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By: Becky Anyanwu OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Philip Hammond, a young college student faces major challenges and obstacles, while trying to live a normal life. He had ran from the life of an assassin and settled for ordinary lifestyle . He finds out that someone is behind those challenges and he kills the people involved in the plot until he uncovers the real identity of the mastermind.



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  • Kingkp


    This is a nice read and hope you check it out

    2022-08-31 19:18:21
  • Becky Anyanwu


    Mystery solved! it was a good book, waiting for part 2

    2022-08-14 16:19:04
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31 chapters
One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions; one is a conqueror, one kills everybody, one is a god.Jean RostandNothing seemed more important at that very moment, except to please his father and get away as soon as possible from the feeling of guilt. His father had told him that every first kill was the most important one and the most important one could lead him to great heights. All his guilt would vanish away and the awe of him would spread to those around. Young Philip walked slowly under the rain, his feet stamping the ground as if leading him to his uttermost doom. The darkness around him seemed to have swallowed him up.His heart sounded like the loud repeat of drums in his ears. His clothes dripped with water. The word kill seemed like a burden to him but the repeat of his father's words in his ears kept him going."The awe of you will spread to everyone around," Were his father's words.The young boy stood at the door of a house, a solidly built-in bungalow and
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Chapter 2
Ten years later, Philip was driving from college back to his house. He was now grown and independent. His father had given him his own house and cars and for every contract that he signed, it was attached with money that would be released after he had performed the expected assignment.He parked his car in the garage and walked into his house which was the very evidence of money. He sat down and kept his books aside. He had things to do including his class project. He had consistently kept up the good grades and he made sure not to miss any exams.He pulled off his clothes and walked into the bathroom to shower. His phone rang from the room and when he had dressed up, he saw the missed call. It was from Enya Miller. They attended the same University but studied different courses.After looking at his phone for a while, Philip sighed and cut the call, he didn't feel like speaking to her or anyone. It was not the first time he was ignoring her calls but that was because he felt rather u
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Philip got back home and kept his books aside just then, he got a call from Mr. Smart, A friend of his father. "Philip Hammond. Where have you been all this while?""Studying," Philip replied, obviously trying to tell Mr. Smart that he wasn't in the mood for any news."We need you back in the team. Grand Foxx is back again." Mr. Smart said and that was when the bombshell dropped."You must be playing with me," Philip said in surprise. He knew it was impossible."He almost killed my wife a week ago""He died." Philip stood up from his seat and paced about."He is still alive, Philip.""So what do you want me to do? Fight your battles again so that you can dump me like you did the last time?""Your father told me that you would help me." Mr. Smart said but Philip wasn't willing to hear any of it."I am not my father. So why don't you tell him that I said that I won't do it?""I am sorry, I really am." It was hard to change the past but Mr. Smart was hoping that Philip would reconsider.
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There was one thing that he was thankful for and that was the fact that his father had trained him to kill and survive at the same time. He looked around him and when he saw that the fire was increasingly spreading towards him, he tumbled with the chair that he was tied to and he struggled to get his hands on a broken glass.When he finally got it, he started using it to slice through the rope. It took time for the glass to slice through the rope but when he saw that the fire was fast spreading, he was fast about the cutting, and soon, his hands untied so he got himself loosed and got up from the ground.He found a cloth and wrapped it over his head then he ran as fast as he could through the raging fire and before he got to the main road, the room had come down in flames. He didn't think anyone would survive in that kind of atmosphere but he did.Now, he was looking at the girl who deserted him when he was about to die, he had saved her from getting raped, saved her from kidnappers.
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After Philip's hand recovered a little, he drove all the way home to visit his family. When he got there, Sandra opened the door for him and on seeing him, she hugged him. She was so happy to see her older brother again."You are here!" Claudia said as she hugged him with her charming smile. Philip missed his mother's warm hug, he felt at home when he looked at her again but then, his smile dried up when he saw Paul.Instead of greeting his father, he turned to Sandra with a smile hoping to deceive her. "I know I just got here but I really have to go home now."Unfortunately, she wasn't a small baby anymore. "If you don't stay for dinner, I will never speak to you again." She said and he knew that she was telling the truth.He sighed and walked past his father to the dining table and Sandra sat beside him starting a dialogue with him while Claudia went to the kitchen to get food. She was happy that her son had come back home to visit them, she didn't want to miss this opportunity to b
