing the best machines a
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What Do You Know?
''When will you ever cut our boy some slack? He just won the best scholarship in the country,'' Mrs. Maxwell scolded her husband, Mr. Maxwell when she figured out the reason for Prince Maxwell wearing a long face.''Don't get me wrong, I am not saying I do not appreciate him, it's just that I know that something is behind his distinct score,'' Mr. Maxwell argued. Mrs. Maxwell frowned.She didn't understand what her husband was talking about, at least not at the moment. ''What could have happened? It is impossible to cheat at such examinations, and I know that you of all people will know that for a fact,'' Mrs. Maxwell explained. ''Yes, I know, but that's not what I am talking about. I'm not talking about that sort of cheating or third-party help,'' Mr. Maxwell replied. Mrs. Maxwell was silent for a while. What was this man talking about?By all means, she wanted to understand him. Mr. Maxwell also looked at his wife, expecting her to understand the angle he was coming from, but
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You Don't Need To Help Me
Seeing his father like this, Prince Maxwell didn't like it for a day. Prince didn't even know if the system was real, or if he was dreaming. It all happened in the twinkle of an eye, and he had still not been able to grasp it. Then?His father shows up claiming to know that something is wrong with him because he passed the exam with flying colors, is borderline crazy, and his mother blames it on ''one of his father's inventions.''Could it be that this invention that they spoke of was the system he was seeing in...his dream.Prince Maxwell heaved a tired sigh and sank into the leather sofa in his room. He was going to have his first day at school in two days' time. It was a Friday currently, and he was done packing.He was excited, yet he was bothered about his father.His father's health and appearance had deteriorated so much that his father could no longer leave the house, but guess what, he was still working for Gabin Inventors.When Professor Gabin heard about Mr. Maxwell's ai
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First Day In Bayale
Prince Maxwell's deflated feelings quickly dissipated after he entered his school. There was a welcome committee waiting for Prince Maxwell at the administration block of the school. The best scholarship student needed to be welcomed especially. Prince Maxwell walked into the school noticing the crowd of people that were packed at the Dean's office. He didn't pay so much attention to them because he was sure that they were there for another reason, but nothing prepared Prince Maxwell for the ovation he received. A round of applause sounded in front of him as two people, a lady and a gentleman held up a placard with his name on it. ''Welcome Bayale's latest genius,'' the placard read. Prince Maxwell was gobsmacked. He looked behind him, hoping to see his mother also watching the heartwarming welcome he had received, but she had left, and Prince could not blame her because he had to walk close to the group first before he realized that they were waiting for him, so how co
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