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When the AI uses the Savage Glory game to decide the destiny of human beings on Earth, 1000 people are chosen to combat. These people will vie for the winner's reign while also determining the destiny of the remaining humans on Earth who are hibernated. Knowing the human future is in grave danger, Red, who unintentionally agrees to participate in Savage Glory, must accept the burden she is given. Red joins Savage Glory as a tank, protected by Ursula, a robot acquired from her father, and determined to end the game.


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"Eat. Now." There was no pressure in the voice, just flat and emotionless. Still, it was like a command that could not be denied. "Red, come on," the voice pleaded, still in the same tone. Red stared unappetizingly at the porridge poured into the bowl in front of her. Who knew what was on the menu for dinner tonight, which was supposed to have an artificial taste like the real thing. But in Red's eyes, porridge was porridge. It was all she had eaten in her entire life of nineteen years. "I'm bored, Ingo." Red's answer looked pitiful. "You have the next nineteen minutes to finish your dinner." Ingo spoke up again. Red, aka Aegea Harts, snorted quietly. It wasn't her hair color that earned her that nickname, for her hair was chin-length, straight, and raven black. She lived with a red eyeball that was a robot eye. The eyeball was also the reason why Aegea's character changed her name to Red. Red was not born perfect, because at birth one eye –the left one—was not functioning. So a
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Red awoke with pain all over her body; she opened her eyes and gasped as all the incidents from the previous night instantly through her mind. Her eyes blinked, every joint under the surface of her flesh aching. She was in the arms of a gigantic robot that leaned against the cold cave wall. Red reached up and tapped the robot's arm, but it didn't respond. She had no idea where she was. Like the cave, Red had seen on the knowledge tablet. Wires stretched out in the cave as though no end was in sight. Some type of altar was in the center, but it was covered with buttons on the floor. That was more or less like a hideout. Red walked carefully around the cave, inspecting the surface of the altar floor with strange symbols. A holographic screen appeared before Red's face when her foot stepped on a green triangle button, causing the girl to flinch in alarm. A blue light scanned Red's body, followed by the appearance of other holographic screens. Red was amazed by it. "Aegea Harts. Fáilte.
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Red was regaining her consciousness. Her sight was cloudy when she noticed a bright yellow tint. It looked like fireflies, according to Ingo. That may be how it seemed. Fireflies would arrive just as you were about to fall unconscious. Red groaned softly, clutching her stinging brow. She realized something was still stuck in her left eye. The wire remained in her eye, but it was no longer painful. Red withdrew the wire from her eye carefully. There appeared to be a wound across her brow and beneath her eye as she held it. She discovered traces of dried blood on her fingertips. "Horrible thing," she whispered weakly. Ursula's chest was scanned by the left eye, then split open like a door. Creating a way for Red to quickly enter and exit. When Red was already at the cave area, she limped down from Ursula's body, and the chest closed again. "Ingo-Lan, I want to know about this place and its purpose." The question occurred to Red since she had experiences of similar things, such as vi
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City 10226 was the name of the city center around three miles distant from Red and her family's housing complex. A transparent dome resembling a massive upside-down bowl could be seen from afar. Red had no idea what it was made of or had never paid attention in school since she didn't believe it was necessary. In Red's opinion, the city center, designed to be aesthetically pleasing and resemble the original, was a fake. Entry gates were in four cardinal directions: north, south, east, and west. The gate is guarded by Troy, a cyborg resembling Ingo but with a taller and more muscular frame. They are neither friendly nor violent. They solely monitor the movement of cars and the ownership of cyborgs or robots accompanying their owners. Other than that, they only stated technical issues. Red was initially concerned about not knowing Ursula's state if she was scanned by the Troy, but after she got close to the city center gate, there was not a single Troy guarding. Even the gates were le
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Ohm’s spaceship was so massive that it could not have been manufactured by AIs on Earth, and its frame was attached to the moon’s surface. There has never been a human aboard the spacecraft. Until then, Red, Call, and three other passengers boarded the transport ship to the Ohm ship. Red had no idea who they were or recognized them. Two guys in their forties and a little boy. Taking a seat away from Red and Call. As Call sat alone with Red, Ursula accompanied them. Their expressions were anxious as the ship left the Earth’s atmosphere, whether it still had one. From a distance, the Earth seemed to be a cream-colored orb. There is no sea, no trees, only sand. Humans breathe oxygen on Earth, owing to AIs that can create tools to convert polluted air into oxygen. Red is unaware of the number of humans living on Earth today. Ohm’s spaceship appeared once they arrived on the moon. It was silver in color and oval in form, like a hot air balloon, but with wings on both sides. According t
