Billionaire Grandson In-law

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Billionaire Grandson In-law

By: Bree Jet Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Everything came crashing and crawling down the moment his parents were engaged into a ghostly motor accident which caused their life and lead to their downfall. Stefan was left hopeless and homeless as he could barely cater for himself. But everything all changes when he came into encountered with Alexander Black who adopted him on seeing his condition. Alexander sees him as the perfect man for his granddaughter and decided to plans an arranged marriage between the two since it's the only way to prevent his granddaughter from marrying the 80'S, old business partners. But everyone hate and despised Stefan. People are always bullying and mocking him. They thought he was useless and since he's poor, they all look down on him but unknown to them, he's the richest man grandson who can make them beg for mercy and tortured their


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89 chapters
Chapter 1 "Please can you show me your school certificate! Where's your school certificate? "I'm sure you must have a school certificate, pls let us take a look at it before proceeding into the next step". Those words kept repeating into my ears as I walked out of the company heading to another one in search of a job. What Can I say? My life crumbled down after the very death of my parents. Back then I could barely cater for myself before Alexander Black came to rescue me from poverty. He adopted me and made me marry his granddaughter (Raven) who was about to fall victim into marrying an old Man that can die at any moment because of his wealth. Apart from the fact that I was impoverished Alexander Black saw me as the perfect man for his granddaughter who couldn't resist me since she had no choice. So I got married to her two days ago and I've already been the talk of the town. Everybody was present at the wedding, including the members of the Black family, their friends and gues
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Chapter 2 I was woefully thrown out of the company by the security guards who had warned me not to come inside or ever think of stepping my foot there again. Everything makes me frustrated and upset, especially with the fact that my parents used to say "I don't need to worry about my future". And right now I'm currently having a hard time because of their words. If they would have let me work back then, then I believe I wouldn't be suffering this way. If only they could have given me the opportunity to work just like them instead of me sitting down waiting for them to provide for all my needs. And now I'm the one having a hard time. But I don't blame Anyone. I do believe this was the way my Life ought to be. It's my fate which I must accept and pass through whatever obstacles that come my way. I passed by a café and suddenly caught a glimpse of someone who looked like Raven. Her gray hair actually gives me the clue she might be the one. And damn it, she was actually chatting w
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Chapter 3 "Well, your childhood was very......! Just as he was about to say something about my childhood, his phone rings, causing the conversation to be interrupted because he has to check the phone and answer who was calling him at the moment. "I'm sorry, please forgive me for the interruption". He apologized to me as he took the call and of course I have no right to decline him from making the call at that moment because I actually want him to tell me more about my childhood, but I guess he might do that after making the call, or he will never do it. "I'm sorry that our conversation needs to be over, I had an urgent call that I need to take, please take my phone and input your phone number". He uttered as he handed me his phone while I put my phone number in it. I gave him the phone back and thanked him. "Don't worry, I will contact you very soon". He had said before leaving wherever he was going. I went back to the house as well, thinking about the man that I just met. When I
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Chapter 4 I do wonder why he was calling me now all of a sudden or does he really think that he can bribe and convince me to go stay with him. I do wonder why some people think that they can actually get everything under their control with their money. But sadly, no one can use money to bribe me. Now I suddenly get everything. Derek could have been related to my family as well which was the reason why he was able to give my grandfather some information about me. Just as I was still in a deep thought, unable to move from where I was still standing, I received an alert of ten billion dollars. My eyes widened as I stared into my phone for some time just looking at the money, and it was indeed (10 Billion dollars) . I'm sure I wasn't hallucinating right now. Everything was all happening in reality. So this was actually the pocket money he had sent for me. He actually called this ten Billion dollars pockets money? I do ponder how wealthy my grandfather was since I never got the chanc
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Chapter 5 I went back to my room and everything felt different. In fact, before my parents died I had been a person who could not hide emotions. But when I fell on hard times, I realized I had to put up with everything to survive. Back then, when I was living with my parents, I could express my emotions freely, and I didn't get scared of people. I always say what's on my mind even though it might hurt the person but everything all changed when Alexander Black adopted me into their family and I changed to a more respectful person. I don't think I would be able to stand Katherine's nerves if I had had enough money back then because I'm going to shut her down immediately. Money Actually controls someone and with that 10 Billions dollars in my account Right now, it's reminding me that I don't have to be treated like a servant by living under their roof. I can actually rent an apartment with that 10 Billions and live on my own if I want to, but before I will do that, I should be ready
