Gilded Order of Infinite Wealth

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Gilded Order of Infinite Wealth

By: zamarni OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Charlie Collier, a regular delivery boy, has a difficult life and struggles to make ends meet. A janitor shows him a way out of his misery, and he and his friend Taylor Hayes accept, transforming them from ordinary people struggling to get through the day to ultra-rich men with the world at their feet. Slowly, their new lifestyle becomes a burden, and they soon learn that they've gotten more than they bargained for when their new life begins to turn into a nightmare. Unable to turn back, they must find a way to free themselves from their ever-increasing burden, forever setting their lives on a different path with no return.


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45 chapters
Chapter 1
In a softly lit hospital room, the air hummed with the sterile scent of antiseptic, the steady beeping of medical monitors creating a rhythm of life amidst the hushed surroundings. Pale sunlight filtered through partially closed blinds, casting soft golden rays across the room.In the center of the room, a patient lay propped up on the crisp white hospital bed, his features etched with the lines of experience. The pale blue hospital gown contrasted with his weathered skin, and his closed eyes hinted at a battle being waged within. An IV snaked discreetly up his arm, a lifeline connecting him to the world beyond his dreams.At his side sat a woman, with brown hair, and large eyes, puffy from being up all night, her presence a soothing reassurance amidst the clinical surroundings.She leaned forward slightly in an overstuffed chair, her fingers intertwined with the patient's frail hand. "Two hundred and fifty dollars is not enough to keep him under our care, Mr. Charlie. You will ne
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Chapter 2
Shoulders slumped as Charlie entered the bustling SwiftCourier building, a haven of organized chaos. Stacks of parcels lined the walls, each carefully labeled and awaiting their final journey. The air hummed with the sound of torn tape and shuffled boxes, while the smell of cardboard and glue filled the room. "Good evening, sir. Having a hard day?" A man in a yellow jumpsuit with a grey mustache, thick eyebrows, and a small frame greeted him in a thin voice.Charlie returned a tired, half-hearted smile, his sunken eyes betraying his projected emotions. "I've seen worse days, Elliot. They got you working overtime again?""Don't worry, a little dust never hurt anyone - unless it's in your coffee!" Elliot laughed, revealing a missing bottom incisor.His amusement slowly faded. "You always like my jokes, Charlie. What's the matter?""Just a little headache, that's all.""You don't have to hide it from me, I heard about what happened. Mr. Thorne made a mess of things and called you name
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Chapter 3
Inside his modest, weathered wooden abode, Charlie's living space was a patchwork of low-budget pieces. A simple bed lay on the floor, its tired frame showing years of use. A worn wooden crate, draped with a patchwork of old blankets, served as a side table, supporting a plate of apple cores he'd salvaged. A lone painting, its rusty frame accentuating its age, and the fading white paint on the walls were the most striking features of the room, apart from the fact that the floor was bare."Why don't we go and see Taylor? A friend in need is a friend indeed," Charlie said to his grumbling stomach as he shifted his weight to his feet.As Charlie swung open the door to the single room, which stood alone at the back of a large house, the figure of his friend came into view. Sitting directly opposite the door, their eyes met in a moment of recognition."Looks like I met you at the right time. Get me a spoon right away."Taylor chuckled as he adjusted the stool that supported the weight of
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Chapter 4
The car, bearing the ominous name "Blackwood Financial Services," slid to a stop in front of Charlie. The door swung open, revealing the waiting loan sharks with steely gazes. Before he could react, their firm grip pulled him into the car and positioned him between two burly men.The blinding beam of golden sunlight pierced Charlie's eyes as a black hood was lifted, revealing a gaunt face with sunken eyes, yellow crooked teeth, long black hair that hung down like a shroud, and a scar on the forehead that ran from the hairline to the eyebrow."Vincent Blackwood!""The eternal debtor, Charlie Collier." Vincent pulled Charlie's hair. "When do you plan to pay back the money you owe?""We agreed on a week's grace, you prick!""Yeah, but I needed the money to loan to another loyal customer." Vincent handed Charlie a cell phone. "Let's not waste time. Make a call and get me my money right now.""We had an agreement and you went back on it, chasing me around like a rabbit.""Sorry about tha
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Chapter 5
The sleek shape of the limousine glided to a stop at the side of the busy street. As the door swung open, Charlie and Taylor stepped out onto the sidewalk, a motorcycle missing Taylor's legs by a hair in the thick traffic."Isn't the street big enough for you? You fool!""Taylor, I think you have a message.""So do you. Your phone beeped."Charlie looked at his phone. "Oh, my God!" He squinted his eyes and rubbed them with his fists. "Taylor, check yours! This can't be real!""No way!...""A hundred thousand dollars?" Charlie whispered, grinning from ear to ear. "These old men are not kidding!""Lower your voice, man," Taylor's brow furrowed, his grin growing wider. "Let's get out of here before we get robbed. Even a blind man can sense your ecstasy.""What are you doing?""What does it look like I'm doing? I'm getting us a ride home. It seems this money has made you a little stupid."Charlie chuckled. "You're still thinking like Taylor. It doesn't surprise me though. You're used to