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Claws appeared from behind the backs of the Troy standing guard at the podium, instantly grasping the Troy. Not to injure them but to protect them. Everyone in the room was shocked as the claws appeared, even though no claws approached a single human. “Geez, the Claws! Are they going to hurt us?” Call shriek. “Not sure. But, they grab the Troy.” Red look suspicious. Call glanced at Red worriedly. “The Claws are going to toss the Troy at us?” “No, Call. It just ….” Red stopped. “There’s something fishy around here,” she continued. People muttered, they were confused. Who knows what kind of Savage Glory game Viz was referring to. But no one seemed suspicious or alarmed. Instead, they looked at each other and spoke in whispers. Unaware of the lurking danger. Red looked back, scanning the moving wall system, and suddenly sensed danger approaching. “Like what?” asked Call. “Put on my mask, Call,” Red stated abruptly. “What for?” Call seemed confused. “Just do it!” shouted Red. Viz
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There was a repeated clang, ‘Clank… clank … clank’. Red began to wake up, quietly cleared her mouth, and felt her throat dry. Red's faint sigh followed her hand, grasping for the wire connecting to her left eye and pulling it out. Her left eye was splattered with blood. The robot built by Jeremiah and Ingo was cruel to Red. Red had to suffer every time she had to be fused. Ursula requires a great deal of improvement because Red's mind believes that there is still a long way to go before she becomes a robot toward perfection. Call appeared to be banging from outside, and the sound of Call's continual knocking made Red comprehend. Call had removed the mask that had covered his head, allowing Red to see that the young man's face was pale and worried. "Red! Come on! Red!" Call shouted desperately. "You’re okay, right?!” Red mumbled under her breath and remained silent. She took a deep breath, gathering all her remaining energy, and felt her heartbeat as usual. "Red! Answer me!" An
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The corridor was dark as Red walked along the path before her. That is, until she heard a weird sound up ahead, a chirping murmur as the light refracted a few meters before her. She stepped forward, following the people before her, already sprinting towards the brilliant light ahead of them. When she neared the end of the corridor, Red's eyes narrowed. She stepped on a green grassy surface with damp soil and a blue ceiling. Green trees, sycamores the likes of which Red had never seen, surrounded her. Birds were flying around, and it was from there that Red heard the sound for the first time. Red approached one of the bushes and stroked the strands. It felt strange and moist and gave out a cool aroma; Red had never felt anything like it in her nineteen years on Earth. Was it because Ohm's ship was involved? So, on a spaceship, things that are inconceivable on Earth become possible? "What is this place?" she wondered herself. Red took a step away from the crowd, who had the same reac
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"Call," Red repeated. "This is the so-called Savage Glory Arena?" “I don’t know.” Call simply shrugged his shoulders. A tiny robot with a floating body approached each row of people seated. The robots were boxy, with two little hands, no legs, and just propellers to fly. They were armed with scanners. They eventually arrived at Call and Red. "Would you like to join the Cirque? No problem if you don't want to." The robot showed the scanner for the bracelets everyone wore in the Cirque area. "Is this the Savage Glory Arena?" asked Red. "No, it is not. This is the Cirque," the robot replied in a flat voice. Red sighed heavily. "Then where is the Savage Glory Arena?" "You are in the Cirque. That's all you need to know." Of course, the robot's answer made Red angry. "Are you going to the Cirque?" the robot asked again. "No," Red replied firmly. "What are the benefits of joining the Cirque?" Call asked curiously. "Winning gets you a prize and a place in the Guild," explained the
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"Red? Are you OK? Red ignored Call and searched the area for Aamon. Her left eye began to scan every person within her peripheral vision, but there were too many. She had no idea where the young man was; for some reason, Red was instantly drawn to Aamon. She gave up and settled on the stone steps once more. "Don't you want to go?" Call looked surprised at Red, who reclined in her seat and peered at the sandy field below. But Red remained silent, her gaze fixed on the man about to compete in the Cirque arena. A tall young man entered the arena, holding a shield in his left hand and an axe in his right. Meanwhile, from the bleachers, a towering figure in all-black leaped out elegantly, his hair purplish in the sun-like light bias. There was no sound at all as he landed. Only a sand cloud congregates between his feet. "Wow, he's cool," whispered Call. "Aamon?" Red cast the young man next to her a quick glance. "You think Baron is cooler? "He's pretty OK." Call made a shaky motion
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