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Chapter 6"Is that really necessary?" I asked Raven's mother as she gave me a dangerous gaze. Just then, my phone beams with a message.It was from Derek, and he was requesting me to meet him later. What does he want from me this time around? And why did he have to tell my grandfather about me? I thought as my father-in-law snapped his fingers at me, bringing me back to reality and I had to flash my eyes in shock at what he had Said.He walked towards me then gave me a thundering slap across my face as he took my phone from me then slammed it on the ground. I can feel his anger. He thought I was deliberately ignoring him when I was staring at Derek's message and I guess he was irritated at that. But must he have to overdo it by slamming my phone on the ground?Does he really have the Right to do that all because he's my father-in-law?"I really blame my father for having you to marry my daughter Raven. I wonder why he had to hand over my daughter to someone like you Stefan", you're no
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Chapter 7 I thought about it and none of it actually made sense to me. Why Calling me all of a sudden and wanting me to live with him? And why did he even want me to go to a country to look for grandpa?"Can I ask you a question Derek?" I asked as he nodded his head. "Can you tell me the reason why grandpa suddenly approached me but never showed up even after my parents had died? I ask as he took a deep breath, his gaze narrowed to the ground."I do get your point Stefan but.... grandpa had been looking for you ever since he Heard of your parents death but couldn't because he had no clue of where you're staying. "So recently, I heard that you're living with the Black family which was how I was able to hear about you and I was even planning to visit you before when I suddenly saw you that day at the cafeteria.He uttered as I took a deep breath, still waiting for his whole explanation about the whole thing because I'm not just getting his point at all. "One of your grandfather's rel
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Chapter 8Sitting down in my room, I could recur everything that has been happening in the Black family. They're now in a devastated situation and they're looking for a solution.One of the shareholders received information that the Maxwell family, which is my family, is now targeting the Black's family. How cruel is that?And I guess the Maxwell family company is very powerful in this country. They're the most powerful and popular country in the state and Nobody can compete with them but right now it seems like the Black's family are competing with them.Because the shareholders from the Black family company were very negative when they heard the news and that's because none of the companies that had offended the Maxwell family could survive. And that has been told by people.And Alexander said that they all gave up on the shareholder conference on hearing that the Maxwell family was competing against the Black family. If not for the news which they've Heard, they could have helped t
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Chapter 9I was about to go to my room when I saw raven on a call .So I decided to eavesdrop and know who she was speaking with."Derek, please , I need your help!!!" She sounded so passionate and serious in her tone"Is this about the Black family business?" Derek asked over the phone as she sniffed her nostrils and hummed. "yes". She let out her thoughts, thinking that he would be able to help them but I don't think he can.Derek isn't the Maxwell family son nor relative. He was just the assistant of the richest man in the whole world so I don't think he would be able to convince my grandpa into helping them."Ohhhh Raven, please try not to get involved in the two companies' fight". Derek said over the phone."So tell me Derek, how much will it cost to settle everything?""I don't think that's necessary, please just try to stay away from these family business issues. You must not have to put your mouth on it because that isn't necessary especially when you guys are competing against
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Chapter 10I could hear Alexander Black asking Ravens about how her conversation with Derek went over the setting room."What did Derek say to Isabella?" Did he say he was going to help us? He asked but he noticed that something was wrong with her countenance. "I'm sorry grandfather, but he said that he couldn't be of any help but to watch the Maxwell family who's determined to destroy the family business and there's nothing he can do. She uttered as he hit his foot against the ground in anger."Gosh, why's the Maxwell family so bent on destroying us? Have we done anything bad to them so far? He thought, feeling so Angry and frustrated with the situation he was in."I really Made mistake, I made a big mistake letting you marry that useless Man Raven". He uttered as my heart skipped. I do wonder who he's referring to.And of course Raven was curious to know who he was talking about and so was I, as I watched them over the dinner table I was sitting on."I would have let you marry Derek
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