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Chapter 6
Laying on his worn bed in the modest room, Charlie's gaze remained fixed on the screen of his phone, anticipation etched into his face. The dim light from the screen cast a faint glow on his features, and the numbers on the clock read 11:58 pm, each passing second stretching out in the hushed silence of the room.He turned in his bed, his focus on the screen, before scrolling and dialing a phone number."Taylor, are you watching too?""Aren't you sleeping? It's almost midnight, man.""What are you doing up?""You called me, that's why I'm awake," Taylor's clear voice boomed from the other end of the call.Charlie chuckled. "You lying bastard. You are also awake because you are nervous. You want to know if the money will be returned".The sound of laughter came from the other end. "Yeah, you got me."The energy in Charlie's body seemed to move to his feet, jumping him up instantly, his weight sinking into the old mattress as he jumped on it. "Oh my God! No way! Taylor, did you see t
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Chapter 7
Charlie and Taylor stood in the glass-bottomed pool, thirty stories above the ground. As they looked down, the miniature forms of passing traffic created an overview of the ever-bustling Maplewood. Dressed in black swimsuits, they held glasses of wine and savored the surreal experience of being VIP guests at the Diamond Heights Hotel.Amidst the hushed conversations, the glass door overlooking the swimming pool slid open, revealing a slender figure with dark hair, round red lips, large almond-shaped hazel eyes, and raised narrow eyebrows, wearing a bikini and holding a glass of Redwine.She sat at the edge of the pool, setting her cup of Redwine on the side of the pool, her legs making ripples in the water."When are you two going to finish your chitchat?" She rolled her eyes. "You think ordering the most expensive dishes for me is enough? I'm lonely and bored inside.""Bethany has grown taller than I last remembered," Charlie said, his eyes never leaving the slender figure at the ed
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Chapter 8
"What is it, Tay?" Bethany's voice cut through the phone's speakers. "You called me like I stole your best friend.""Are you okay?""Beth, are you in danger?" Charlie cut in."Of course, I'm not okay! The only danger I'm in right now is you two calling me to death! Leave me alone!"Charlie's puffed-up chest dropped as he exchanged glances with Taylor. "She's fine." He patted his friend's shoulder.Taylor nodded before lowering the phone to his mouth. "Beth, if you see anything or suspect anything, please call me or Charlie immediately!""Whatever!"Taylor exhaled as he held the phone to his chest, his eyes locked with Charlie's. "Maybe it's our minds playing tricks on us. There was probably no one there.""Are you sure? I mean, we both saw it.""It could be fear that made us see things. It makes no sense that we would be followed to this hotel.""Yeah, you're right," Charlie said. The sound of Taylor's fingers on the keypad of his phone cut through the silence of the room as he tur
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Chapter 9
The door swung open behind the doorman, revealing the figure of Mr. Thorne. "Good morning, Mr. Thorne. I've resumed work as you requested yesterday," Charlie said.A piercing stare came from Thorne's eyes as he examined Charlie's somewhat extravagant dress from top to bottom."Why are you so late?"Charlie exchanged an accusing look with the doorman. "He wouldn't let me in."A superficial smile crept across Thorne's face at the doorman. "Good job. You can let him in now." He shifted his eyes to Charlie. "Go wait for me in my office.""Gil... Bert," Charlie read aloud, his eyes fixed on the name tag on the doorman's shirt. He smiled at the slender figure before letting himself into the building."Charlie!"His eyes darted around before finally settling on the approaching figure of the cleaner, Elliot, Charlie's lips curling into a smile. "Good morning, Elliot. I'm back.""I see you took the offer," Elliot said, his eyes fixed on the bracelet on Charlie's wrist. "What do you mean, you'
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Chapter 10
Charlie sat in the back of the cab, the cityscape passing in a blur as he gazed out the window. His thoughts danced to the rhythm of the sweeping breeze, the soft hum of the engine providing a backdrop to his musings.Fingers danced around his dull eyes, his chest rising and falling as he exhaled sharply before raising his eyes to the rearview mirror. His lips parted, returning a smile to the image of the driver as they exchanged glances through the mirror."Hm. You haven't said anything since we started this journey, sir. Where are you headed?" The driver spoke from behind the seat in front of Charlie.Charlie turned his wrist as he looked at his watch. "You know what? Just drop me off at St. John's Hospital." He stretched his knees further and leaned back in the chair. "Why don't I have a little fun?" He mused.Leaning forward, he dialed Mr. Thorne. "Thorne, that place needs a little life, don't you think?""Sir. You've been here? I didn't know you were here, sir. Sure, the Swif
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