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The ones above have sent their eyes to the planet Earth of the Third Dimension. They have crafted an extraterrestrial life form with extra dimensional abilities to ward off dark forces from conquering the universe alongside other heroes who stands as Earth's line of defense such as the first Patriots and many more.


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++++--[“ To understand what about to happen you need to know one thing... and that is... am an alien from outer space, daughter of the black hole. ”]--- A Blur, black and white in colour. Soars through the sky, like a homing missile closing in on it target. It came to a halt , balancing itself in midair revealing to be a foreign lady in an overall black outfit. Her long brunette hair danced to the waves that bathed the sky. Her eyeballs were perfectly normal in colour until her irises turned red , getting a clear view of of the organization ahead. ++++ | N.I.L.E.D. HEADQUARTERS | - | NATIONAL INTERVENTION LOGISTICS ENFORCEMENT DIVISION | An individual stood before a exterior of the building. Donned in an overall combat outfit.The man hearing where intervened with, looking up to unravel the fuming sound of the black missile shooting down the surface with concentrated force. ++ | INSIDE | “...Seems you aren't use to it yet? don't worry you will get use to it soon. It ju
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+++++| S.T.R.A.N.G.E ENTERPRISE || CICADA WOOD || 00:50AM |FRAG!! BOOM!!! A bright light inundated the whole open premise. Bringing forth Fragpro and the pitch black space pod. S.T.R.A.N.G.E. Enterprise an opposing organization to N.I.L.E.D. their base was much more larger and wider than N.I.L.E.D. other than that their their organization was stealth based and only members has knowledge about it whereabouts and can access the doorway at any given point in time. Their technology seemed more advanced. It was the one major thing that differed them form N.I.L.E.D. forget how their base was but the tech. Their base couldn't be tracked down by any superhumans, be it through psychic and technical means it would still be impossible to find them. Aside this, S.T R.A.N.G.E. invested a mad amount of power in forging their own superhumans that they use for missions and even assassination which as buoyantly decreased ever since the arrival of the black pitch space pod that was theorized
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+++ The six; Otherwise known as the Ultra Six. Are earth's most dangerous family you would ever come across in the world of Neohumans. Lost their parents to the death itself after they were falsely accused of dealing with hard drugs. No one was willingly to fight their case and no ones ready to believe them either. Their parents case worsened as they were also accused of murderer. Which led them to getting hanged. Peter Bryan watched as they were killed during days as youth but never in his life would he have thought he would avenge their death. The spirit of vengeance came during the birth of Neohumans. The wave that rewrote humanity to what it is now. Peter and his brothers and sisters were bestowed abilities that shun death from devouring them. Hunted by unknown assailants who wanted them ...dead. | JANUARY 16TH 2020, USA | [ Read Superhumans Reboot] “ Any last words kids?”, the assailant pointed his gun at the siblings. “Before you join your parents in hell.” The
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+++ “ Coordinator X! friend or foe? ”, was what was written on the headlines of the newspaper. Kyle dropped the newspaper on the conference table where all the team were currently seated. Barbie was present except she hated herself for being here at first. ‘Bart...’ she thought of him. Ever since that night they were caught by N.I.L.E.D.’s tag team crew, Bart had suffered a mental fracture in his head. He had visited numerous hospitals but no luck. Barbie who followed him in his shadows discovered he was suffering from memory loss and it was getting worse by day. “Alright... I don't know who the guy is or what is work is but I want him down. He assassinated a whole board of government directors in the aspalan court of Erie. No one survived, even the cops were massacred! gruesomely. Fortunately he's holding two of government directors captive asking for a sum of $3.5 Billion. ” “This is gonna be a piece of cake boss! what harm could he do to us.”, Steve[Overdrive] gloated, smirki
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The sky remained cloudy with no sunlights. Instead only cool winds battered the city leaving half homing their sweaters and some homing for some cup of hot tea. Barbie Freeman was in one of these restaurants , warming herself with a cup of hot tea. Constantly drinking till she was done. She heaved a sigh and reverted back to thinking about Bart. “Hey there.”, a male voice intercepted her premises. A British man in black suit and a red tie with a halved top hat sat down in front of her. “What do want and who are you? ”, Barbie quizzed looking at him with her truth seeking eyeballs. His approach was gentle but his agenda she wasn't clear. “Ermm hello? ”, “Uh yes, my name is Paul Orland. ”, He finally introduced himself taking of his hat revealing his sliver hair. Sitting up with a hand outstretched for a handshake which Barbie refuses. Folding her hands below her attractive apples. “And what do you want from me? ” “I need Your help...”, he started. “Rather I need you.”, pointin
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| Unknown Yellow Plane Of Existence | The atmosphere of the place was undecidable. It location, unknown. Barbie Couldn't figure a way out, she was stock with Paul and she hated this. She couldn't stand this, she looked to her hands. Black and white hues engulfs her arms but they soon faded. Where was she? wherever this place it was messing with her abilities. She looked back at Paul, he was having fun. She nodded in disgust and bolts towards him. Paul who was busy enjoying his meal failed to notice Barbie as she leapt forward with a fist shooting at him. Abruptly, Repel! She got blasted backwards by an unknown force. Thud! Her back kisses the yellow surface of the plane. She groaned and sat up looking at Paul awkwardly. ‘ What just happened? ’, she helps herself up. ‘What hit me? ’ “You know sometimes you need to calm down.”, Paul teased. “... not everything resorts to violence. ” “What did you hit me with?” Paul relaxed, cleaning his hand with a white handkerchief. “ I did
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Note:+++++*The First Patriots*Agent Kyle.Ralph - Mega Hero.Connor - Light Blaze.Jamie - Mayhem/Guardian.Steven - Overdrive.Clive - Sharpshooter/Trigshot.*Sin Of Lucifer*Bart Vildart Aka Rage Sin Of Lucifer; Prince Radford Morningstar.*Shelly Dawson*+++++All the team members laid helpless on the burning roads of Sabrina west. Bart was at the center of the near hell like vicinity, his powers spreading vastly like wild fire. His skin appeared crimson and very thick with horns protruding out of his forehead. Becoming more muscular and large.He was a raging hulk. His hind legs transformation cracked the grounds beneath him. Even his full transformation led to a feeble wave , just that feeble wave ruptures the entire ground around his premises and beyond, demolishing their structure. Transmigrating it to a pile of hot Lava.Those diabolic eyes of his were of nothing but the devil's very own. He observed his parameters and chuckled. “Am finally free!!.”,ROARRR!!!The skies gi
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