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It wasn't wrong for her to continue with Martins and let go of her love for Philip but she thought it a betrayal for her to do so. She had never kissed a guy before and she didn't want Martins to be the first person to experience it.The only person she wanted was Philip but as Martins kissed her, she realized that he wanted her as much as she wanted Philip."Will you ever love me as you love Philip?" He said after he withdrew his lips from hers. He looked into her eyes and she couldn't reply to that question. He already knew the answer so he withdrew from her and sat down on the sofa."I hope you are not trying to play with my feelings, I am not someone you can use to forget another person." He said and she was hurt."I still love him," those words from Enya broke Martins' heart into a different thousand pieces.He never thought he could be so heartbroken and hurt. "Then you can as well leave. Maybe when you really want to be with me, you will let me know." He said.She got up from t
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Philip stood with Paul outside the house as they discussed. For the first time, he saw how soft and helpless, his father was."I thought I would be able to tell her that I knew how she was cheating on me.... but I couldn't," Paul said.Philip said nothing but listened, it was better to listen now than to talk."I found out about the person she was cheating with. When she got sick after returning late on that Friday, I sent some men to search for the man in his house but he wasn't there. His neighbors told me that he packed out that Friday night.....I would have killed him myself but the bastard ran away after poisoning your mother." Paul recounted."She was afraid that you would find out," Philip asserted."She began sleeping with other men a year after our marriage.....I knew that Sandra was not my child from the start....she must have gotten it wrong with the man she slept with that resulted in Sandra and she claimed that it was my child and I pretended like it was true.""You weren
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Enya went to Philip's house but he wasn't around, his car was packed yet there was no sign of him. She tried calling him, but the answer she got was that the number was unreachable at that moment.For a moment she wondered where he could be at that moment then she remembered that he used to go to sit down at the top of a particular roof whenever he was angry or tired. She drove her car to that building and stopped there.The building was furnished and new but it was still the same in her eyes. She took the stairs up to the roof and walked a distance before seeing him there, he was sitting on a cemented step while looking at the ground level even though he wasn't concentrating."You are not easy to find." She said and Philip turned to look at her as he sighed."Sometimes it's good to stay hidden," he said and diverted his attention somewhere else.She sat down beside him and took a look at him, she longed to see his face clearly as before."Why didn't you tell me that your mother was s
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"You've been distracted these days, why's that?" Martins asked. He was tired of seeing Enya thinking about Philip. "Nothing... it's nothing." She replied going back to her books. Martins drew his lips near her face to try and kiss her but she threw her face away immediately. It meant she wasn't in the mood, though it wasn't surprising. He knew that it happened when she attended Claudia's burial. "There is a problem, tell me," he said. "I said it's nothing." She replied trying to hide the worry on her face. "Is it Philip again?" "We are here to study....we should concentrate..." "You've been behaving strangely since you attended that burial and since you heard of his mother's death. I thought you were over him." Martins interrupted. "Martins...can we just forget about all these right now?" "I would be happy to." He said as he stood up and left the library. Enya sighed and leaned back on the chair. "O God, I am going to get crazy if I think about him every time." The truth was t
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Philip hit the person in the face even though the room was dark and before he could get himself and turn the lights on, the room was empty. When he rushed to Sandra's room, she was lying down there unconscious."Sandra...." He managed to say as he held her face in his hands.He didn't know what happened to her but all he could see was that her clothes were torn from her body and she was half-naked. He only wished that what happened to her wasn't what he was thinking.The doctor confirmed that she was okay and awake so Philip went in to see her."Who were they?" He asked separating her hair from her face gently."I didn't see their faces....but they were three in number" she didn't want to say anymore, she was still suffering from the pain she had experienced last night."You don't need to say it...if you don't want to...""One of them raped me, the other took pictures and the third one knocked me out..." She said crying.There was silence for a long time between the two of them until s
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